Tarraldoth Allanthar

Shaldor's Lord General; ranking D'Khazian in Ravakka


Favored of D’Khaz. Long wanted to conquer Strongal.

alt timeline 2: 9/30: Leaves to begin construction of Castle Esserrok (designed by Giger Tolovich), built around the Statue of Esser. Newly dubbed Lord of Esserrok. The castle was commissioned by Shaldor as part of the deal with Davinorr Mantlerest. Stone will be hauled from the quarry. Glendar Whiteward will be his squire by Shaldor’s pleasure. Esserrok is in staring distance from the build-site of the orc castle Grindface.

He’ll be damned long before he’ll let an orc set foot on Ravakkan soil without his say so.

1/22/799: Gets the plague. He gets it hard and fast, but never was at death’s door. He recovers quickly, but is left severely scarred, all over.

Tarraldoth Allanthar

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