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  • Kilverton

    Kilverton is little more than a village with a keep. It boasts a modest temple of Chrizove, headmastered by Dale Haster. Kilverton serves as a bit of a waystation, however, in that it is located on the shitty road travelers take when taking the short …

  • Avyrla

    Oldest known offspring of Queen Sharcella and assumed heir of Saradynn. Sharcella never married. Avyrla joined the Seat of the Sun as an adolescent, mostly to infuriate her mother. The ways of the paladin really spoke to her heart, and she has excelled …

  • Sharcella Dralmoth

    Mother of [[:avyrla | Avyrla]]. Alt timeline 2: Is in way, way over her head. She's tried to shore up her local position. She has solidified ties with the Seat of the Sun, the Blood of the Twins, Rhithain/Dawn & the Twins temples respectively, as …

  • Yordan Randoth

    Knight of Saradynn. Patriarch of the Randoth noble family. Headmaster of the Seat of the Sun in Jusanne. Alt timeline 2: In the wake of the [[Eisrik Estate Adventure | Eisrik Estate Adventure]], killed by [[:j-chyoora-ukwa | J'Chyoora'Ukwa]].

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