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  • Orides

    Orides, 798 A.D. Much like Xoll, this will be an ongoing project. Various PC groups have spent a lot of time in Orides, and will no doubt gravitate back. Pop. 25,000. It's a very wet (lots of rain/snowfall), windy place (pretty consistent, strong …

  • Switch

    Friends with [[:heath-cannerdon | Heath Cannerdon]]. Alt timeline 2: Runs away with [[:therri-synnvol | Therri Synnvol]] to [[:azraea-1 | Azraea]]. Quickly made vampiric by Azraea. Cooks for her slaves and is Azraea's mechanic and pilot.

  • Noth

    Friends with fellow Tothlander Barrot, together their kilted-selves have bold plans of becoming hero-adventurers. In the original timeline Noth eventually became Captain of the Guard of Orides, appointed by Xyv. By Fall of 798 he's deep in assembling a …

  • Heath Cannerdon

    Little of this, little of that. Shaldor likes him, wants him to be a knight, an offer Heath has turned down more than once. Heath typically spends most of his time in the Bliss, not much escapes his notice there. He is the only publicly declared owner …

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