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  • Revenge

    (below is an excerpt from my novel) The legendary sword in Celestra that Rixie heard about in Kenston was Revenge. It was ‎crafted early in the Age of Magic by a gray elf, with the sole purpose of slaying Kor'Tuul ‎Skullhammer, a half-orc, half-giant …

  • Vex

    Classified. Not so much anymore. Update: dead; but not before she made Prism into a Savant.

  • Iymy'ysylee

    Bitten by wanderlust. Looks up to, and is friends with, but is a little scared of [[:kyumi | Kyumi]]. Friendly and outgoing, even by fairy standards. Always hunting new places and experiences. Quite the socialite, she is well-known not just in …

  • Amber "West"

    All too familiar with the [[The Vrakdanni | Vrakdanni]]. Her territory is west of Celestra. She lives at the Weeping Tree (Hydronyssa), which is the source of the Westflow, a river that runs away from Celestra and through [[The Vrakdanni | The Vrakdanni …

  • Eylyntina

    The Celestran Circle has two hierarchies, one inside Celestra's borders (the Inner Circle) and exclusive to its natives, and one outside Celestran borders (the Outer Circle). Eylyntina is the Grand Druid of the Inner Circle, 2nd only to Horgrim.

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