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  • The Purifier

    Recently, The Purifier is a heirloom of the lords of Kilverton in Saradynn. It has a checkered history linked to the Seat of the Sun (Rhithain) in Jusanne. Scimitar +1, +4 vs. undead -double base dmg. vs. undead. -_cure serious wounds_ x2/day …

  • Lysoth Kilverton

    Lysoth Kilverton is the Lord of [[Kilverton | Kilverton]]. Original timeline: [[:prism-1 | Prism]], [[:sorvus-tyrglen | Sorvus Tyrglen]], and [[:andril-1 | Andril]] slew him, but not before Andril met his end. Alt timeline 1: Got whipped at the …

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