Timeline, Original

This is the one the PCs are native to. My notes were a hot mess and spread to the four winds, and some of the sheets lacked dates, and often lacked the year, so sorting this all out nice and neat will be a challenge.

This timeline includes the whole of all Xynndarra PC happenings when it was hiding out like a hair in a biscuit on Toril, the meatgrinder that was the early phases of the “good” Earth groups (I commonly write GG to refer to them), as well as the deadly shenanigans of the “evil” group (I commonly write EG to refer to them). Included the Godswar and the plague. C, I is working to timelock it.

Update: C, I has it timelocked up to 597. They are almost certain. The gods are unable to be on Earth 597-797.

See also: Xynndarra Timeline, Journal of Valrin Hearthstone, Lezarous Condensed version of events.

(“good” Earth group)

08-15-798: In Cedarpoint, the group splits up — Valrin and Kinn stay to battle orcs, Larrian and William leave to bring Quel’Lothra to the far north.
08-18-798: Cedarpoint falls to the orcs.
08-20-798: They found the obelisk following Kraz’ lead, kill the orc priest and two chiefs. Kraz dies. Daryv leaves to talk to Giger.
08-22-798: Giger dispelled the obelisk by lowering resistance x3, dispel magic, and a rod of cancellation). Group promises to do a favor in return for Giger one day.
08-23-798: Giger was given the black opal w/ the red slit “eye” look. 8,500 gp. Debt cancelled, and he further identified their items for them. The half-orc priest of X’D, his black flock, ogres, and giants took out Will and Larrian and Quel, the latter two being captured, then sent the swarm after Giger. Giger teleported to Brellcove and they rathole in The Bent Shoe. They fought the swarm off, then left to Orides.
08-24-798: Outside Goldfork they were attacked in full force. Sir Darinius (Darikar’s father) died in the fight. They rescued Larrian and Quel’Lothra. Giger goes back home, they continue for Orides.
08-26-798: Kade has the group go to Hedgehope to inform Ceveera about the Ring of Necromancy that Yarthain has.
09-01-798: Talked w/ V’Naius, who received the mace of defense, and he tells them of Kade’s arrest. Kinn gets sent to Lord Greenstar w/ a msg from Lord Chussin. Aravella warns PCs that Yarthain met w/ Synnvol.
09-12-798: Defeat the Bellville Bandits — they let Thadrus, the leader, go free.
09-18-798: Black Ice taken by Wogran the Fair, a big roadblock on their huge quest to the frozen north.
11-02-798: Met Urstag, Sonja, and their children.
12-07-798: Killed the bounty hunters that were after Mack.

(Mostly Prism’s solo stuff after she was left behind in Lenrow, and then the series of sessions that were just Allison and Ben, in the little EG subcampaign to try to bring them up to speed)

-While waiting in the room after the meeting with Queen Sharcella, Princess Avyrla walked in, fresh in from travels.
- Sir Kaison Dannril sacked the little orc fort in Chasewood, took a few orc prisoners. He learned from them that the EG betrayed Rylock and were responsible for his death, a story Kaison readily believed as there was no good explanation of the small band of orcs downing his brother otherwise. Through Kaison and Amroth, Sharcella is now very aware of the EG. A bounty is posted.

12-13-798: Phaerus foiled Amroth’s plans with Prism, so Amroth fled the area, absconding with all of Prism’s gear. Phaerus helped Prism get re-equipped a bit, then they prepare for travel.
12-14-798: Random thug corners Prism in an alley with a mind to violate her. They fight, Prism loses, but Zhazran saves her in the nick of time, killing the would-be rapist. Prism met Lotus. Zhazran charmed Prism, learned a lot about her past — Ravenwing, Phaerus — and learned all about the Lenrow stuff. Learned about Manny, Sorvus & Kilverton. P told Z how “awesome” Sorvus’ magic was. Z learned that Sorvus has The Purifier and was headed to Arkas. P told Z about her backstory stuff as well.

(I failed at keeping track of specific days through the next session, but it all happened rather rapidly).

-They killed Amroth north of Xoll b/w Sutholla & Wylnn, Prism got back all her stuff.
-Prism met Xyv, who was responsible for arranging for her teleportation that let them catch up to Amroth. Prism agrees to work for Xyv to repay the debt.
-They ran into Ravenwing in Jussane. Spellfire was exchanged, but Z and P escaped.
-Lotus died on the road to Arkas to find Sorvus. P narrowly escaped. Then she gets snowed in at Arkas. P befriends Justin Felps. Sorvus, the new Lord of Arkas, offered Prism to work for him, hoping to give her the chance to eschew her roguely ways.
-Prism left w/ Adam for Iveria; she gave Justin a silver ring.
-Adam and Prism pulled off their big caper. They become lovers. Adam begins with his big dreams of family and starts his subtle efforts of trying to reform Prism.
-Xyv learned from Adam a bunch of misc. stuff about him.
-Prism left with Adam to Vandorn.

03-10-799: Dorian joins up w/ Xyv again — is sent out to Crest w/ Zhazran.
03-13-799: Zhazran and Prism kill Adam.
03-17-799: Arrive in Crest.
03-25-799: Zhazran, Prism, Castigar, Dorian killed Bellok and Lord Provossal & co.
04-23-799: Dorian financed 500gp at 10% for 6 months with Jass.
04-24-799: EG2 arrives in Chussin.
04-28-799: Dorian got captured, lost his left hand to Verris. Wizard in Orides backed up Dorian’s story, then bought him for 800 gp, which Xyv paid back.
05-04-799: Prism was noticed by Gem picking pockets outside of The Black Flame. Xyv reprimanded her, particularly in light of Zhazran specifically warning her against non-sanctioned illegal activities in Orides. Dorian lost his priesthood.
05-12-799: Zhazran & co. finished off Verris & co. Dorrian is up to owing Xyv 1,000 gp and Talen 50gp.
05-17-799: EG reunion, and they leave for Xoll.
06-07-799: Weirdwood vision. [note: I think this was something to do with the Triad stuff].
06-08-799: Prism told Talen about the vision; Talen tells P a little about the story behind it.
06-14-799: Arrive in Xoll.
06-16-799: Commit to helping Lassiter, fleeing from undead, his youngest brother had died. Talon was turned into a toad. Some frogger assery occurred.
06-19-799: Undead nastiness, bad times. [note: I believe this was the whole Agazar subplot].
06-27-799: Assault on the undead & necromancers.


01-03-799: Lord Drannis Whiteward assassinated.
01-07-799: EG with Xyv and his allies swept through Orides on the warpath. The butchered the drug slingers, Captain Voz, and roughly 15-20 guards. Kidnapped Glendar a second time. Ben’s Jor died in the battle. Xyv nearly died. Jass/Xyv flat out bought Drannis Whiteward’s little army out from under him, hence no retribution from them.
02-13-799: Ash was (sorta) privy to Snakes, K’Yerran, and Gem ambushing Morka and Mindar. Snakes killed Mindar, and they gave Morka over to Xyv. Ash kept what he saw from the others in the group.
- EG helped Ollith Beard kill the stirges and trolls. Then they tracked down Crovax and killed him. His crony got away w/ all the cool loot, but they did get the gem they were hunting.
Velimé (going by Thadeus) tracked down the group, hired them to replace Kaliah, sent them after the Emerald in the hands of the Branstone family.
-Tam will keep an eye out for the EG, wanting revenge.
03-05-799: EG took out the “Duke” of Kova w/ Velimé’s help. Then they blasted their way out. Synnvol and Xyv met the group. Velimé and Synnvol bartered a deal.
03-06-799: Velimé, Sinderkee, Varunus king-napped Shaldor.
03-07-799: Velimé & EG popped into Castle Vandorn courtyard. EG rained hell down on the courtyard. They killed about 100 soldiers, two knights, and a watchcaptain. Meanwhile, Velimé killed the advising council, several castle guards, and raided Shaldor’s treasury, thus securing him the Diamond.
03-08-799: Rhithain sends the same paladin that killed Krilling out to hunt the EG -
Varunus particularly.
03-11-799: EG leaves for the Amethyst hunt. Zaveroth begins hunt for Shaldor, ultimately unsuccesful. Stograk joins Xyv around this time.
03-14-799: Talen, still solo, met w/ Brunthor. As he’s leaving, he’s accosted by the guards. It went badly for him, and he rode the winds away under a storm of quarrels.
04-12-799: EG graverobs the tomb of Jorkav Moonsmith — he curses them, gives Sinderkee a good ghostly strangling. Later, J’Chyoora’Ukwa “blessed” Lezarous w/ his presence — chomped his right eye into oblivion and placed a Symbol of Pain on Lezarous for 100 turns. The Chaos Hound gave Lezarous a year to redeem himself.
04-17-799: EG meets Lon’Griva. Later, Annaverra and Zaveroth, having finally tracked the EG down, teleport in and rain hell. Lezarous and Talon die to the fireball doom, Lon’Griva joins the fray and helps turn the tide. Annaverra and Zaveroth perish. Talon’s demise starts him down the path to becoming a Chaos Knight.
04-19-799: Sinderkee & Varunus captured by Sheriathé & co. Shariethé questioned Sinderkee, learned a lot about her and a little about the surface world, and secured them as help in their cause. Later, Lon’Griva accidentally wishes Lezarous and Talon back from the grave.
04-20-799: Went back to the Deepmoon elves. Shariathé bought the ring of wishes from Lon’Griva (still oblivious of its true power) for a wad of gems. Shariathé wishes for immunity to all magic other than her own. A small powerup.
04-20-799: GG meets w/ Xyv — tells him about the Northrock journey, the orc battle, and Ironforge status.
04-24-799: Epic assault on Deepmoon Haven.
04-28-799: Reach the upper temple.
04-29-799: Travosk Synnvol named king.
05-05-799: EG learn, via The Oracle, what the gemstones do. Agree to ally with the Deepmoon elves.
05-07-799: GG meets up w/ the army.
05-08-799: Dwendyn abdicates the throne to Synnvol.
05-14-799: Justinary declares allegiance to Synnvol.
05-15-799: EG + Shariathé and Lon’Griva kill archdouche Velimé.


11-15-799: Evil group, Zhazran, Selenré & co. capture Lathesia.
11-20-799: Dawn is born.
11-21-799: Group reaches Wylnn.
11-23-799: Sinderkee scouts the mines.
11-24-799: rebels are taken by Zhaz & co.
11-25-799: Zhaz gives his speech; group meets the Letas (minds were read), 171 gp later… then they head to Mosaini’s estate. Short conversation there…
11-26-799: Early, group leaves to put Keef & co. in their places. That’s the days the feyrs swarm in and wreak some havoc.
11-28-799: Lezarous got Eyed.
12-01-799: Freyja arrives around midnight.
12-02-799: Vey’Ghul sacks Wylnn. Zombie fu. Yummy. Lich lord busts up in Wylnn, tasks the group with finding Jourandis. Group met The Shadows.
12-03-799: big plans set in motion. Frozen on Xynndarra.
12-05-799: Lez begins to summon J’Chyoora’Ukwa.
12-06-799: He arrives, gets the Stone from Vel, only to die during the large battle among the gods over the Stone. See J’Chyoora’Ukwa for the rest of the many happenings on this day.

(GG stuff, I had no year written on this, but it seems like this has to be 799.)

03-20: Main Athalgard army sieges Stron, w/out MIA Shaldor.
03-22: Lord Ulman of Easthaven is assassinated by Synnvol. EG is blamed.
03-23: Travosk Synnvol named regent of Ravakka. He moves to Vandorn. GG in Orides. Xyv is appointed magistrate of Orides. Noth named Captain of the Guard.
03-29: 14 skags attacked Larrian, Darikar, Zadrus, and the 33 thadans. 11 thadans died.
04-01: They begin prospecting the Karthuin Hills.
04-18: End prospecting.
04-20: Xyv meeting.
04-23: Attacked Brunthor & co.
04-24: ambushed Max Kaffer, Max got away.
04-25: met w/ Xyv — told him about Folex & Yz. Told him about the Maelstrom.
04/26: 2k borrowed from Jass.
04/27: loan paid back.
04/29: Travosk Synnvol named King of Ravakka.
05/07: GG meets up w/ the army.
05/08: Dwendyn abdicates to Synnvol.
05/12: Brennerton army reinforcement.
05/14: Justinary joins forces w/ Ravakka.
05/15: Army leaves for Jusanne.
05/26: Bloodmaul’s army combined w/ the Justinary force sack Lenrow.
05/28: Battle for Jusanne. Lanrik Holen impressively smacked some PCs around w/ his cock mace, but the real star of the battle the PCs were in on the opposing side was the sun savant Landon Randoth, who claimed Darikar’s life. Landon’s father Yordan died in the fight elsewhere. Queen Sharcella fled the city. Jusanne falls to Ravakka.
06/01: Saradynn formally surrenders. Reece Eisrik becomes headmaster of the Seat of the Sun. The Red Claw and Bloodmaul’s army head for Zolcan to pillage the countryside.
06/10: Darikar’s funeral.
06/11: Tournament in honor of the fallen held at the church of D’Khaz in Vandorn.
06/14: picked up Zadrus and Onis and group heads for the Northrocks.
06/18: Killed the thugs b/c of Lacey. Lacey joins the church of D’Khaz.
06/29: Kas killed by the wyvern.
07/05: Reach Ironforge. It’s abandoned.
07/08: ogre/giant battle.
08/01: Xyv meetings.
08/06: Schism crisis averted. Onis temporarily becomes king of Rudahoin (Ironforge).

(GG) (year not listed… )

11-25: Azraea kidnaps Ethoriana. Dominates her.
11-28: Ethoriana meets Lhane.
11-29: Freyja’s ball.
12-03: GG reunion starring in the Azraea show.
12-05: Load up in the airship, head to Xoll.
12-07: Group met Kyumi and Phase.
12-08: Ethoriana has a failling out with her mother.
12-09: Right around midnight — Larrian gets Revenge. Valrin sees his missing father. When he talks to him, the thadan claims he is not Val’s father at all, claims to be Ghundar. Something rotten in Denmark. It’s not long after he got the sword that Larrian is hoodwinked into slaying the Fairy Queen of Celestra.
12-14: Odin and others in pursuit of Loki, follow him to Tothany, to no interesting effect.
12-17: Back in Xoll.

(GG) (year not listed)

08-21: Earth elemental lord turns Norvus into the statue. Onis signs treaty w/ Xyv. Zadrus beats Larrian in a fight, wins 600gp. Jass owes the thadan for 10 days of labor.
11-03: Valrin and co. leave the group. Zan meets the group in the Seth-ra tavern. Zan dimensional folding hastens trip to Copperton.
11-13: Krogg contacts Copperton, it’s decided that the thadan druid will contact Krogg. Later, Gortt & co. ambush Covver & Krogg.
11-14: Krogg & Gortt join Copperton. Valrin and Prism have talks w/ Krogg. Valrin wins points, Krogg starts crushing on Ethoriana.
11-19: Arralandra feeds on Larrian to the brink of death.
11-20: 2 halfling children butchered by the huge eight legged lizardy beasties. Valrin & co. get revenge.
11-25: Nouryn dies. Group decides to leave to work with Azraea.
11-26: Exit Copperton.
11-28: Big orc fight.
11-30: Azraea rejoins party.
11-31: Feast of the Moon. Azraea assigns one of her wee magical spiders to each PC. The oath of the Ivory Horn is taken.
12-03: Reach the Grun’Chang.

12/27: Reach Easthaven. Strange monsters attack. Titus killed a random leper fleeing the monsters, thinking it was undead. Rojah killed also.
12/29: Craziness in Easthaven.
02/02: GG in Orides. Meeting with Heath. Go-time.

(take less useful notes, GM, I dare you).

(Prism) (this is end of 799 and early 800?)

12/17: Met Gem in the morning. At night, met Shay. Conversion to Feyzura.
12/18: Meeting with Xyv.
12/28: Dimensional folding to Xoll. Witness Vey’Ghulian and Qivos theatrics. Vey’Ghul kills D’Khaz in the Fane of Blood, either on this day or the next.
01/17: Arrive in Folex.
1/20: Storm of the Century, Qivos appears, makes it clear Yz should not be killed.
2/10: Yz defeated; becomes a vampire.


Grun’Chang, through Karrem, contacted Xyv, who made quite an impression on the Matriarch. She gives him two Sending Stones. Xyv devises a plan for the conquering of Ne’Vu and the death of Besuel. Synnvol reaches out to Feyzura.

08/30/799: Prism voices concerns about working w/ the Grun’Chang.
09/14/799: Feyzura, pretending to be Ukulla, slays Besuel. Luck falls.
10/03/799: Group reaches Kenston.
10/25/799: Reach Xoll.
11/05/799: Ambush the Rhithain caravan. Zhazran kills the high priest, group gets pretty thrashed. Both Grun’Chang PCs die. Exus Illumenati, paladin and knight of Saradynn, also dies in the fight.
11/07/799: Back in Xoll. Later, Aura contacts group and Zhazran.
11/08/799: Ben & Shawn’s character meet the group @ The Banshee’s Wail.
11/09/799: Lez summons J’Chyoora’Ukwa.
11/10/799: Xoll is conquered. Rhithain and Iccitha perish.
11/14/799: Prism met with Dianizia a few times. Sleets that night. Prism takes Zhazran to meet w/ Dianizia. Detect lie alleviated some fears from him. Zhazran pours his heart out to Prism, and can you feel the love in the air?
11/15/799: Stron is captured, as well as Drendon. Synnvol reveals his alliance w/ the Nexus. That night, most of the cities under Xoll’s influence fall to the Nexus. Durdin, Harvorr, Vusdar. The elite thadan undead were revealed by the Nexus in battle that night. Apraia & Baloria left alone for the moment. Selenré masterminds the conquering of Lathesia, Sutholla, & Wylnn, w/ the EG helping. Bloodmaul’s army was utilized in the taking of Sutholla. Selenré and Xyv are allies by this time (obviously). Karrem Attalnor (favored by the Grun’Chang) and Xyv broker their deal as well.
11/20/799: Dawn is born on Lunacy. Aura by that time is in possession of the Plate of the Sun and the Amulet of the Sun. Reece ends up with the amulet.

(GG) (My guess is that this is in 800.)

02/17: Sword of Aura goes to Vandorn, over the course of the next ten days convinces the Allanthars, and the rest of the D’Khazians there, to follow Aura in light of their god’s death. Also, Zhazran meets w/ the group. Tells them about Dawn’s birth. Tells them about Copperton’s fate. Valrin is offered land.
02/18: early, Earth Plunge to Copperton. That night they reach the dragons’ lair, find it abandoned.
02/19: back in Orides.
02/20: Met with Zhazran again. Valrin tells him of Larrian’s Revenge story.
02/23: The thadans reach Brellcove.
02/25: Reach the Karthuin Ruins, set about fixing the exterior up.
02/27: Azraea checks in.
02/28: Daryv comes and goes.
02/29: Aravella passes through. That evening, Zadrus and Titus fight, narrow loss for Zadrus.
02/30: Back in Brellcove. Drunkenness and bullshitting.
03/01: What’s left of Ironforge is demolished.
03/03: Larrian rescued. Slavers dealt with.
03/05: Xu’Dann, finally free, unleashes his pent up Chaos on the entire planet.
03/06: Chrizove defeated. Group witnesses Dzarkhan beheaded and the Stone ganked. Potential paradox this night must be addressed. Jourandis gets captured by the Nexus.
03/07: Vey’Ghul offers Jourandis vampirism. That night is the assassination attempt on Xyv, GG saves his ass.
03/08: Katarina (vampire) and Jourandis have their climactic dramatic conversation. She suggests mutual suicide, Jourandis wants to take V’G up on his offer and suffer the undeath together. He lets her feast on him, and they have an epic fuck. They meet Daine, Kat disappears. Jourandis becomes vampire.

It is right after this that the Stone ripped the PCs off on the huge time traveling series of sessions.

(EG) (pretty sure this is 800)

02/11: Session start.
02/12: Full moon. (I’d be curious to know if this lines up with the 11/4/797 full moon I provided. I bet it doesn’t. : / )
02/14: Group splits.
02/22: With a heavy heart, Xyv tells Erridon to off Lezarous.

-It’s sometime after this that Xyv left Orides and left Zhazran in charge, and Zhazran set about planning the murder of not just Lezarous, but the would-be Triad as well.

02/29: Talon, Sinderkee, Lez, Varunus killed by Zhazran, Shayleigh (Prism), and Erridon.
03/02: Erridon and Shayleigh/Prism hook up. Zhazran is aware of it, as he’s been having them spied on.
03/03: Zhazran reads Prism’s unfinished letter to Xyv. A drunken Zhazran takes a heavy dose of Black Lotus, and, already one straw away from snapping, the potent drug helps push Zhazran over the edge. Snap. He kills Erridon, the two teenagers he’d been fucking, and captures Prism. Dianizia saves her, warns of the impending danger via Xu’Dann. She helps Prism take on her new disguise and wards her against the incoming chaos.
03/06: Dianizia kills Dzarkhan. She wins D&D?

Anyway, it was in the 3rd month of year 800 that was the end of all PC happenings on the original timeline. Throughout the long craziness via the Stone that followed, they were in and out of three timelines, spent some time on 813, some time on 1120 on Earth. The future they saw seemed like Feyzura had won the Godswar and seemed to have a heavy hand in things.

Bottom line is most of that bullshit was Dianizia’s fault. She’s quick to logically argue that everything is her father’s fault.

08/01/2014 RD

Timeline locked to the Stone up to 813 A.D.

Timeline, Original

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