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  • Aura Dogma


  • The Sword of Aura

    Redeemer and wielder of _Shamirdrovhaz_. Governs [[Lunacy | Lunacy]]. Alt timeline 2: 2/28/799, gets the plague. Not a huge deal for her, barely slows her down. No visible scarring.

  • Shariethé

    The no-nonsense leader of the Deepmoon Elves. Possesses the _Rod of Elvaria_ and the _Ring of Sulutho_. Her right hand, so to speak, is the warrior Ellisarra. Original timeline: allied with the "evil" group to take down ArchDouchebag Velimé. …

  • Oseth

    Trusted underling of [[:the-sword-of-aura | SoA]], serves her on [[Lunacy | Lunacy]]. He oversees the day to day operations of House Luna. He's basically SoA's chief of staff.

  • Daryv Forrusson

    Mother is an elf in Celthor, whom he loves dearly. Father was Torgan Forrusson, an ugly but noble knight who adventured w/ Giger Tolovich. Torgan died in the fight w/ the dragon that claimed Giger’s legs. Daryv never really got a chance to know his …

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