Lezarous and Prism Way Back

This was the impromptu session on 1-17-2014 & 1-18-2014 with Brad and Allison. Right as the dinner conversation on the Sphynx with Ailia, Xyv, Valrin, Kullin, Solaufein, Prism was wrapping up, Xu’Dann holding a wildly swirling Stone pops and instantly pops out, jerking P & Lez with him (Lez was on his scout nearby the Sphynx).

Below has some poor continuity as I was trying to keep up with the notes in and around GMing, but it will still be nice to have a record of it. Fortunately, unlike other adventure planning posts I have on here, I can make this public without revealing anything secret.

Was a damn fun couple of sessions, despite shadow walk mechanic argumentation at the close of them, with the fight with the necromancer being particularly epic and memorable. Thanks to those involved.

The open question is what universe they were on when they went back in time, as in which parallel.

1865 P.A. A windy, rainy night, 5/25. X’D holding a wild Stone pulls P & Lez from the ships and brings them back in time to this point. X’D sending to X’D, double X’D happened. X’D mind rapes Lez & P, P unwillingly. They fall unconscious, X’D’s are gone when they come to.

Much attempts to contact somebody. Dianizia & Dz (P), J’C (L) and Aura (both), Aura scries, and then shows up. Conversation. Lez offers her his memories, she takes him up on it. They ask for Dusk, Aura says no. She casts the quest spell Highway to send them on their happy way to Cavria. Lez reaches out to Cro while traveling on the magical highway, with no response.

P & L follow the highway to just outside of Cavria, hear Ili weeping at her brother’s grave. Just then, Koorig and 4 ghasts attack. He messes up the PCs a bit before L chops him bad and he contingency teleports away, then they mop up the ghasts. They meet Tranthar IV in Cavria and accept his hospitality. P’s com. causes a bit of a ruckus, but nothing L’s eventual pretending to be her man didn’t nip in the bud.

Ili Vorland is 15 years old. Her father, Tranthar Vorland IV (Ng), is the king of nascent Vorland (same flag as West Vorland, white gryphon over dark purple). Her great-grandfather, Tranthar II, established Rylisia as the kingdom of Vorland, migrating from the eastern continent. The capitol is Cavria, named for Tranthar II’s wife, a priestess of Or’Dukall. Tranthar II, III, and IV have spent their lives driving out the monsters of the large island and establishing their kingdom, which currently comprise all the lands east of the Eastheart Mountains (though it’s called the Western Range at that time). Her older brother, Tranthar, Ili’s only brother (she has a younger sister, Celene), recently met his end fighting the treacherous necromancer Gresson Koorig (of Vey’Ghul, formerly of Chrizove). Koorig (11/12 priest / necromancer) used to be the main adviser and right hand of Tranthar IV, but his slide into evil ways (discovery that some oddly “missing” young women from town were kidnapped by Koorig and used as sex slaves) made the king & co. confront him in a battle that left Tranthar V dead. Driven from town, Koorig started building a ghast force via patient graverobbing and sneaky murders, and is plaguing the area, with a mind to slay Tranthar IV and take Rylisia for himself.

Anyway, Koorig (11/12 priest (V’G)/necromancer) regularly scries on Tranthar and his family in his will for revenge. As such, he happened to discover that Ili had snuck out solo from the castle to visit her brother’s grave in the nearby graveyard outside of the town. Koorig teleports himself and however many ghasts he can get (550 lbs, 4 small ghasts) in an attempt to capture Ili.

So. L, P, and Ili get to Cavria the early A.M. of 5/26. They stay all day and that night, and that night is when Celene (younger sister of Ili, age 11) gets kidnapped. P’s sending spell to Celene as she was being hauled out of the city revealed it was shimmering air and she was stuffed in a large sack. Tranthar and his entourage haul off on horses like ineffectual buffoons, and L, P, Ili, the queen, camp out in L’s guest room.

Koorig was waiting for his summoned minion outside of the city, and promptly teleports away with the young princess.

P catches a nasty bug from the water, failed Con check, massively failed saving throw. Dysentery. Ugly.

So, on the second night P & L are guests in Cavria, Celene Vorland is kidnapped by an invisible stalker (summoned by Koorig), and it manages to slip out with the princess. The next day Lez reflecting pool sees her in a cave in the middle of being violated and sacrificed, 20 ghasts, Koorig, and Koorig’s henchman. Lez opens dimensional fold, fierce, ugly battle ensues, leaving P and L the only two standing. P ended up having to fireball everyone except her flying self twice, leading to a full clear of all but the PCs, friend and foe alike, with Lez minus his nifty girdle of many pouches, hooray friendly fire. The humorous bit is that they dropped Koorig to 1 right after he completed the ritual and sacrificed Celene, causing the Death Fog to form and spread, then he withdrew, healed up 1 away from full, only to fail his amazing save vs. death to die from the Death Fog he just brought about. Hilarious. Thus, The Death Coast becomes a thing.

Anyway, the headmaster of Or’Dukall in Cavria, the venerable Gantron, temporarily de-facto leader, offers to bestow Lez and P a boon from his god as reward. But the dysentery P suffers really bogs shit down, delaying the Or’Dukall ritual and the identifying of items.

5/27: Koorig downed.
5/30: P’s dysentery in full swing, she’s bed-ridden.
6/1: Lez reaches out to Aura, who shows up with tonics and a salve to help.
6/20: The stretch of time is what it took to get P up to travel worthy, they identify all the items, P learns some spells, Ili, despite severely wanting to leave w/ the PCs, decides to stay, simply for her mother’s sake, given that she has lost her husband, only son, and youngest daughter (leaving Ili the only child) recently. The ritual of Or’Dukall leaves Lez and P empowered by Or’Dukall, allowing them to prepare 1 or 2 elemental air priest spells a day, with a cap on 6 total spell levels. Also, a sack of small pearls as reward (50 @ 50gp each). Lez trades the dregs the of the items for additional 50 small pearls and 500 gp (minted locally). That night, they say their goodbyes, and Lez lighten loads himself, gets a fly from P, he shadow walks, and off they go across the ocean heading to Llelliava in hopes of finding a civilization worth a damn. They make it a couple of hours, before an older, more powerful Zhazran swoops in w/ a very active Stone and tears them away to the familiar copse in the forest at night. Some serious RP goes down, then the Stone tears them to the familiar swamp beyond overrun with trolls, late afternoon. They blast down quite a # of trolls before flying away to the highlands. Camp, wyverns attack. Serious business battle, P takes a severe plummet to the Earth and suffers compound fracture of her right arm. The trio are victorious, Lez flying finds the nearby wyvern lair, slays the last wyvern, leads the other two there, and Z whisks away. Bad times and bad attitudes hanging out in that cave. Mountain giants x2 run into Lez leaving the cave on the 5th day, they shadowwalk the eff out of there, but not before Lez feels the serious mountain giant blat (So for strictly nanotech tracking, technically session ended 6/25, which means the impromptu double session burned exactly 1 month for Lez and P).

Lezarous and Prism Way Back

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