Timeline Parallel 3

This is just off the top of my head, and b/c now Freyja has finally discussed the other timelines a little with some of the PCs.

It is identical to the Original Timeline pre-597.

This is the one in which Feyzura… ? “won” D&D. She became a Kyrdin Vampire Savant, launched the Godswar with Vey’Ghul, and he cursed her sudden but inevitable betrayal. They were at the time both Vampire Savants.

In order, the gods defeated:

Kezza (consumed – Feyzura, 597, due to Chaos Stone)

Besuel (consumed – Feyzura)
Ukulla (consumed – Vey’Ghul)

Cro: defeated during the Battle for the Stone on Xynndarra, escaped, essence stored in Ethoriana Wolfwalker, then he died. It became obvious after that there was some cross dimensional conspiracy afoot involving the Chaos Stone to the aggressors of the Godswar. Both V’G and Fey figured out a way to shift to Toril and wiped quite a number of avatars out. Granted, avatar consumption from Toril was only a small power up compared to full on god consumption from Earth, but it added up. It was game-time after that. They return home, then:

Goringall (consumed – Feyzura)
Flairra (consumed – Vey’Ghul, at her request after D’Khaz hacked her arm off)
Or’Dukall (consumed – Vey’Ghul)
D’Khaz (consumed – Vey’Ghul)

Vey’Ghul betrayed and consumed by Feyzura.

Rhithain defeated.
Chrizove defeated.
The rest of the gods went on the run.

The PCs experienced 1120 A.D. on this timeline. Fought in the Fane of Blood in Xoll in a magical 5s tourney, even. :) Tech did fuck-all in progression from the Godswar on in this one.

As an afterthought, I would mention that spheres of annihilation were banned in the Fane of Blood after the Salty Sea Dogs’ abuse of one that led to the defeat of the PC team. Though that was also a case of planning so hard to face the favored vampire team and neglecting preparation of next matches.

8/1/14 RD

This timeline is locked to the Stone up to 1120 A.D.

Timeline Parallel 3

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