The Manor of Lezarous and Prism

Lord Synnvol signed over the deed to Lezarous on 12/26/798. It is located in the 5th Ward of Xoll, merely a mile or so from Synnvol’s manor. It’s old and in need of a lot of small repairs, but nothing major. It has a small stables (six stalls) attached to the south end of it. It is encircled by a spiked iron fence, fairly rusted, and has a yard of about 1/3 of an acre (not counting the land the structure rests on), obviously leaving little yard to speak of. Its edifice faces west. It’s two stories, and app. 3,000 square feet including the small wine/storage cellar and not including the stables. . It has a huge master bedroom and five other large bedrooms. Large kitchen, large dining room, large pantry/storage room adjacent the kitchen, study, foyer and adjacent small pantry/storage room. All bedrooms are on the 2nd level. It has a large room originally intended as basically the servants’ shared living quarters. It does not have plumbing, chamber pots are the order of the day. It was entirely unfurnished. It was built in 547. Synnvol staffed the manor for a year with 4 indentured servants (two elderly orc couples, deeply respect Synnvol, there is not a drop of bad blood) at no extra cost to Lezarous.

Related NPCs:

Belos: Lineage is Charnosian high born. A proud, serious man. Armorer, weaponsmith, blacksmith, and not inept with a spear to boot. He’s rather OCD about neatness, and will be relentless about keeping the forge and his quarters in flawless order, and will be persistent about pushing Lezarous to commit the wealth to get the manor in tip-top shape. Following the Necros undead invasion, which fizzled against Xoll, the manor was fairly busted up, with most of the lower level windows shattered. Belos and his new crew get on the repairs.

Abdu: Dagooni slave. A perverse lingerer. Unsettling in mannerism, particularly toward Prism. Gets really aroused when she feeds on him, and will be very handsy with her. Unusually thick phallus that is generally erect. No shame in him, and interactions with him are almost assuredly awkward. Belos has taken an immediate dislike to him. Belos is teaching him blacksmithing for starters, and is loathe to impart any further knowledge to him. 17/14/15/12/13/9 | 15/9/10/9/12/15 Update: Prism killed him accidentally while feeding late in 798. Nobody mourned his passing.

Gamba: Dagooni slave. Pleasant toward men. Insolent toward women. Clever enough to not be that way toward Prism, however. Would really like to learn the ways of the wizard. Belos has a favorable impression of him. Belos is teaching him weaponsmithing for starters. 14/13/16/17/12/12 | 11/17/16/18/11/11. Prism killed him accidentally while feeding in Alturiak, 799.

Uzochi: Dagooni slave. 16/15/16/11/13/14 | 11/12/15/8/11/18. Prudent, flirty, artistic. Knows very little Zarran (Gamba will be teaching him over time). WP: Spear, shield, short bow. Prism accidentally killed him on 1/24, less than a week after she bought him.

Varkgorim: Drakdanni stablemaster and handy man, husband of Ulath. Carefree overall, but grumpy, generally. Has irritable bowels and minor gout in one foot. Varkgorim will frequently complain about Mog’s cooking and the mess it frequently makes of him, usually only to his wife. Update: Got plague on 1/7/799, died on 1/12.

Ulath: Maid and handy woman. Contrite and sisterly in mannerisms. Infinite patience for her husband’s problems. She finds joy in mother-henning him, and he loves her deeply for it. Got plague on 1/9, will survive but is very sick for a very long time. Will take weeks to recover. She’ll wind up keeping on at the manor, as she has crush on Turbak.

Turbak: Butler extraordinaire, husband of Mog. Punctilious and is extremely compulsive about it. Etiquette is not just a skill to him, but a lifestyle. He is the most unlikely of matches to Mog. If asked about it, he merely will say: “I am fond of her cooking.” He is proud, proper, and has an intense disdain for sloppiness, rudeness, savagery in general, laziness, and so on. Butlering is enjoyable to him, and if he’s awake, he’s working. Will grill Lezarous for how he wants the home presented, and it will be exactly so.

Mog: Solid cook with a penchant for pushing the envelope in the kitchen. Will always try to push bizarre new dishes on diners. Typically cooks to feed a small army no matter how many diners there will be. She is a valiant lunatic, in perpetual nonsensical conversation with herself, and often chuckling at her own insanities. She is particularly fond of making chocolate covered insects — there will always be a supply of those in the manor. Turbak can’t get enough of them.

The Manor of Lezarous and Prism

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