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  • Lysaia

    Friends of [[:aienschynna-lur-llassalla | Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla]]. Alt timeline 2: [[:jezraell | Jezraellé]] becomes Regent Queen of North Ravakka assigns Lysaia headmistress of The Palace of Fire in [[Xoll | Xoll]]. Lysaia already …

  • Tesserae

    Alt timeline 2: Adores [[:aienschynna-lur-llassalla | Aienschynna Luré'Llassalla]]. Close with [[:keiniassa-eversong | Keiniassa Eversong]] and [[:trixie-1 | Trixie]]. Crushing on [[:morgan-8 | Morgan]]. Gets the plague 1/9/799. Survives, …

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