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  • S'thass

    S'thass is the westernmost city of Llelliava, just across the border of Iveria. It is one of two Llelliavan cities that is welcoming of outsiders, with the other being the port city to the south, Thadiaga. Indeed, few non-elves ever see any more of the …

  • Mount Soza

    It is here that the Llelliavan elves meticulously, slowly craft their airships. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/287532/Mount_Soza.jpg?1390523720(Mount_Soza.jpg)!

  • Kyvlelliasha Luré'Llasalla

    Kyvlelliasha was once the warrior Queen of Llelliava. She is the mother of the current Queen of Llelliava, [[:lywelliv-lur-llasalla | Lywellivé Luré'Llasalla]]. Alvordis seduced her, she became his lover, and he turned her vampiric. She abandoned …

  • Quinlessrillé Luré'Llasalla

    Eldest daughter of [[:lywelliv-lur-llasalla | Lywellivé Luré'Llasalla]] and heiress to the throne. She and [[:bria-dralmoth | Bria Dralmoth]] are close. Alt timeline 2: 3/19/799: gets the plague. Survives. Minor scarring, none on face.

  • Kylyshivé Luré'Llasalla

    3rd in line for the throne, though her claim would likely be contested if that came to pass. She has not been within the borders of her motherland in many years. She has spent a significant amount of time in the lands of GadooBadu, where she has honed …

  • Lorivé Luré'Llasalla

    2nd in line to the elven throne. Left many years ago for Necros to seek information about his beloved aunt, [[:kyvlelliasha-lur-llasalla | Kyvlelliasha Luré'Llasalla]], and perhaps seek out [[:alvordis | Alvordis]] for a long chat. He never returned.

  • Lywrylivé Lansadriell

    Top military commander of Llelliava, and mentor of [[:quinlessrill-lur-llasalla | Quinlessrillé Luré'Llasalla]]. Beyond fed up with the lack of patriotism she perceives in the royal line.

  • Shelyssyré Luré'Llasalla

    The youngest sister of the children of [[:lywelliv-lur-llasalla | Lywellivé Luré'Llasalla]]. She is still considered an adolescent. Aislyn has claimed this character. Ranger/druid.

  • Kellias Lansadriell

    Headmaster of what is basically the elven wizard's guild. Also the court wizard of [[:lywelliv-lur-llasalla | Lywellivé Luré'Llasalla]]. He is also the top ranking admiral for Llelliava.

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