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  • Magdon

    Magdon as a mortal was beyond the stuff of legend. Indeed, it was D'Khaz that finally ended him, a rare case of D'Khaz almost breaking a sweat to kill a mortal. He is one of a handful of mortals when appearing before Zuthal, not only brazenly asked to …

  • Gordan

    Gordan is the oldest living son (26 years old) of the recently deceased Huldor III of Zolcan. Huldor's firstborn son, Huldor IV, field marshal of Zolcan, was offed a year ago by assassins from Xor'Gard. Huldor III died this year, 798. Huldor III's …

  • Keef Thistledown

    Missing key shit on him. I know he owns a tavern. Hopefully more info will turn up, not like any PC knows boo about him.

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