Heath Cannerdon

Owner/operator of The Indigo Bliss


6’3"; 245 lbs; shoulder length wavy brown hair, blue eyes, perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, looks to be in his mid 30s. Com:14.


Little of this, little of that. Shaldor likes him, wants him to be a knight, an offer Heath has turned down more than once. Heath typically spends most of his time in the Bliss, not much escapes his notice there. He is the only publicly declared owner of the Bliss, but he co-owns it with Jass. He handles the advertising and hiring, Jass handles the accounting.

Alt timeline 2: summoned to Vandorn by Shaldor Dralmoth as of 10/2/798. He was “captured by demons” late in 798.

Update: Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’m pasting the GM only window up here:

He is actually the alien-demon Bae’azzar Flaissimingoll, an outlaw among his people. His people are actually intergalactic travelers, and they have made a habit of selling technology secrets to select rich folks on various planets, but only right before that technology was about to be discovered on that planet anyway. Bae’azzar broke the rules… Now he’s hiding out on Earth. He sold gunpowder and gun knowledge to Jass Felmer, but the gnomes were on the cusp of figuring it out anyway. However, his selling it to Jass was a HUGE boon to Jass’ family fortunes.

Heath Cannerdon

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