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    [[Azraea | Azraea]] [[Kyumi | Kyumi]] [[Lezarous (RP notes) | Lezarous (RP notes)]] [[Lezarous' Vrakdanni | Lezarous' Vrakdanni]] [[Noble families of Ravakka | Noble families of Ravakka]] [[Noble families of Saradynn | Noble families of Saradynn]] …

  • Valrin Hearthstone

    [[:valrin-hearthstone | Valrin Hearthstone]] [[Journal of Valrin Hearthstone | Journal of Valrin Hearthstone]]

  • The Manor of Lezarous and Prism

    Lord Synnvol signed over the deed to Lezarous on 12/26/798. It is located in the 5th Ward of Xoll, merely a mile or so from Synnvol's manor. It's old and in need of a lot of small repairs, but nothing major. It has a small stables (six stalls) attached …

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