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  • Brendin Hold

    *Brendin Hold* (note: the information below is current as of circa 1370s or so). *Pop*: 30,000 (mostly human). *Sigil*: armless dragon, breathing a cone of flame, imposed over a fiery sun. *Colors*: Red and gold. *Inns/Taverns*: The Last Brigade, …

  • Nightingdown

    Home of the enigmatic [[:lord-rick | Lord Rick]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/287529/Nightingdown.jpg?1390523319(Nightingdown.jpg)!

  • Jerry Luckspree

    Chosen of Tymora. Secret Special Agent of Luck. Avoided the plague on other timelines, but finally gets it in alt timeline 2, despite precautions. He ostracizes himself for a while and makes it through, without even getting all that sick.

  • Saria Eaglecrest

    Born on the Feast of the Moon in 1362 (Toril calendar). She's a much respected figure in Xynndarra, and in particular Stonewall. She eventually becomes headmistress of the temple of Tyr in Stonewall.

  • Crystal Karathus

    No-nonsense Knight of Stonewall, de-facto 2nd of the Order of Myst. She helped Corvin Drakunis in Tasloria once upon a time. Will eventually get the plague, though I'm not certain yet when it will even reach Xynndarra. It won't kill her, will …

  • Kyrdiv

    Kyrdiv managed, with a little help from Cyric, to get his weasely hands on _The Book of Blood_, one of the most coveted items in all the verses. The secrets within those pages describe how one can become a vampire savant (which became known as a Kyrdin …

  • Nordon Wauterton

    Born 06-04-1352. In his youth he was the leader of the infamous Lavender Death adventuring band. His sister, Tyla, is the Chancellor of Half-Circle. Nordon's a very easy-going, laid back chap.

  • Tyla Wauterton

    Born 01-19-1353. Sister of [[:nordon-wauterton | Nordon Wauterton]] and former member of the infamous Lavender Death adventuring band. She is the head of state of Half-Circle. She is very caring, thoughtful, and empathic. She's a people person and a …

  • Lord Rick

    Born Richard Dathon, Lord Rick is arrogant, lecherous, and extremely friendly. He's the reason Nightingdown, a very ... odd... place, exists. He lives with a small gaggle of female lovers in his manor. He's close with Bartus Telgar, the "mayor" of …

  • Jandiz

    Born 1343, Jandiz, along with his brohan Jax, are two legendary swordsmen of Xynndarra. They were both trained by the (retired) elven weaponmaster Trakobus, the chess master who has the distinction of being [[:dzarkhan | Dzarkhan]]'s melee mentor. …

  • L'ria Cae'erdon

    L'ria is the indescribably beautiful leader of a rogue band of drow that offed the former leadership of Crayoth and now rule that small island port city. Despite being run by a pack of drow under L'ria, Crayoth is far better off these days than it was …

  • Thorgar of the Halls

    Son of Khiraz. He has very large boots to try to fill. Married to Haerda, no slouch of a warrior in her own right. Alt timeline 2: 4/5/799: gets plague, whoops it, minor scarring, none on face.

  • "King" Peeko

    Greedy and egotistical, this kobald thief wound up traveling with the PCs for a while. As far as kobolds go, this one is rather significant in prowess.

  • Xytol

    This warrior/priest of Cyric rules the city-state of Therandin rather like Stalin would. Alt timeline 2: 3/29/799: assuming he's still alive (Adrian Smith, *ahem*), he'll get the plague. Survives, fairly badly scarred on body, none on face.

  • Jax

    Born 1342, Husband of Kylara. He's the most famous mortal swordsman of [[Xynndarra | Xynndarra]]. He and his brohan [[:jandiz | Jandiz]] both trained under Trakobus, the Ancient elf weaponmaster that also trained [[:dzarkhan | Dzarkhan]].

  • Kylara

    Born 1346. Married to [[:jax-7 | Jax]]. Jax and Kylara had a strong working relationship with Daine and Jourandis. Alt timeline 2: 5/2/799: will get the plague. Will live through it. Fairly minor scarring, one small scar on her cheek.

  • Alcuin

    Born 1344. Alcuin ultimately married Jovena (governor of Sabre City) and became king of the former Blackrock nation, renamed it Chromas and the capitol Chromacon. Too bad the Tower of Misery manifested in the heart of Chromacon.

  • Ethan Firehawk

    Born 1340. Most politically powerful figure in Stonewall, and if any crisis befalls the city, he'll inevitably be declared king temporarily. Missed his calling as a paladin. Good ol' 17 Wis, 17 Cha fighters.... FTW. Yeah, the man has sick stats.

  • Kaidas Firewalker "Dragonchild"

    This archpriest of Kossuth, the Toril god of elemental fire, together with his brother Samik, are the adopted sons of Chandrakar, the Ancient red wyrm. Samik is deceased, killed by PCs if memory serves. He is Chandrakar's #1, and he's more than happy to …

  • Adrian Smith

    Sir Adrian of Torm was unquestionably the hardest man living on Xynndarra. Despite his great strength, his body was all but broken, and always he was after the next evil foe to slay. Always. If memory serves, he did finally smash the church of …

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