The following is the list of dragons the PCs are aware of, both dead and alive:

Lazurgraz: The first dragon, Yashytra’s lover.

Chandrakar: Ancient, beyond great wyrm red male, Xynndarra. Original timeline was slain, made a dracolich, destroyed, resurrected, then slain by Marianna, but not before she conceived his child.

Zaracellis: Female black wyrm in the Blackheart Swamp on Xynndarra. Pretty sure she was slain in the original timeline.

Drovozar: Venerable red male, very wealthy, laired at Mt. Drovius near Kenston. In parallel 1, Jourandis, Mirae, Prism, and Aziza killed him. In parallel 2, Lezarous, Prism, and Freyja killed him.

The green male, adult, (name never known) in the woods northwest of Youldai (The River Kingdom). In the original timeline, Valrin, Kinn, Darikar, Larrian killed it. In parallel 2, Solomon, Valrin, Prism, Kullin, and Lezarous killed it.

Charota: Mature adult female silver on Xynndarra, befriended Daine and Jourandis.

Melyothgar: Mature adult silver dragon, consort of Charota. I believe he was slain in the original timeline. Known as “Mel,” PCs saved him in the South Maw in their initial meeting.

Nourynsyllvella: Mature adult female copper in the Copper Hills near Copperton. Killed by Azraea in original timeline.

Covverkensummadell: Young male copper, offspring of Nouryn, commonly called Covver. Killed by Azraea in original timeline.

Klendezzinshynvyllsa: Great wyrm gold, female. Lairs on the Golden Isles, east of Icewood. PCs were made aware of her via Aziza’s grand plan.

Shyvorkozzimar: Great wyrm shadow: I don’t think PCs ever learned his name, but there is an infamous shadow dragon laired in Necros (the country, as opposed to the city/capitol).

White wyrm, female: Far up in the frozen north, Valrin, Darikar, Larrian, and Kinn defeated this wyrm on their quest for Quel’Lothra on the original timeline. Quel then took it as a mount.

Iyxylaava: “12/21/798 – 11 A.M. – Iyxylaava, a young (age cat 3, 22 years old) mist dragon flies overhead, being chased down by wyverns. She nearly is slain, but the group (Lez, Prism, Vormaak, Shavakka, Jaquwwa, Iymy) saves her. She is grateful, promises to come back with a reward. By that evening, she does indeed return. Gives them 400 gp, a rod of rulership (11 charges), and a green spinel (400gp).” This was in the Jaqmoori territory, the hills west of Celestra, right against the coast, so obviously her lair is nearby, where the wyverns be thick as thieves.


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