So they captured a fleet of 20 first gen starships.

16 were Scout class, SCL 800s
3 fission reactors; pretty self contained with AI.
Hull: 4,000. (Every 500 dmg or so things could very well start failing on the ship)
Shields: 800. (Can bring shields to 800 for 5,000 energy every five rounds)
Energy: 30,000. (Regens 300 energy every 10 rounds). You can overheat a reactor for 10,000 energy over ten rounds, costs the reactor.
4 nukes (first gen City Wreckers).
2 GCUltra 40,000 mile range lasers. 100 shield dmg, 30d10 dmg, 90’ radius. Shots cost 500 energy.
200 ton cargo space.
2 bedrooms, fairly spartan, attached lavatory.
Mess hall.
Bridge. 2 Chairs in front of the holographic table, lots of computers and screens. Radar system – 1 light year radius.
Engine room – the 2 tube clone rez system has been x-planted for each person on their respective ship, in the engine room.
Ship can burn 20,000 energy for 11 light years of warp travel, it’s similar to a jump off of BSG.

Takes two people to control, pilot and systems. Pilot leans hard on Dex and Int, Systems is Int & Wis. Either can control weapons, which is hard Int and Dex. Speed is always good.

Each PC got one, J’C got one, Steelheart, LurĂ©’Llasalla, Glimmerdin, Inda Graybreeze, Allo, Magdon, Flairra, Iccitha, Queen of Celestra, Xyv.

4 others get parked by manna trees elsewhere.

As of 10/19, there are 28 vessels on radar around Earth. The 20 captured first gen junk and eight others.


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