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  • Teenage Wasteland

    1/23 - Iymy arrives at Prism's house, seriously looking like a corpse, bitemarks riddling her body, requesting a heal. She conveys to Prism her plan to be her Whip. 1/25 - Iymy gathers the following entourage for a meet at the manor: [[:liandras- …

  • Sink

    Sink is an extremely potent drug, usually snorted, hits like a blend of cocaine and heroin with dashes of MDMA and Datura. Quite addictive. Quite expensive. Mostly available in Xoll and Orides as of 798. It's known as "sink" in Xoll and "snow" in …

  • Kyumi

    [[:kyumi | Kyumi]] *** Whip: [[:piper | Piper]] *** "Slaves" [[:corranus | Corranus]] [[:dogar | Dogar]] [[:jevyk | Jevyké]]

  • Worldwatcher

    1/30/799 - Allo unveils the city's new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It's distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year's end, at the …

  • Lord's Council of Xoll

    [[:high-lord-magistrate-allovandrosos | High Lord Magistrate Allovandrosos]] [[:zan-1 | Zan]] (see [[:xyv | Xyv]]) [[:kyumi | Kyumi]] [[:lord-morguestorm | Lord Morguestorm]] [[:travosk-synnvol | Travosk Synnvol]] [[:lady-cyn | Lady Cyn]] …

  • Anniza

    Pupil of Selenré, turned vampiric by Selenré, ex-slave. Is a gladiator as a hobby. One on one non-magical (no magic allowed) champion of the Fane of Blood in Xoll for twelve consecutive years as of 798.

  • Red Swath, The

    Slave of Allo. For the past three years, he has held the magical 1s champion title of the Fane of Blood in Xoll. Alt timeline 2: Gets the plague 1/15. Laughs at its pussy damage.

  • Palkrus Kingscrest

    The Kingscrests are of the old Ravakkan royal line, before Athalgard was a thing. Banner: bull looming over crossed swords. Original timeline: After Xoll was conquered, Palkrus wound up swearing fealty to [[:xyv | Xyv]] and the Athonian Empire. …

  • Karrem Attalnor

    Owns the ship _The Windchaser_ and conducts, via sea and land, tons of trade b/w Xoll and Ne'Vu. Alt timeline 2: 1/2/799: Catches plague. Dies 3 days later, before he can get anyone to make him a vampire.

  • Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla

    Daughter of [[:selenr-lansadriell-lur-llasalla | Selenré]] Lansadriell and Kallendrynna Luré'Llassalla. She is of the royal blood line of Llelliava, the niece of the current queen. She grew more and more opposed to her father's life-path after his self- …

  • Trixie

    No PC has ever met her. Alt timeline 2: 10/5: Begins quest to find Ethoriana. Talked down from it before it really got launched. 1/5/799: Gets plague, survives, very minor scarring, none on face.

  • Agazar

    Original timeline: Broke away from the Nexus to form his own necromantic order, responsible for unleashing The Abomination via _Soulsteal_ Alt timeline 2: So far, so good, as far as not being furious with [[:venla-1 | Venla]]. Late in 798, Braxwor …

  • Lysaia

    Friends of [[:aienschynna-lur-llassalla | Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla]]. Alt timeline 2: [[:jezraell | Jezraellé]] becomes Regent Queen of North Ravakka assigns Lysaia headmistress of The Palace of Fire in [[Xoll | Xoll]]. Lysaia already …

  • Lord Lo

    He is the leader of the infamous Nightstalkers in [[Xoll | Xoll]], which is basically a mafia-like gang. Even his men don't know what his face looks like. In 799 Lord Lo allied with Cherry Sally and they drove out the other powers that ruled roost in …

  • Tramus Newcastle

    Tramus is the Newcastle patriarch, descended from the Castledown line. See also: [[History of Athalgard 598-725 | History of Athalgard 598-725]]. The Newcastle family is deeply networked in Xoll, and have their fingers in many a meaty trade pie.

  • Venla

    alt timeline 2: [[:agazar | Agazar]] isn't pissed at her. She got the plague on 12/9. Cut a deal with [[:lady-cyn | Lady Cyn]], culminating with Cyn turning her vampiric, saving her life from the plague. Not long after, she brokered a deal between …

  • Keiniassa Eversong

    Keiniassa's father is the elf Tremliaka Eversong, a wealthy merchant involved with the slave trade. Her father is despised by [[:aienschynna-lur-llassalla | Aienschynna]]. Keiniassa is out-going, flamboyant, egotistical, ambitious. Cha: 18. She is …

  • Zan

    alt timeline 2: yada yada [[Xoll | Xoll]] coup. Gets [[:venla-1 | Venla]] to begin skeleton construction of Fortress Fireheart (Stone from Braxwor) and the construction of the Fane of Song in Shendon. Working *hard* to stop Braxwor's equally *hard* work …

  • Lord Morguestorm

    Lives at Fortress Ironstorm. Alt timeline 2: Contracted the plague on 12/25. He will shrug it off easily enough, both b/c he's that hard and it didn't hit him full on. Betrayed Zamza and handed him over to Ratlen to be tortured and executed.

  • Kryssivé Eversong

    Half elf. Takes care of a lot of orphan babies. Half sister of [[:keiniassa-eversong | Keiniassa Eversong]]. Most folks know her as "Kryssy." See below for important alt timeline 2 info.

  • Gesra Blackwind

    Turf is Xoll's general vicinity, including the Weirdwood, the Rockspines and the Imperial Forest. Close with [[:venla-1 | Venla]]. Atypically accepting of vampires and terribly well versed in undeath.

  • Jyrula

    Born in Xoll. Mother dead, that side of the family is Charnosian. Father is a drover from Strongal (and his trade is primarily driving livestock from Strongal to Xoll); disowned her after some petty larceny incidents and some time in the jail. …

  • Phoenix Pridewave

    Disorganized, sultry, easy-going, appreciative, crabby (particularly in the mornings or if he's particularly down on his luck, and nevermind his 8 luck score). 26 years old. Started off as a sailor at a young age, became a mercenary. Nothing …

  • Gruggus ("Grugg" )

    Inability to track time effectively (left to his own devices will never be able to be on time for anything); childish, very easily amused, fondness for toys, particularly mechanical ones. Thinks farts are the funniest thing ever. Which is good for him, …

  • Irene Eburnus

    Her parents are dead from the plague. Her father was a magistrate of the 1st Ward of Xoll. They lived in splendor, but unbeknownst to the family her father was massively in debt, and not long after his death the family was destitute (except for her …

  • Liandras Helmaer

    Father was a mercenary, typically hiring his company out for elite transport protection, avoiding wars. Two older brothers (in the same mercenary company), one younger sister, mother doesn't work. He was in training to be a mage under Ovwic, but now …

  • Alys Quendru

    Alys is tired of whoring at the ripe age of 12. Her whore mother sold her to Ovwic when she was 4 years old. Having no talent for the magical arts, Ovwic made her a maid, cook, used her sexually as he saw fit until a few years ago, then as of a few …

  • "Wolf"

    Friends of [[:liandras-helmaer | Liandras Helmaer]]. Orphan, lives on the street. Always seen with his closest companion, a half-wolf named Whispers.

  • Reyn

    Pupil of Ovwic. She is the only person in his life other than regular customers that Ovwic treats half-way decently. Has a spider monkey familiar, St. Mochus (ch = k sound).

  • Ovwic

    A sour, curmudgeonly pedophile. Was a scribe at the library for years before he finally learned enough magic to grind money off of that on his own. Was never an adventurer, and indeed has rarely left Xoll.

  • Ghorzia

    Mother was essentially a Bloodhaven princess that had a trist with Tru in orc form, resulting in Ghorzia. The relationship was not sanctioned, her mother was banished. The mother wound up in league with Synnvol, living in Xoll. Ghorzia for years …

  • Piper

    Strong working relationship with [[:lysaia | Lysaia]], [[:jezraell | Jezraellé]], and [[:aienschynna-lur-llassalla | Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla]]. Formerly an orphan-student of Soulfinder Academy. She is a priestess of Iccitha, an elemental wizard, and …

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