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  • Gorshaak

    Eldest son of [[:krovak-goldeneye | Krovak "Goldeneye"]]. Brilliant military tactician. Could put some paladins to shame with his honor and virtue. If his family ever needs to muster their forces on the field, Gorshaak will command it. Alt …

  • Gromshall

    Close ally of [[:lorrgrok | Lorrgrok]]. His eldest daughter, [[:ulakka | Ulakka]], is wed to [[:krovak-goldeneye | Krovak "Goldeneye"]].

  • Ulakka

    Wife of [[:krovak-goldeneye | Krovak "Goldeneye"]], daughter of [[:gromshall | Gromshall]] and Vrokmolla. Vrokmolla is Overlord Korgrall's daughter. Mother of [[:gorshaak | Gorshaak]] and [[:balgruusk | Balgruusk]]. Very powerful chaos priest/ …

  • Overlord Korgrall

    A symphony of destruction. (Aislyn wandered back to talk to me just as I posted this. I asked her: "How's that for a scary looking orc?" She said: "Whoah. He is really scary. He would be really tough to kill." Our brief foray with Heroquest has …

  • Vrokmolla

    Sadistic even by orc standards. Much older than she looks. Daughter of [[:overlord-korgrall | Overlord Korgrall]]. Gets plague 4/12/799. Dies 3 days later.

  • Jurmaak

    Father of [[:vormaak | Vormaak]]. Ex-gladiator/slave of Xoll. Not related by blood to [[:lorrgrok | Lorrgrok]].

  • Nagruuk

    Brother of [[:overlord-korgrall | Overlord Korgrall]]. He's the reason the Drakdann are in civil war, the single reason the Drakdann are not united in full dreadful glory under Korgrall's banner, and why the Drakdanni have been relatively inactive the …

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