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  • Kyumi

    [[:kyumi | Kyumi]] *** Whip: [[:piper | Piper]] *** "Slaves" [[:corranus | Corranus]] [[:dogar | Dogar]] [[:jevyk | Jevyké]]

  • Azraea

    2nd oldest feyrie, vampire fairy. Turned by Quellaxu. Can create magical copies of herself that share all of her powers and spellcasting abilities. Titus Wolfwalker's BFF. To say that there are many different Azraeas is a double entendré x 50, or …

  • Kyumi

    Turned by [[:quellaxu | Quellaxu]]. Has a thing for huge men. Typically won't speak. Her electrified dagger murdering ability is rather legendary, despite being so rarely evident. *** Alt timeline 2: yada yada coup, opens up The Crystal Palace. …

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