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  • Session 06/13/2014

    [[File:339691 | class=media-item-align-none | Ne_Vu_and_Celestra__Vrakdanni_map_.jpg]] The lands of Vrakdann are the forests west of Celestra, largely unknown to the civilizations to the east. They are less advanced and more savage than the Drakdanni …

  • Hirk

    Hirk's had to fight like hell his whole life to claw his way to Chief of Gronshok. His small stature made him picked on most of his youth, and his sense of honor and need for respect typical to his kind made him never back down from fighting over an …

  • Zordraas

    7'8" -- pic's pretty accurate, but he needs to have a breast plate on.

  • Ghomrok

    Will eventually get the plague if/when it ever is even possible, but he'll survive it pretty easily if it comes to that.

  • Huudthuull

    Most hidden below. His epicness was brought to an end via assassination by Lez, P, Belos as the exclamation point on the debacle (epic, but debacle nonetheless) that was Lez' attempt to become High Warlord of the Vrakdanni.

  • Igspoz

    674300/614215 = Fighter/priest(Xu’Dann) 10/10 | Ce | HP: 121 | AC: 0 | 1d10 plus 8 / plus 15 crit 19-20 TH: 3 3/2 sp: 8 Def(9)x5| 18(18)(100) 12 19 9 16 10 15 12 17 7 10 18 Bestial appetite 1 Bestial habit – destructive Bestial …

  • Korgraaks

    Was traveling abroad several years. He spent a lot of time in Salimar and the deserts west of it. He served a blue dragon for a while, until it met its end facing a small group of Gadubadoon elementalists. In the Fall of 797, returned to his homeland …

  • Suvuunaas

    Eccentric. Extremely competent at magical item creation. Some of his creations are of great fame with the Vrakdanni.

  • Guutrok

    Younger brother of [[:suthaas | Suthaas ]], son of [[:suvuunaas | Suvuunaas ]].

  • Suthaas "the Scorpion"

    Carries the semi-preserved decapitated head of his oldest brother around on an axe, whom he murdered (with his father's blessing). He's essentially the only field commander of the Shadowtusks.

  • Xu'klaas

    Son of [[:suvuunaas | Suvuunaas ]], younger brother of [[:suthaas | Suthaas "the Scorpion"]]. Defected to Blood Dawn after his eldest brother was slain by Suthaas.

  • Glasha

    Mother (deceased) was Suvuunaas' daughter, died giving childbirth to her. Khorr married her for politics, didn't mind her passing much.

  • Vromlaasa

    Daughter of [[:suvuunaas | Suvuunaas ]]. Heavily involved with the slave trade with the Axestorms.

  • Vodann

    Close adviser of High Warlord [[:zordraas | Zordraas]]. Known to be the brains of the outfit. Has come to fully appreciate [[:vodann | Xu'klaas]]' mind for military matters in the Kordanni campaign.

  • Radaara

    2nd oldest living offspring of High Warlord [[:suvuunaas | Suvuunaas ]]. The only female warlord in Vrakdann, the first of her kind. That being said, she is more of the second in command of the Shadowtusk army than a vassal-type that warlords usually …

  • "Woody"

    Exiled from Vrakdann (originally of clan Glory Throne). Self-appointed guardian of The Weeping Tree and [[:amber-west | Amber]] the druid. Never speaks, always just lurking around.

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