(below is an excerpt from my novel)

The legendary sword in Celestra that Rixie heard about in Kenston was Revenge. It was ‎crafted early in the Age of Magic by a gray elf, with the sole purpose of slaying Kor’Tuul ‎Skullhammer, a half-orc, half-giant that united many tribes of orcs around Celestra. The gray ‎elves lived in the mountains that encircled Celestra, a reclusive, withdrawn people dedicated ‎to magical research, art, and the protection of Celestra. Kor’Tuul and his army invaded ‎Celestra and wiped out most of its inhabitants, including its fairy queen (successor of Quellaxu, Sylanliell). The stronger the ‎need for revenge from the wielder of Revenge, the stronger the magic of the sword. The gray ‎elf loved the fairy queen with all his heart, deemed her the most majestic, purest being alive. ‎He led a small force into conquered Celestra and downed Kor’Tuul. The elf ironically ‎plunged Revenge into the skull of Kor’Tuul Skullhammer, and left it there. ‎

Much like master jedi, the strongest of the fairies could only lose their physical form ‎upon death, their spirits always remained behind and took on specific duties, generally as ‎guardians of something or somewhere. The spirit of the fairy queen butchered by ‎Skullhammer dedicated her “afterlife” to being the guardian of Revenge. She wished to ‎ensure that it would never fall into the hands of any who would do evil.‎

Revenge remained planted in the skull of Kor’Tuul for more than three thousand ‎years. Just prior to the Godswar, Feyzura learned of its location, and implemented a plan to ‎retrieve it. Her tool was Larrian Dragonetti, a human nobleman of Strongal. His parents had ‎been tortured and then murdered by the king of Strongal in a court purge to solidify rule. ‎The king sold Larrian to slavery at a young age. Larrian vowed revenge. Feyzura made sure ‎Larrian discovered the whereabouts of the sword, and made sure he retrieved it. The fairy ‎queen spirit allowed it. For all his faults, paramount among them alcoholism, Larrian was a ‎just man. Feyzura used her deceptive magic to make the current queen of Celestra become ‎the vile king of Strongal in Larrian’s mind. She teleported Larrian into the central vale of ‎Celestra, home of the fairy queen, and obscured the setting with a magical fog. Larrian was ‎placed so that he immediately caught sight of his arch-nemesis, the king of Strongal, in ‎reality the fairy queen, and charged him. Her. The sword Revenge allowed him to ward off ‎much of the magic from the assault of a number of fairies, the source of the spells obscured ‎to Larrian. The former nobleman, former slave from Strongal cut the fairy queen’s head off. ‎

Feyzura herself felt no burning need for revenge on anyone. Perhaps revenge on the ‎world, for not putting her in charge, but that had no impact on the sword. Everyone was a ‎useful idiot to her, to be manipulated to further her own ends, and was so savvy at using ‎others, she had no true enemies at the time, just useful pawns. She considered the sword to ‎be insurance against treachery, namely from Vey’Ghul, her ally and co-conspirator that ‎helped her launch the Godswar. To say nothing of large swaths of beings that desperately ‎wanted to get revenge on the Mistress of Evil. She certainly wanted access to the powerful ‎manna tree, hoping she could figure out how to use it to burgeon her own powers. The ‎queen of Celestra was a demigoddess in her own right, and could draw vast power from the ‎manna tree. Too dangerous a foe for Feyzura, who always preferred to use others to fight ‎her battles anyway. Larrian was just another useful pawn in that regard. Feyzura ensured ‎that Larrian wound up in chains again after he served his purpose, enslaved just as he had ‎been all those years ago in his youth. ‎

Shown below: Sylanliell (the spirit) in contemplation before Revenge and the corpse of Skullhammer.



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