1/30/799 – Allo unveils the city’s new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It’s distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year’s end, at the city’s expense. Xoll is instituting free kitchens to serve the public. The Fanes will be closed all year due to concerns with the plague. Lady Venla is offering a gold piece for any corpse delivered to them that is fresh, five silver for a mostly whole corpse, a silver piece for partial remains. Testing for the plague is available at all of the churches, at the city’s expense. People found guilty of inciting riot will be tortured for a year then handed over to Venla, and all of their children sold into slavery, and all of their property forfeit to the city. Finally, any newly founded, registered church can ignore property taxes for a decade.

2/15 – special edition dedicated to the warning of the alien invasion. Includes a bit of vagueness about Cathexexes, Inc., and the fact that the gods will be directly involved with the defense of Earth.

2/30 – Special Edition Aliens! — pt. II. There are ten other parallel dimensions, The Eleven Earths, all under the purview of the gods. All of them were accessible by the gods until recently. Rhithain, Thadar, Yashytra, Flairra, Urstag are the only gods on this Earth, though all the gods can still provide powers across the dimensions. It is uncertain exactly why this is so, but the dimensional anchoring of the gods occurred on 2/18.

The aliens, the N’Kthlakza, used stolen technology from Cathexes, Incorporated to load up on a meteor and open a wormhole (similar to a portal) to jump across the universe to invade Earth. The meteor partially dispersed when it entered Earth, and there were thirteen major landing spots of the break-away pods, all in the same quadrant of the planet. Oseth, a high priest of Aura, an astronomer and inventor among many other things, spearheaded the efforts from the observatory in Lunacy to track the landing locations of the invaders. In this endeavor Oseth was quite accurate. They landed mid-morning on Alturiak the 15th. Each landing spot contained a queen, and approximately 100 overminds (generals), 1,000 wasps (flying venomous scout-warriors), 100,000 warriors, and 10,000 worker-drones.

The primary objective of the invasion was to seek out and capture manna trees. The manna trees were created by Csaea shortly after the Rejuvenation and the creation of Csaversa. They are responsible for replenishing the power of Csaversa, and there are five in this quadrant of the planet, and only seven worldwide, the seven of the eleven that survived the Age of Chaos. For any pod that landed near a manna tree, approximately half of the fighting force of the pod rushed to the nearest manna tree.

The thirteen landing locations:

(1): some miles east of Vunderghon, Urstag’s turf. Urstag himself was not present for the ensuing battle. The northmen won but suffered severe casualties. A day after their victory, their first case of plague occurred. Urstag personally arrived on this Earth to tend to his near-obliterated flock, just in time to get stranded on our Earth, for better or worse. Praises to the Northmen for their victory.

(2): River Zolgus, East of Copperton in the plains. Seth-ra mustered its army and marched on it. Thadar personally arrived on the field of battle, and that threat is no more. Half of the aliens from that pod raced to Celestra, however. More on that below.

(3): close to the coast of the largest forest of the Riverwoods, close to where Ola “Riverspeaker” lives. Xoll’s armies were prepared and immediately marched out to meet the foes. High Lord Magistrate Allovandrosos sent five legions. Lord Synnvol personally led some 300,000 orc soldiers, Lord Morguestorm led a company of his elite high priests and commanded the High Lord’s legions, and Lady Venla, headmistress of Xoll’s Nexus of Death, led a vast contingent of lesser undead. The invaders are powerful, and its leadership extremely intelligent, but in this case they were badly crushed.

Necros decided to take the opportunity of the alien invasion to attempt to conquer the whole of the Spine, save the newly conquered Law and the apparently neutral Bloodhaven. Venla was under orders to betray Xoll’s army in the fight with the aliens and crush Xoll’s counteroffensive with a treacherous pincer between her undead and the aliens. She defied Necros and maintained loyalty to her native city, our beloved Xoll. Lady Venla warned the Lords’ Council of the invasion, and Xoll’s remaining armies were well prepared for the millions of undead that rose from the waters of the seas on both its eastern and western shores. Of particular note, Lady Venla managed to secure command of a large portion of the undead army of the recently-destroyed Alvordis. Exact figures under Venla’s command are not known, but it is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. The undead created by the black necromantic rain of Necros did cause some damage, and two significant fires ravaged many neighborhoods in the 7th and 8th Wards, but our armies are still largely intact, despite the plague, the aliens, and the treacherous Necros invasion. The paramount reason for this is Lady Venla, savior of Xoll.

Our great city was the only one that stood up to the seemingly limitless undead forces of Necros. Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany all fell to Necros the night of Alturiak the 17th. The loss of Alvordis was apparently not as large a set-back to the overall strength of Necros as was once thought, with an appropriate nod to the late King Braxwor Steelheart III of Ghan’Thadarunn.

(4): about 50 miles west of Llelliavé, the inner capitol of Llelliava, the elven homeland. The elves, yet reeling from the ravages of the plague unleashed by Necros, were ill-prepared for the invaders to land in the heart of their civilization and so close their cherished manna tree. The invaders utilized the labyrinth of purple worm tunnels from ages past that checker this entire sub-continent to quickly get to the tree. It is not certain how, where, and to what end, but the tree is now reported missing. Where once stood the many-hundred-feet tall tree is now a crater. We surmise that they somehow used a similar wormhole that allowed their invasion to simply transport it across the universe to their own territory. The invaders proceeded to crush the elven capitol.

(5): in the ocean 550 miles or so west of the westernmost Wyvern Isle. Nothing has been done about this at the time of this publication, but we have it on good authority that Yashytra has pledged to lead a squadron of dragons out to handle it.

(6): Seagrave Bay (Rylisia), about 25 miles north/northeast of Graypoint. Graypoint is demolished, and the aliens have rapidly built a hive in the Eastheart Mountains. The problem is on-going at the time of this publication.

(7): in the mountains east of Gadubadoo. The elemental mages made short work of them. Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla led the rain of destruction, who then promptly led the elementalist brigade to bugstomp in Zhandimar, also very successful. Then the hierophant druid-wizard joined up with the force that ultimately demolished the last of the aliens in Llelliava. We give a hearty salute to Kylyshivé, third in line to the throne of Llelliava.

(8): Zhandimar, few miles north of the largest city in the northwest. Gadubadoo’s many elemental wizards and druids saved them, as mentioned, but not before five of their larger cities were destroyed.

(9): a few miles southwest of the major city of Zakandria. As if it never even landed… It will be no threat to our planet.

(10): in the sea 600 miles or so due south of Uniharash in Urev. The invaders moved to Drakdanni land due west. The Overlord’s forces are concentrated far away in the center of the land, and are beginning to reel from the plague. The Overlord of the Drakdanni, in the midst of a significant civil war and challenge to his rule, is about to be flanked by insect aliens and rebel Drakdanni. Have fun with that, Overlord Korgrall.

(11): in the sea around 40 miles southeast of Unihol in Urev. Unihol is destroyed and the invaders established a hive, but were immediately beset upon by the infamously elite Urev army, which secured yet another victory. We have our first reports of the plague in Urev as well.

(12): Vrakdann, in the lands belonging to Clan Mindshatter. Our own Lord Kyumi orchestrated the counter-invasion of the hive landing location, and personally slew their queen, with the help of Queen Qivalla of the River Kingdom and others. Cathexes, Incorporated briefly fielded a ship that rained destruction on the alien forces, and the Vrakdanni orcs, recently united under Synnvol’s banner, put up a valiant fight against them, leaving the orcs mostly decimated. Half of the aliens of that pod raced to the manna tree of Celestra, just as a similar force raced from the east from the pod that landed south of Seth-ra. The sundry magical beings of Celestra, the druids of the Celestran Circle, the elves of Selendorr, and the Jaqmoori centaur repelled the attackers.

(13): Blingellum, over one hundred miles northeast of its capitol, Bling. The gnomish empire made short work of them (bombing them from zeppelins mostly). Xoll naturally remains envious of gnomish air power.

Meanwhile Rhithain has personally assumed command of the army of Saradynn, crushed the nascent rebellion in Justinary, perhaps the most ill-fated political maneuver of all time, and leads the army in a counter-invasion of Necros. Word has it that Thadar will be mobilizing Ghan’Thadarunn to attack Necros from the south. Xoll will be committing significant forces to the operation. Blingellum has been asked to join the offensive against Necros, but has not committed its forces at the time of this publication.

Necros, it is time to pay for your crimes against the world.

In other news, Xoll’s own Daiyu of Flairra, formerly second at the Palace of Fire, Lord of the newly-formed Darkenwood territory in Ravakka, has slain King Shaldor Dralmoth of Ravakka. Daiyu was Shaldor’s latest mistress, and officially his vassal as Lord of Darkenwood. The two apparently entered a lovers’ quarrel that turned deadly. Daiyu escaped the “justice” of Shaldor’s knights and returned to her Fortress Firestorm in the Darkenwood, still under construction. Shaldor’s son, Shaldor, assumed the throne, becoming Shaldor II of Ravakka. Shaldor II, eighteen years of age, sent a small, elite force out ostensibly to arrest Daiyu. When said force arrived at Fortress Firestorm, unknown to them, Daiyu was a part of the expedition battling the alien invaders in Vrakdann. The knights demanded that Daiyu be surrendered to them. The defenders truthfully said Daiyu was not there to be surrendered. The Ravakkan knights proceeded to sack Fortress Firestorm, which was bereft of its noble Lord’s leadership. The knights suffered the wrath of the vengeance of Flairrites and never made it back to Vandorn.

The vast armies of North Ravakka, officially under Synnvol’s banner but led by Jezraellé, made it clear that they intended to turn the table on the boy-king. They announced that they were going to march to Vandorn and demand that Shaldor II be turned over to face “justice.” War immediately broke out.

Let it be said that the Ravakkan army was as brave, fierce, and disciplined as an army can be, but those did not save them from the flames and a million orcs. Shaldor II enjoyed a seven-day rule. Our Lord Synnvol is now officially the King of Ravakka, but he has designated Jezraellé regent-queen of the now-reunified Ravakkan kingdom.


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