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  • Saria Eaglecrest

    Born on the Feast of the Moon in 1362 (Toril calendar). She's a much respected figure in Xynndarra, and in particular Stonewall. She eventually becomes headmistress of the temple of Tyr in Stonewall.

  • Crystal Karathus

    No-nonsense Knight of Stonewall, de-facto 2nd of the Order of Myst. She helped Corvin Drakunis in Tasloria once upon a time. Will eventually get the plague, though I'm not certain yet when it will even reach Xynndarra. It won't kill her, will …

  • Nordon Wauterton

    Born 06-04-1352. In his youth he was the leader of the infamous Lavender Death adventuring band. His sister, Tyla, is the Chancellor of Half-Circle. Nordon's a very easy-going, laid back chap.

  • Ethan Firehawk

    Born 1340. Most politically powerful figure in Stonewall, and if any crisis befalls the city, he'll inevitably be declared king temporarily. Missed his calling as a paladin. Good ol' 17 Wis, 17 Cha fighters.... FTW. Yeah, the man has sick stats.

  • Adrian Smith

    Sir Adrian of Torm was unquestionably the hardest man living on Xynndarra. Despite his great strength, his body was all but broken, and always he was after the next evil foe to slay. Always. If memory serves, he did finally smash the church of …

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