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  • Estarra Myst

    Daughter of Dzarkhan and the union of Mystra and a simple, poor farmer's daughter, the latter a native of Xynndarra. At age 14 she met the time travelers Daine Brightblade and Jourandis Calindis. At age 19 she helped those two, along with Corvin …

  • Valerris

    So this one time, in a dark, Ktulu-tortured land called Tasloria, three travelers happened upon a miserable city and sought a night's sanctuary in an inn. Valerris, Daine, Jourandis. A man with a sword whom Valerris had never met touched her in a …

  • Xera

    2nd-born twin to Xavier, 3rd eldest spawn of Dzarkhan. Pool the entire PC knowledge about her together, and the previous sentence is about all that will be produced about her. Creator and wielder of _Aeldis_.

  • Sonja

    Wife of Urstag. They have two children together. 4th eldest spawn of Dzarkhan. Alt timeline 2: Martial law with the tribes. C, I is helping to feed them.

  • Svene

    Svene is the 8th eldest spawn of Dzarkhan. She is a priestess of Lurue and resides primarily in Silverymoon on Faerûn, Toril. Creator and owner of the _Veil of Lurue_.

  • Marianna

    The 9th eldest spawn of [[:dzarkhan | Dzarkhan]]. Marianna is in the habit of becoming the lover of ancient male dragons, until she tires of them, and then she slays them and takes their hoard. Wields _Wyrmbane_. Original timeline: Slew …

  • Dzarkhan

    A creator of _The Chaos Stone_. While time traveling, Daine & Jourandis helped Dzarkhan travel to the meteorite in the jungle valley riddled with gargantuan silverbacks and dinosaurs. The meteorite radiated massive anti-magic, effectively making the …

  • Xavier

    2nd eldest Spawn of Dzarkhan, twin brother of Xera. Creator and wielder of _Seltra_. Only known son of Dzarkhan.

  • Freyja

    Freyja has done some time travel in her own right. Commands the starship _The Stars of Heat_. Technically a widow. She is a bard, among other things. Creator and wielder of _Elwill_, the singing and dancing broad sword. 9th eldest spawn of …

  • Jasmine

    11th eldest spawn of Dzarkhan, youngest sibling of the Xavier - Jasmine set that share a mother. Moody dominatrix with a chip on her shoulder. Wielder of the _Claw of Khaildor_.

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