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  • Nanotech

    Everyone that's hit a session since we dusted the game off inevitably has been infected with nanotech, courtesy of Cathexes, Inc. It takes a while for the tech to replicate itself, acclimate to, and analyze their host's body, and in particular, the …

  • Miræ

    Extremely skilled jewelcrafter. Likes to be, like, *real next* to Prism. Alt timeline 1: Brought into this timeline by Aziza, though kept secret for a while. Helped Aziza, Prism, and Jourandis slay Drovozar.

  • Lon'Griva

    Lon'Griva (also spelled Longriva or Langriva) was from a prominent family in Blingellum and received an exemplary education. She ultimately apprenticed out to the archillusionist Bulseby, a nefarious, treasonous shitbag of a gnome. Lon'Griva quickly …

  • Aliza Dralmoth

    Oldest daughter of Huldor III. Has a legit claim to the throne of Zolcan, were she to pursue it. She left her country in 796 and never came back. Alt timeline 2: Back in town, baby. Immediately sets to work to make a Dralmoth family reunion take …

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