13 meteor-pods fall on the viewable map + Drakdann. 10 A.M. or so, 2/15/799. They are to establish a colony then creep outward to the nearest manna tree. East pod has a queen, ~100,000 warriors, ~10,000 drones, ~100 overminds (1 general per 1k warriors).


1 (1): East of Vunderghon, Urstag turf. The northmen will win but suffer severe casualties, and this is before the plague reaches them. The northmen are all but extinct after this.

2 (3): River Zolgus, East of Copperton in the plains. Seth-ra will eventually muster and manage but suffer heavy losses, just as the plague starts ravaging them.

3 (4): Close to the coast of the largest forest of the Riverwoods, right near where Ola “Riverspeaker” lives. Xoll beats the ever-loving dogshit out of them, Allo, Synnvol, Venla, Morguestorm show that they are an absurd wrecking ball with their forces fielded together. Plague be damned. Necros, not to be outdone, taking advantage of the distraction, conquers right up to Xoll’s southern border (aside from all Law territory, formally allied with Necros, and Bloodhaven, allowed to stay neutral). Which means Necros blitzes and conquers Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany, the night of 2/15/799. Millions of undead unleashed, from magical stormclouds and from the sea. Venla was under orders to betray the Xoll forces once engaged with the aliens. She defied them. Venla’s betrayal was supposed to soften Xoll’s main forces enough to allow Necros to conquer it. Once their army was barely dented by the aliens, Necros decided to audible out of the Xoll attack plan. Braxwor’s nukes were not insignificant. ((this got tweaked a bit))

4 (5): About 50 miles west of Llelliavé. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong for the elves (20 check). The capitol is razed. Only thing that makes sense is that their military is in rare disarray due to plague, and they landed too close to the tree in the capitol for a real mustering of defense forces. It will be a drawn out campaign before Iveria, Llelliava, Zolcan (a little), with a huge smattering of hodgepodge help (including Quellaxu) finally exterminate them. This colony will make the overall mission a success. They’ll mysteriously manage to disappear the manna tree there before being eradicated.

5 (6): In the ocean 550 miles or so west of the westernmost wyvern isle. This one is going to fester unmolested for quite a while once they reach the desert. Closest civilization is Gadubadoo, which won’t know they are even out in the desert (way, way northwest) ’til way later, and they will have built a ludicrously sized colony by then. ((update: Aura folk got a heads up and had all eyes in the sky with telescopes — this one got spotted as it fell, so it is known to be out there — Aura folk will let Gadubadoo know.

6 (9): Seagrave Bay (Rylisia), about 25 miles north/northeast of Graypoint. Graypoint demolished, and they set up shop in the Eastheart Mountains. A big fat problem.

7 (11): In the mountains east of GadooBadu, at the peaks, right where all those rivers are tight. The elemental mages make short work of them. Kylyshivé Luré’Llasalla leads the rain of destruction, then will promptly lead the elementalist brigade to bugstomp in Zhandimar, also very successful. Then Kyly will be part of the force that ultimately demolishes the aliens in Llelliava. She’ll earn about 50 dumptruck loads of xp by the time the 3 major anti-alien campaigns she fights in are wrapped up, two of which she essentially was field marshal for. Absurdly high level druid/elementalist = efficient mass murderer.

8 (15): Zhandimar, few miles north of the largest city in the northwest. Gadubadoo saves their asses, but not before the large city and four major towns northernmost of their primary river get destroyed.

9 (16): Few miles southwest of the major city of Zakandria. As if it never even landed……

10 (18): In the sea 600 miles or so due south of Uniharash (Urev). They will head to Drakdanni land due west. The Overlord’s forces are concentrated far away in the center of the land, and are beginning to reel from the plague. By the time the aliens hit landfall they are able to set up shop quite nicely, and the OL now finds himself flanked by the rebellion and the aliens.

11 (18): In the sea around 40 miles southeast of Unihol (Urev). Unihol is destroyed and set up as the hive location before the uber efficient and deadly Urev army demolishes them all. Plague has yet to rape Urev at this time, fortunately for them, but is just about to.

12 (3): Vrakdann, Mindshatter land, south central, in line with where I wrote Vrakdann on the map on the adventure log. PCs, Vrakdann, Selendorr, Celestra, Jaq’Moora will hopefully manage to muster up and take it out.

13 (13): Blingellum, about 30 miles southeast of the city by the lakes. The Empire makes short work of them (bombing them from zeppelins mostly).

The Vrakdanni
Four people and a fairy to conquer a nation.


The lands of Vrakdann are the forests west of Celestra, largely unknown to the civilizations to the east. They are less advanced and more savage than the Drakdanni of the south, and viewed as inferior by the Drakdanni. The Vrakdanni have a long history of occasional attempts at conquering Celestra. None have been ultimately successful, though once long ago the Vrakdanni did manage to slay the Fairy Queen (see: Revenge). It is rare, however, for the Vrakdanni to be united under one banner, and are typically warring among themselves to be a significant threat to Celestra.

Two major rivers run through the Vrakdanni lands, the Westflow (the northern one) and the Twilight Run. The source of the Westflow is the magical Weeping Tree, where Amber “West” lives. The rivers are beyond critical for the agriculture of the Vrakdanni, and indeed much of their population is concentrated near the shores of these two rivers.

The Vrakdanni are organized politically much the same as the Drakdanni. The High Warlord is essentially dictator. His generals are the warlords, but most of the time the various warlords have their own armies much like vassals. All warlord authority supersedes all other local authority positions. Individual communities are ran by chiefs, but there is often a garrison of orc soldiers stationed for both extra defense and to ensure chief and tribe loyalty. The garrisoned soldiers are typically part of the High Warlord’s army. In some clans, priests have a lot of authority, but this is not the case across the board. When a High Warlord brings other High Warlords under his banner, he becomes an Overlord.

The last clan to unite all the Vrakdanni was the Blood Dawn, in 709. They invaded Celestra, but were severely routed in the Twilight Pass by magical bombardment by the prepared combined forces of Celestra and Selendorr, with aid from the Jaqmoori centaurs. The defenders knew the attack was coming well in advance. The high warlord was slain in the Pass, and the clans splintered once again. It was this invasion that the author of the book that Synnvol gave Lezarous caught wind of, and he set out to learn more about it and the Vrakdanni in general.

Currently there are nine clans, adding up to a population of app. 300,000.

The Nine Clans

Blood Dawn: The High Warlord of Blood Dawn, Zordraas, one of the deadliest, fiercest, massive orcs the Vrakdanni have produced in ages, has a mind to unite the clans once again. His warlords and all the soldiers of Blood Dawn are fanatically loyal to him. His army went on the offensive early in 798. They have already conquered a sizable portion of the Kordanni lands by the end of 798. Their territory is by far the largest of the clans, as is their population. The Blood Dawns have grown very resentful of the powerhouse economy of the Axestorms, but the Axestorm capitol is by far the most heavily fortified/defended. Zordraas’ great-great-great-great-grandfather united the Vrakdanni in 709.

Shadowtusk: The Shadowtusk clan is small in number but beyond capable militarily. Xu’Dann and Vey’Ghul are both very popular. Most Shadowtusks draw powers from one or the other. They’re a cunning lot, politically. The High Warlord is the oldest among his peers, the venerable, eccentric Suvuunaas. Suvuunas is a priest of Vey’Ghul, and adept in necromantic Csaversa manipulation as well, a closely guarded treasure that he has passed on only to some of his relatives to help secure their foothold on authority. His immediate family has a small undead army to bolster their ranks if need be. The Shadowtusks are formal allies of Blood Dawn, as it has been so for many, many generations, though the other clans are not fully aware that the alliance is still formally active today. So far the Shadowtusks have been neutral in the offensive against Kordann, which has the other warlords curious as to the status of relationship b/w Blood Dawn and the Shadowtusks. Suvuunaas and Zordraas share ancestors a few generations removed. Suvuunaas is Zordrass’ great-granduncle. The High Warlord’s family tends to favor Vey’Ghul, but Xu’Dannian worship is still quite prominent with the Shadowtusks.

Foereaver: Led by High Warlord Rakduun, who is seriously starting to feel the pressure from his neighbors. Doesn’t trust the Shadowtusks, assumes Blood Dawn has him marked for death, assumes the Axestorms will stay out of the middle, and there has been too much bad blood with the clans Mindshatter and Glory Throne in the past. Further, Rakduun has not been High Warlord long. Foereaver has had some major turnover issues lately in their political structure. It’s the worst clan for having the High Warlord defeated and outed/killed by challengers, happens quite regularly. Rakduun has been in charge for three years. The three years previous to that saw six distinct High Warlords. Rakduun’s closest adviser and confidant, invaluable to his keeping power, is his fierce, cruel, cunning sister Larath.

Traditionally Clan Foereaver is one of the strongest, but lately they are correctly perceived as one of the weakest.

Kordann: After the defeat in 709, the Kordann were the first to split from Blood Dawn. High Warlord Korjux, a fanatical warrior/priest of Xu’Dann, felt that the lack of overall allegiance to the Chaos Lord was to blame for their defeat in the Twilight Pass, and promised a brave new Vrakdanni era in which Xu’Dannians would purge all non-believers and once again fully embrace the Chaos Lord.

Their current leader is High Warlord Korgraaks, a descendent of Korjux. Korgraaks was traveling abroad several years. He spent a lot of time in Salimar and the deserts west of it. In the Fall of 797, returned to his homeland and challenged his older brother (fighter/priest of Xu’Dann) for control of his clan, and won, thus making him high warlord. He had a tenuous hold over his clan, and then the Blood Dawn invaded. Their justification for the invasion was Korgraaks heresy in being a priest of Yashytra, though the invasion was going to happen one way or the other. Korgraaks surprised everyone and lasted out the year against the Blood Dawn, but his clan’s defeat is a foregone conclusion.

Korgraaks can trace his lineage back to a shared relative with Overlord Korgrall.

Mindshatter: Led by High Warlord Igspoz. Formal allies with Glory Throne. Igspoz is the cousin of High Warlord Huudthuul of Glory Throne. Together those two clans are the most devout overall to Xu’Dann. They have flirted with the idea of unification, but both High Warlords are too attached to power to allow it so far. They are worried about the strength of Blood Dawn but have a combined strong mind to conquer Axestorm and Foereaver.

Axestorm: Led by High Warlord Khorr. Known to be a priest, unclear exactly under who. Veteran orc, the second oldest High Warlord of the Vrakdanni. Strict legalist and very conservative of Vrakdanni custom overall. Nevertheless, the Axestorm clan in some respects is progressive, particularly economically and religiously. Under Khorr’s leadership they have greatly expanded their naval abilities and exploration. They conduct a lot of trade with Salimar, and have the most powerful economy of all the Vrakdanni clans. Khorr has implemented a form of mercantilism for his clan that has made his clan very wealthy overall. The Axestorms have become quite wealthy in their trade of goods they acquire abroad and then distribute to the other clans, especially slaves and ore. It is illegal for Axestorms to purchase anything from other Vrakdanni clans with rare metals, instead conducting business exclusively in trade or use of the iron coins quite prevalent in the Vrakdanni economy (purchase power of about a silver piece, whereas silver and gold coins have a purchase power about five times their normal value in other civilizations. Most iron bits are minted by the Axestorms.

Khorr isn’t greedy and maintains low-moderate taxes. He is hands-off as far as trade regulation within Axestorm borders, only enforcing a heavy hand on trade outside their borders.

The Axestorms have temples of Xu’Dann, Qivos, Magdon, Or’Dukall, Goringall, Vey’Ghul, Glimmerdin, D’Khaz, and Ukulla, listed in order of prominence, all in its massive capitol, Stormhearth, located where the Northwater flows into the sea, the very southwestern corner of their territory. The population of the Axestorms is heavily concentrated in that one city. Khorr rules from Fortress Stormshield, the most impressive castle in all of Vrakdann. Technically it’s the only castle in Vrakdann, as most other battlements in the nation are of wood, not stone. Stormhearth is also surrounded by an impressive 30’ stone wall, complete with decent ballistae and shitty catapults. The Axestorm clan possesses the only navy worth mentioning, and while it’s more designed for travel than war, it would still be able to completely shut off the sea of enemy lands in any military campaign. Khorr himself does possess a warship, the only one of its kind in Vrakdann. He is also a cannibal, infamous for feasting on his fallen foes, believing he draws power in this way, a custom some other Axestorms have come to practice as well.

The Axestorms have a lot more civilian types in their ranks than the other clans, and their official military is small but well-trained. They are overconfident in their ability to defend their main city/castle, and have no mind for military aggression these days, being recently smitten instead by economic imperialism of sorts.

Glory Throne: Led by High Warlord Huudthuull. He thinks a serious purging of the unfaithful is long overdue for the Vrakdanni. Blood Dawn’s recent aggression put the kibosh on Glory Throne’s plans with Mindshatter to invade Axestorm’s turf. The clan is on permanent war footing, which is frenetic of late first in preparations of invading Axestorm and now readying against a possible Blood Dawn invasion. Huudthuul despises Kuursk of the Logjammers but their clans’ economies are closely linked, with Glory Throne relying heavily on the Logjammers for iron ore.

Iron Fist: In a constant state of warm/hot war with the Logjammers. Led by High Warlord Ghomrok, a gargantuan mongrel. Iron Fist has merged with the hill giants and ogres of the northern mountains, and there has been a lot of racial assimilation. Iron Fist and the Logjammers have most of the mining concerns of the Vrakdanni. Ghomrok is not known for his brains, but his strength is legendary. They are informally allied with the storm giants.

Logjammer: Led by High Warlord Kuursk, a greedy, conniving, shrewd leader. They invented the game of logjamming, which has also become popular with the Iron Fist as well. They are in a longstanding war of attrition with the Iron Fist. Their overall prosperity is entirely hinged upon the smarts of Kuursk and the war wherewithal of Warlord Graak. They are informally allied with the stone giants.

Basically the militaries of all clans are on alert/standby waiting to see what Blood Dawn does after they wrap up their campaign against the Kordanni.

Beginning 1/2/799, Lezarous, Prism, and an assortment of NPCs started their big task of making Lezarous Overlord of the Vrakdanni. Details can be found on Timeline Parallel 2.

The Death of Braxwor Steelheart III

(Campaign date is held at 11-13-798 at the time of this writing)

The fast rundown is:

Braxwor is dying, and fast. The plague is let loose in the heart of the Fatherland. Braxwor is scrambling to burgeon a slick bureaucracy b/c he frankly knows he’s irreplaceable as head of state. He scrambles to get what he starts informally calling “The Alliance” (the Treaty of Stron signatories) to rapidly unite in offensive war against Necros and Xoll. He completes his will, is going to leave his uncle Ghandron Steelheart as regent-king until 01-01-830, at which time his eldest offspring (of two daughters) Kiki Steelheart takes the throne. If Ghandron should pass before 830, Ghandron’s younger brother Ghantrar is to take the throne, and so on (three more brothers).

Valrin’s story is what made him decide to break tradition and allow Kiki to one day become head of state. He saw the Planeswalker’s arrival as a portent, and determined that times they be a changing, and correctly assumed that his daughter is maybe not as bad of a candidate as he previously thought, knowing full well she is just wickedly progressive as far as Thadans go. He finally put his angst over his struggle over how badly he wanted Gretta, his youngest daughter, to be firstborn and therefore a culturally far more agreeable candidate to the throne. His one regret is not seeing his youngest daughter Gretta come of age. Kiki as his ultimate heir apparent is a deeply unpopular view in The Fatherland, but Braxwor is far, far too respected for his wishes to not be honored, now and forever.

His bold plan is to force his people to war, with or without any help from other countries, against Necros (and by default he correctly assumes Xoll as well). He knows that Necros is reeling from the sudden nuking of Alvordis and in extreme disarray, despite raw undead numbers being, total, astronomical.

He is going to commission Agazar to kill him in Xoll while on a diplomatic mission to meet with Zan, and frame Ratlen Precsley. Braxwor has a mind to die in battle, and use his death to galvanize the Alliance for offensive war.

Ratlen, quite by accident, now controls a major chunk of Alvordis’ army. The Firestorm Demons, led by Alvordis’ 2nd, Zamza Klauss (formerly under Lord Kale) had a role to play.

I’m thinking Brax wants Val in Xoll on 11/20 and that is when he will be killed.

Ratlen is a Ng vampire and his wife Sasha (not a vamp) loves the ever loving piss out of him. Ratlen is a scholar type (only as a hobby, but severely well read and knowledgeable) and grew up in Baloria, lives in Necros, was hanging out in Xoll when Alvordis took Baloran/Kyv. Alvordis summoned him to Kyv to help him machinate with/against the Balorian nobility and other power structures. Sasha, unknown to Ratlen, is actually a badass fighter and wielding The Blade of Charnotria.

While Ratlen and Sasha were en route to Kyv, with it being the next major stop, the nuke dropped on it. The caravan they were with turned their confused asses around and headed back to Fausol. They witnessed (by sound) the demon army and Zamza flying to Kyv at night from the Balorian Peaks. Two nights later, the demons were flying back with Zamza, Alvordis’ lewt safely in tow, when Zamza, for shits and giggles, ordered the attack on the caravan. He didn’t realize he had officially lost control of about half the demons. He didn’t expect to face a real danger in the likes of Sasha Charn.

The battle went poorly for Zamza. He lost his left arm (which forced him to lose his conduit to Flairra, oddly enough) to the sword, and half the demons then turned on him (the demons seriously hate the arrogant prick). Sasha and everyone else w/ the caravan except Ratlen died. Sasha immediately told him to run, and he did being a bit of a coward, not like he really would have changed things had he went all out. He almost assuredly would have died.

Zamza midway through the fight fled w/ word of recall or a contingency teleport or something similar, doesn’t matter, leaving just the demons to duke it out. His controlled demons won the day, leaving 11 alive. One of them picked up Sasha’s sword, the 11 flew off. They were oblivious to the glove the whole time.

Zamza is almost universally reviled by the movers and shakers of Necros, he is beyond despised by Lord Kale. He decided to go to Xoll, and had his demons meet him there, then he volunteered to be Lord Morguestorm’s vassal.

In the wake of the fight, Ratlen crept back to the scene. His beloved wife was a charred husk. He wailed the loss of true love. He noticed the severed arm. He collected himself. He cast a detect magic, and the Glove of Alvordis had a black glow like the Abyss. He took it. (I would note that the glove does not help concerning the demons). He immediately sensed the vast # of undead in the region, app. 3/4 of the army Alvordis brought with him to Baloria (150,000,000 lesser undead, almost all of them in the Balorian Peaks), which is separate from all forces left in Necros and Law. Ratlen just knew that he could make them all his. Vengeance would be his! He left back north for the mountains.

So, the framework is bloody brilliant. How do I execute this to make it a grand adventure / murder mystery for the PCs?

Update: Valrin’s 1 on his luck check in the aftermath of him learning of Pryme is going to dump all this info in his lap. Adventure execution is now in Jaime’s hands, not mine. Pryme wants Kiki Steelheart on the throne, and is, through Freyja, cluing Valrin in on all this key information in hopes that he can help orchestrate Kiki securing the throne.


10/20 Braxwor nukes Necros with three missiles, “Kyv” with one. Exit Alvordis.
11/13: Braxwor requests from Valrin all/any information on Zan.
11/14: Braxwor offers Valrin the official position of Deputy Minister of Information under Izemgar Inkbeard.

Post Eisrik Tower Digital Stuff

Oh dear lord. Solaufein’s communications with Aura and Dawn are flinging a giant pile of poo right up in the blade barrier.

This will be rough.

But just some notes that I need to remember: Annaverra will be periodically checking in with Lezarous. Braxwor needs to soon write his letter to Valrin. Gripe a bit about the ship, hint that he was actually encouraged by C, I to “do something” to knock Necros down a few rungs, will mention that his health is rapidly deteriorating after he channeled so much power from Thadar to sever Necros from Baloria, and will mention the mysterious plague just now breaking out in the heart of Ghan’Thadarunn.

Eisrik Estate Adventure

At the time of the adventure, Zhazran will be in Grindface, Reece will be in Jusanne at the Seat of the Sun.

The Eisrik Estate, situated in the middle of a sneeze over 3 acres, with over half of it being overgrown with woods, is in the southeast area of Jusanne. It has a two story manor home and a 125’ tower opposite it, with the front doors of the manor on its north side, the front doors of the tower on its south side. The two structures are thirty yards apart. The entire lot is separated by a 10’ wooden fence in slight disrepair, with an inner lot surrounded by a 15’ spiked, iron fence. The path that leads from the city street has a large wooden gate barring the way, then winds through the woods up to the inner lot where it meets a gatehouse, with a tether post nearby on the outside. The night-time guard stationed at the gatehouse is Galen Grillsbar, commissioned by Reece. Galen has an old riding horse, which will be tethered outside. I’m greatly assuming they will attempt this adventure at night. Lack of planning, if they happen to attempt at day, just say Galen is covering for the daytime watchman that day.

The top half of the tower is visible to a watchtower on the Jusanne ramparts. The north view of the upper levels of the tower provides a great look into Jusanne.

The tower has 2 unmoving gargoyles (golems) above its entrance on the second floor balcony, situated about 30’ up. They will ambush anyone other than the Eisriks or Sorvus Tyrglen that touches the front doors, which are also fire trapped. Tamra has every single door in the place fire trapped. Triggering a fire trap will cause a 5’ explosion for 1d4+19 dmg (maybe roll several dice to throw them off). The crashing sound of the gargoyle golems trying to squash the intruders will alert Tamra that something is up, and he promptly casts clairvoyance, followed by clairaudience, to see what is afoot.

The foyer has two marble statues: nude human women with two swords. They are marble golems, and will attack either a) as the last people enter the room, or b) as soon as somebody touches the door to the meeting hall.

REMEMBER: all his spellbooks have explosive runes on them. Remember the huge, gorgeous two-month hourglass in the lab. The top level (not shown on the map, just add it in) is a hermetically sealed library with all his ancient books, and the secret corridor is on that level, not the third. Not shown in those is, right before what is marked as the tomb (which is actually a huge treasure chest) is a pressure plate trap that will drop a vat of acid from the ceiling for 10d6 dmg. In the dungeon are two tables not shown, one w/ the bones of a purple worm strewn about it, as well as an archaeologist’s kit. The other table has a skeleton on it — it’s the autopsy table — and also a kit for that purpose. In the tombchamber, Michael Eisrik, Tamra’s son, and Abraham Eisrik, Tamra’s father, are in the tombchamber on top of the tombs ready to attack [post fact note: had them ready by the door instead, and just fyi they were crypt things animated by Tamra, with Michael still wearing some of his old adventuring gear and sporting an insane neg. 11 AC]. There is a trap door south of the column that is just a very deep, 160’ pit with pitons hammered in for hand and foot holds — this drops down into a small cave, which is part of the ancient worm tunnels.


The manor home is dusty, hasn’t been cleaned in months. Most non-furniture items of value are gone already, Reece and Zhazran having already sold most of it. There is nothing of interest in there other than valuable furniture and some odds and ends.



(Note: b/c of the accursed nature of the code here, the + symbols may or may not bork this all to hell. I’m beyond caring atm).

From Tamra Eisrik’s body

Dagger +2
Dagger +1
Bracers of defense AC: 4
Boots, winged
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of protection +3
Scroll of protection from magic
Potion of instant summoning (unique, you drink this, and you can summon into your hand any single item no larger than what a 5’ diameter sphere could contain that is within 120’)

From Michael Eisrik’s body

Tower shield +4, +7 vs. missiles
Military pick of defense +1, + 3 to AC.
Full plate +2 (avg. human male size)
Boots of the north.

Misc. non-potion and non-scrolls

Trident of Submission
Manual of flesh golems
Mancatcher +1 (lulz)
Morning star +1


Wizard scroll: cantrip, infravision, minor creation, fire trap, cone of cold.
Wizard scroll: Mordenkainen’s Mag. Mansion.
Wizard scroll: non-detection.
Wizard scroll: strength, protection from normal missiles, enervation.
Wizard scroll: monster summoning II.
Wizard scroll: sleep.

Priest scroll: silence, 15’ radius, dispel magic, call lightning, wall of fire, word of recall, animate object, earthquake.

Protection scroll: women (all females suffer -4 attack rolls on ‘caster’ for 5d6 rounds) ((lulz)).
Protection scroll: animals.
Protection scroll: possession.
Protection scroll: lycanthropes (all).


Invulnerability x3.
Plant control x2.
Treasure finding.
Blue magic immunity (immunity to any blue magical effect; e.g., like if you happened to be hit by the blue part of a prismatic spray, consumer would be immune to that part of it).
Oil of acid res.
Oil of earth ele. invuln.
Bravery (5d4 rounds of cloak of bravery effect).
Binding (5d4 rounds of the 2nd level wizard spell bind effect).
Oil of disench.
Extra-healing x2.
Philter of stammering & stuttering ((it is actually labeled such)).
Polymorph self.
Oil of slipperiness.
Weapon prowess (+1d4 Weapon Skill score for 5d4 rounds, with all accompanying bonus effects).
Elixir of madness ((labeled as such)).


Impromptu 1-17 and 1-18

(This has been added to the wiki canon here.)

1865 P.A. A windy, rainy night, 5/25. X’D holding a wild Stone pulls P & Lez from the ships and brings them back in time to this point. X’D sending to X’D, double X’D happened. X’D mind rapes Lez & P, P unwillingly. They fall unconscious, X’D’s are gone when they come to.

Much attempts to contact somebody. Dianizia & Dz (P), J’C (L) and Aura (both), Aura scries, and then shows up. Conversation. Lez offers her his memories, she takes him up on it. They ask for Dusk, Aura says no. She casts the quest spell Highway to send them on their happy way to Cavria. Lez reaches out to Cro while traveling on the magical highway, with no response.

P & L follow the highway to just outside of Cavria, hear Ili weeping at her brother’s grave. Just then, Koorig and 4 ghasts attack. He messes up the PCs a bit before L chops him bad and he contingency teleports away, then they mop up the ghasts. They meet Tranthar IV in Cavria and accept his hospitality. P’s com. causes a bit of a ruckus, but nothing L’s eventual pretending to be her man didn’t nip in the bud.

Ili Vorland is 15 years old. Her father, Tranthar Vorland IV (Ng), is the king of nascent Vorland (same flag as West Vorland, white gryphon over dark purple). Her great-grandfather, Tranthar II, established Rylisia as the kingdom of Vorland, migrating from the eastern continent. The capitol is Cavria, named for Tranthar II’s wife, a priestess of Or’Dukall. Tranthar II, III, and IV have spent their lives driving out the monsters of the large island and establishing their kingdom, which currently comprise all the lands east of the Eastheart Mountains (though it’s called the Western Range at that time). Her older brother, Tranthar, Ili’s only brother (she has a younger sister, Celene), recently met his end fighting the treacherous necromancer Gresson Koorig (of Vey’Ghul, formerly of Chrizove). Koorig (11/12 priest / necromancer) used to be the main adviser and right hand of Tranthar IV, but his slide into evil ways (discovery that some oddly “missing” young women from town were kidnapped by Koorig and used as sex slaves) made the king & co. confront him in a battle that left Tranthar V dead. Driven from town, Koorig started building a ghast force via patient graverobbing and sneaky murders, and is plaguing the area, with a mind to slay Tranthar IV and take Rylisia for himself.

Anyway, Koorig (11/12 priest (V’G)/necromancer) regularly scries on Tranthar and his family in his will for revenge. As such, he happened to discover that Ili had snuck out solo from the castle to visit her brother’s grave in the nearby graveyard outside of the town. Koorig teleports himself and however many ghasts he can get (550 lbs, 4 small ghasts) in an attempt to capture Ili.

So. L, P, and Ili get to Cavria the early A.M. of 5/26. They stay all day and that night, and that night is when Celene (younger sister of Ili, age 11) gets kidnapped. P’s sending spell to Celene as she was being hauled out of the city revealed it was shimmering air and she was stuffed in a large sack. Tranthar and his entourage haul off on horses like ineffectual buffoons, and L, P, Ili, the queen, camp out in L’s guest room.

Koorig was waiting for his summoned minion outside of the city, and promptly teleports away with the young princess.

P catches a nasty bug from the water, failed Con check, massively failed saving throw. Dysentery. Ugly.

So, on the second night P & L are guests in Cavria, Celene Vorland is kidnapped by an invisible stalker (summoned by Koorig), and it manages to slip out with the princess. The next day Lez reflecting pool sees her in a cave in the middle of being violated and sacrificed, 20 ghasts, Koorig, and Koorig’s henchman. Lez opens dimensional fold, fierce, ugly battle ensues, leaving P and L the only two standing. P ended up having to fireball everyone except her flying self twice, leading to a full clear of all but the PCs, friend and foe alike, with Lez minus his nifty girdle of many pouches, hooray friendly fire. The humorous bit is that they dropped Koorig to 1 right after he completed the ritual and sacrificed Celene, causing the Death Fog to form and spread, then he withdrew, healed up 1 away from full, only to fail his amazing save vs. death to die from the Death Fog he just brought about. Hilarious. Thus, The Death Coast becomes a thing.

Anyway, the headmaster of Or’Dukall in Cavria, the venerable Gantron, temporarily de-facto leader, offers to bestow Lez and P a boon from his god as reward. But the dysentery P suffers really bogs shit down, delaying the Or’Dukall ritual and the identifying of items.

5/27: Koorig downed.
5/30: P’s dysentery in full swing, she’s bed-ridden.
6/1: Lez reaches out to Aura, who shows up with tonics and a salve to help.
6/20: The stretch of time is what it took to get P up to travel worthy, they identify all the items, P learns some spells, Ili, despite severely wanting to leave w/ the PCs, decides to stay, simply for her mother’s sake, given that she has lost her husband, only son, and youngest daughter (leaving Ili the only child) recently. The ritual of Or’Dukall leaves Lez and P empowered by Or’Dukall, allowing them to prepare 1 or 2 elemental air priest spells a day, with a cap on 6 total spell levels. Also, a sack of small pearls as reward (50 @ 50gp each). Lez trades the dregs the of the items for additional 50 small pearls and 500 gp (minted locally). That night, they say their goodbyes, and Lez lighten loads himself, gets a fly from P, he shadow walks, and off they go across the ocean heading to Llelliava in hopes of finding a civilization worth a damn. They make it a couple of hours, before an older, more powerful Zhazran swoops in w/ a very active Stone and tears them away to the familiar copse in the forest at night. Some serious RP goes down, then the Stone tears them to the familiar swamp beyond overrun with trolls, late afternoon. They blast down quite a # of trolls before flying away to the highlands. Camp, wyverns attack. Serious business battle, P takes a severe plummet to the Earth and suffers compound fracture of her right arm. The trio are victorious, Lez flying finds the nearby wyvern lair, slays the last wyvern, leads the other two there, and Z whisks away. Bad times and bad attitudes hanging out in that cave. Mountain giants x2 run into Lez leaving the cave on the 5th day, they shadowwalk the eff out of there, but not before Lez feels the serious mountain giant blat (So for strictly nanotech tracking, technically session ended 6/25, which means the impromptu double session burned exactly 1 month for Lez and P).

Lezarous Condensed version of events
? is will the loop ever stop

798 AD The year it all began. This all started with a dream in a dungeon that lead to Xyv. Upon meeting Xyv things started quickly. Initially I (Lezarous) with another man were sent to Anthis to take care of a problem with a man and his family. Things happened so fast and chaotic we returned to Oridies to find even more new members to our group. We began by gaining complete control of Oridies for Xyv. By killing the Glendar the lord’s son, the captain of the Guard Voz, and many others. Once done with this we traveled west to conquer a few small villages. Upon completion of the villages we became entangled in the web of Vellime and evil wizard power hungry and in desperate to become immortal. The Karthuin ruins were in there somewhere and all of it’s different aspects. That damn Dog eating my face is definitely a memorable moment. The Collecting of the gems for Vellime were being worked on at the same time as the ruins. We eventually restored the ruins. Somewhere upon the way she (Aura) came into my life. I began to look at things differently but it was already too late I was too deep in the grand scheme of things. We dealt with Vellime in quick and decisive order. Then came the betrayal by Zhazran.
Ending the life of everyone in the group including myself. Only to wake in a strange place with what I would learn to be followers of Dusk all around. I would experience gods doing battle and dying, strange new places, time travel, immortals, ancient grudges acted out before my eyes, and the Chaos stone being responsible for it all.
Since my blade enter Lane’s body on that fateful day it’s seems I am doom to relive the same time frames over and over again. Will it ever end or are trapped in a loop never ending.

Adventure log of Solomon

Long ago: I’m dead.

Day 1 (for me): I’m alive!!

Night 1: I’m dead.

Day 2: I’m alive?

Night 2: I’m dead.

Day 3: I’m alive…

Night 3: …

Day 4: Holy shit…I’M STILL ALIVE!

After several months of training in Lunacy, I’ve grown to love the city. The impending jump to another timeline had made me apprehensive, but it went over well. I quickly acquired clothing and gear, and was happy to soon be afforded a chance to “revisit” Lunacy, though it is the city in the new timeline, and not actually the one I had grown accustomed to. I did get the chance to meet this reality’s version of several of the people I had grown close to during my training, and that afforded me an interesting chance to re-introduce myself to what should have been familiar acquaintances. I would have never thought this would be commonplace, for me. Oseth was pleased with the chance to meet me on this timeline, as he had been informed of my impending arrival, presumably by SoA. It’s not always that one gets a chance to meet someone for the first time, after knowing them for so long.

Annaverra will likely cause trouble for us. She is drawing attention to the situation we were expressly requested to keep low key. The others in the group seem to want to brush it off, but I fear the proper words whispered near the proper ears, and we’ve a situation on our hands. I’d rather avoid it. Despite Aura’s wishes, Lezarous seems intent on doing what he deems necessary. While that is his right, I feel his hubris may be detrimental to our cause. Lady Aura has my trust, and I have faith that she knows what must be done…whether she reveals all the details to me, or not. But I have pledged my loyalty to her, and she has given me no reason to doubt her, so I remain her loyal servant.

While lounging in Orides, we noticed a young woman who had been grievously disfigured, apparently by some sect of abominations that abduct unfortunate citizens, and force them to choose between life, maimed and scarred, or death. Many, apparently, chose death over the alternative presented to them. I only wish that my lady’s grace could have aided them before they chose their fate. Despair can be a powerful thing.

We met the lady, again, beneath the streets of the city, in the sewers. I tracked three sets of prints through the tunnels, two booted normally, one large, and one small, with another set of one booted print, and a clawed foot. When we found the lady, she was accompanied by a disfigured beast which we dispatched. He was responsible for the booted and clawed set of prints, and when we killed him, the lady screamed in dissent. I believe the smaller set of prints to be hers. Perhaps her captors had bent her will to their cause. She could be the agent among them that could walk freely in the city, despite her appearance, with the proper cloaking and anonymous behavior. I’m no stranger to hiding my appearance to those who would judge me by my look, or the color of my skin. We must go and speak with the barkeep at the Indigo Bliss, to discover what was spoken between the two, the night we saw them chatting. It may give us clues to the rest of the mystery. Meanwhile, at least one of the trio is free in the city.

Soon, Lezarous has suggested that we go and cleanse the temple of Aura that once existed in the Karthuin ruins. I look forward to seeing the temple restored. Perhaps it can become my local taste of Lunacy, if luck and lady Aura wills it.

During some downtime, we decided to go to Xoll. Lezarous wanted to return Graysoul to the family that once owned it, and we took advantage of being in the vicinity to study at the library for about a week. It proved advantageous, since I gained some spells I hadn’t previously had, as well as picking up an extra spellbook. I must look into condensing the spells I currently have, in order to save space in my books. Right now, they are simply too wordy, and I feel they can be condensed, to save precious space. I shall devote my free time to doing that, soon.

We searched for, and destroyed a young green dragon, and collected its hoard for our own treasuries. After which, we found 26 hill giants, and have yet to deal with the problem. This may be our next endeavor.

Okay, so it’s been a while since I updated the journal. Recently, we entered into an agreement with Zhazran and Reece Eisrik to cleanse their family estate of an ancestor that had become a lich. The plan was to remove them from the tower, and divvy up the loot according to Lezarous and Zhazran’s plan. Unfortunately, as soon as the combat was done, Lezarous rushed out to confront Reece on his “cowardice” during the battle, and killed him and his manservant, Galen, in the process. Prism helped in the combat. Afterwards, Zhazran and I took the bodies to the temple, and he asked why I would adventure with people of such murderous bent. I reached out to Aura for guidance, and everything blew up. Suddenly, we were all in custody at the church, the Chaos Hound was attacking, and we were spirited away by Jerry Luckspree the halfling Chosen of Tymora. SoA took custody of the gear, and the others, and demanded that Lezarous and Zhazran be exiled, banned from Saradynn and Lunas. As always, I measure my actions against those of my people, and I wonder if chaos follows my race, despite the intentions of the individual. I have long feared this, but I had hoped that the reconstitution of my being would sever any ties that curse might have had upon me. It would appear that this is not the case.

At any rate, it appears that Jerry Luckspree has asked our help in freeing his people from the oppression they suffer, in the lands of Ne’vu. Valrin has already proclaimed that he’ll help, and I plan on assisting him any way that I can. He’s a good Thadan, and a true ally. I hope that I can repay him in kind. Prism, as always, seems disdainful and aloof, with the usual occasional bouts of full blown hatred towards me. She may accompany us, but she has made reference to the fact that she cares not at all for “just causes” and what is right. If she can be bought to do this thing, she may come along with us. It pains me that she harbors such angst for the gods, but is more than willing to accept the healing their faith brings. But Aura and Dawn grant me these healing powers to save lives, and I will not let hers fall aside simply because she disagrees with me. Though I cannot count on such a mindset from her, should I be dependent on her help. Regardless, I will not let that determine my course of action.

Timeline Parallel 2
Once more into the breach...

First, no gods are allowed on Earth. Then, Freyja made it so that no god of any stripe (even demigods) could be on Earth. On 2/13/799, all bets are off as far as the gods are concerned.

Lezarous and Prism Way Back

09/05/798 – Prism and Lezarous arrive in Chasewood. P teleports them near Orides. They get to the Bliss, promptly muster Voz and Annaverra. Lez once again allows Annaverra, over the course of the next several days, to scour his mind with E.S.P.
9/11/798 – Annaverra sticks it to Lezarous morally, shovels much food for thought. Later, Lez uses reflecting pool on the ghost Lord Uthdar, sees that he is indeed, at that moment, in the Karthuin Ruins with Graysoul. Fails to get a read on Velimé. That night, Freyja meets Lez and P and fills them in.
9/12 – P sending to Annaverra, requesting spellbooks and magical weaponry.
9/14 – Annaverra provides long sword +3 & 100 pg. spellbook from Yaro for 10k. Later that day Freyja, Lez, and P pop into Brellcove, fly spell over to Karthuin Ruins. Freyja wrecks some goblins in one of the towers of the keep. Enter keep, face ghost Lord Uthdar wielding Graysoul. Uthdar claws Lez’ face, ages him 40 years. Lez crit immediate deaths his ass in response. As a 63 year old man.
9/15 – Lez reaches out to Dusk. Dusk hooks a poor man up, let’s him pull the reverse of Age Creature from her to wipe out the aging over a four day period.
9/19 – Lez, Prism, Freyja slay Drovozar. In one round. /facedesk Brad’s dice are unleashing hot fury. 2 crits on the dragon. Apparently trying to make up for the embarrassing 0 hp he was able to take off of Gorsha. Prism gets a clue she’s not keen on.
9/20 – Sorting through the hoard. Freyja negotiates a deal with a Luxao mastersmith.
9/21 – Harvesting of the hide/scales by the master’s apprentices.
9/22 – 120 day time frame requested begins.
9/23 – Early A.M. — Lez meets Bale in the park in Orides. Is cryptic with him, tells him Xyv might be able to help him. Bale got annoyed, but definitely curious. Freyja takes Lez to Lunacy late morning. Prism takes care of business that afternoon.
9/24 – Session start. Lez comes back from Lunacy, Kullin arrives in Orides from Vandorn on the borrowed heavy war horse. Titus shows up.
9/25 – Early A.M., Voz and Heath show up at Lez/Kullin’s suite. Voz requests speak w/ dead. Lez shows up at east barracks. Lez tells Voz his interpretation based on original timeline. Ukulla, sewers. Titus tells Jon Kross about his timeline, even the key shit. Jon’s mind is blown. Solomon shows up. Titus and Kullin throw some weight around the temple of K’Khaz. That morning Noth & Co. left to try to investigate/handle The Bellville Bandits.
9/26 – Brief Lunacy visit again, then Freyja parts ways. Annaverra brought Daoma of Yaro and Voz for a meeting w/ the PCs (Solomon, Kullin, Titus, Lezarous, Prism). Annaverra was incredulous at how passive the PCs seemed concerning their fate and in particular C, I. Prism wound up chewing Annaverra out, Annaverra lost her temper and yelled at Prism, mentioning Feyzura. Voz wisely pulled her out of the room, and that was that.
9/27 – Group heads to Karthuin Hills, gets to Brellcove, then Freyja interrupts their trip to go find Flairra, as Freyja’s ship alerted her that the demigoddess was in the area. Freyja and PCs witness Shaldor receiving Flairra in his courtyard. They drop eaves. Jezraellé is the one that does the talking for Flairra. She has a map transferred to Shaldor. “My Fire Queen offers you 250,000 imperial dragons for the Darkenwood, with boundaries on the map before you. Lady Daiyu [gestures] will become Lord of Darken. The Darkenbeasts will swear fealty to Daiyu, who will in turn swear fealty and submit to vassalage to you, great king Shaldor the First, true heir of Athalgard.” Freyja noted her ship reads that Cro is in the area. Shaldor ever so briefly hears some words from his four advisers, before accepting the proposal. He is paid on the spot. Lady Daiyu follows Shaldor’s lead in an oath of fealty. They leave Gainras to work out the details of the vassalage. Flairra & co. fly off rapidly to the Darkenwood, into the thick heart of it. PCs and Freyja are again able to eavesdrop, and learn that Mosaini is to bring the secret stasis child to term. (see Darkenwood entry).
9/28 – PCs delay Karthuin trip and forge into the sewers. After much searching, and noting some blood spots here and there, Solomon finds a secret door, which leads to the hidden passageway into the woods west of the city. Solomon + group follow tracks out to the cave. They engage the serial mutilator Kan’Jurr of Ukulla and slay him, and rescue Shenda Banther, her face also badly mutilated.
9/29 – Speak w/ dead on Kan’Jurr. Confirmed while he was responsible, he didn’t actually murder anyone. K’tulu flattens the park of Orides with his presence. Two witnesses. Solomon and Stavayar. They both heard and saw Ktulu. To everyone else, it’s like the dark god was never there. But most of the trees of the park have mysteriously leveled suddenly in broad daylight. J’C goes to Lunacy. Solo pisses Aziza off. Right after that, Aziza kills Jon Kross right in front of Kullin’s eyes. Kullin sees the wraith-like A Mystery Character. Lez goes to park. Park is where the session will start real date 1/4/2014. Valrin had a long chat with the King. He immediately orchestrates the Treaty of Stron. Immediately in response to Alvordis once again somehow slaying John Law (9/29). Bloodhaven, Strongal, Ghan’Thadarun, Blingellum all sign. Defensive alliance. Attack one, attack them all. To receive it, Bloodhaven gave Blingellum tariff lowering, Bloodhaven receives some land in the Northrock Mountains, name Borov Redfield VII vassal lord of that area. Red Claw HQ. Borov swears fealty to Bloodhaven. Bloodmaul and his united tribes join The Red Claw. Ghan’Thadarun receives a chunk of land in eastern Northrock, including Ironforge. Lord Kale proceeds the mopping up of Law. Braxwor turns up the flow on Earthblood Gate. He channels Thadar. The land mass is severed there. It causes a significant volcanic event and wrecks the four undead demon controlled city states and completely swallows those lands of the former isthmus.
9/30 1 A.M. Shaldor signs Ravakka into the Treaty of Stron. Separately signs a trade agreement with the Drakdann. Synnvol declares Travosk King of North Ravakka, Travosk immediately signs the Treaty of Stron. Signs Treaty of Cooperation w/ Drakdann. 2 A.M. Xadin signs Treaty of Stron. Dwendyn and Sharcella scramble to join, are signatories by noon. All signatories must allow a branch of the Blingellum bank to be built in their capitols, w/ the exception is Orides, which receives Shaldor’s bank obligation. Shaldor appoints Peldor Whiteward Lord of Karthuin, those parts not signed away to Lord Davinorr Mantlerest. By 9/31 evening (same night Titus Wolfwalker is knighted again) town criers are announcing the Treaty of Stron in all of Ravakka, including Orides. Synnvol now has a kingdom independent of Ravakka right next to Orides. Night of 9/30 – Xoll falls to the coup. Carved up just as the section from my novel, see Xoll. Travosk is Lord of the Fith Ward in Xoll and king of North Ravakka. The feyries storm onto the scene in Xoll, and the Nexus of Death surges to reinforce all of Xoll’s territories. Allo takes over most of the imperial legions of Xoll, without a fight. He raised all the general’s pay. Kingscrest named heir of Nayonia, right after he defects with his legion. Jaskins of Baloria steps down, names Alvordis king. Alvordis leaves Kale in Law to oversee his new holdings there and arrives in the capitol of Baloria, renames it Kyv.
9/31 – Estarra Myst brings Xynndarra back. Emperor Narridus’ head is presented to a crowd assembled at the Fane of Blood.
From my recollection key dates were as follows
9/30 Lez spoke with dead on John Law. Threatened by female voice.
9/30 group met Sphinx got ships
Solomon dropped bombs on group in rdy room.
9/31-10/5 training aboard starships.
10/5 L & P are in oridies L’s ship gets stolen. L receives ass ripping from Vorland.
10/7-10/9 Val and Kull get gems cut and armorsmithing stuff taken care of. P calls a meeting with group. Group heads to Shendon to meet this Xyv. Meet Xyv find out he wants to know orders for the orcs.
10/10 we meet with Xyv again give him the info on orcs collect 1000gp
10/13 arrive in Xoll set up meeting with Cyn to return graysoul.
10/14-10/18 spend time in Xoll library each member of group gathering info or spells on their private studies.
10/19 3am finally meet with Cyn after a meal and what started as a friendly conversation that ended very abruptly graysoul is returned L recieves 8k gems.
10/19 sell gems find Kill armor. Return to P’s ship locate green dragon. Commence on destroy dragon mission (mission complete)
Locate 26 Hill giants. Group returns to own ships. End of session.

10/19 – session end. We need to fill in the gaps. I have a lot of work to do. The PCs with ships will be receiving a lot of training. I took 0 notes during the session. Valrin, Kullin, Sol, P, Lez get a scout class ship. From this date forward Ailia Sphynx gets more serious that the PCs are to learn how to properly use their ships. It’s going to take a while to adjust to solo captaining these little starships. C, I orders ship lookdown and Ailia trains everyone who got one of the sixteen given away. Lots of time will be passing.
10/20 Braxwor nukes Necros with three missiles, “Kyv” with one. Exit Alvordis. C, I promptly collects all the scouts’ nukes. Most “responsible” rulers not happy w/ Brax on that one. Many Balorians demolished. Brax is tickled pink. And he still has his ship.
Each PC got one, J’C got one, Steelheart, Luré’Llasalla, Glimmerdin, Inda Graybreeze, Allo, Magdon, Flairra, Iccitha, Queen of Celestra, Xyv. Flairra & Iccitha can’t command the ships personally, they would slowly destroy them by their mere presence. Daiyu gets Flairra’s, Mosaini becomes Lord of Darkenwood. Lysaia gets Iccitha’s.
10/22 – Braxwor announces over the comm that he is not sorry one bit for “bombing” Necros and the face of Alvordis. He will chuckle.
10/25 Inda Graybreeze unleashes his lasers on the trolls of Zolgus. Then he stops as suddenly as he started.
10/26 – Brax and Luré’Llasalla unleash their cannons on the remnants of Alvordis’ expeditionary army that had congregated in the mountains in northern Baloria. Magdon, Lysaia, Daiyu go in standoff with them. Ili Vorland orders everyone new w/ a ship off Earth lest the captains lose their vessels. She spearheads radiation cleanup.

So this leaves 7 days or so for any of you to quickly interact around on the planet before being ordered off it. I don’t recall if some of you still have hulls loaded with ore and shite or not.
After the order to stay the eff off of Earth, the training really takes off. Ailia Sphynx is training the PCs + Xyv.
11/01 – has the first dinner w/ the PCs + Xyv aboard her ship. Lezarous and Prism swept away for their time fun stuff then nearly immediately returned to the exact point in time that they left. Ailia executes the Feyzura trap. Jerry Luckspree meets the group, discusses the ship situation, it’s decided to have C, I collect all the old scout ships but one, Aura’s Kiss, still in PC control. Luckspree learns a bit about Zhazran, recommends the raid on Eisrik Tower, to be followed by Ne’Vu / Kenston assistance.
11/02 – camped out on Aura’s Kiss. All other ships confiscated by C, I. PCs arrive in Jusanne. Lots of shopping, PCs stay at The Setting Sun inn/tavern. Kassimo approaches the group, curious of Solaufein, and has a chat. Later Lezarous pieces together who he is, servant of Velimé.
11/03 – Lez talks w/ Freyja about the situation. Kassimo meets the group again, and they are scried upon. Talk doesn’t last long, Kassimo gets out.
11/04 – Sending to Zhazran. J’C shows up furious about losing the ship, informs Lezarous in a couple of weeks he’ll be calling upon him for a quest.
11/05 – Sending to Zhazran again. He leaves for Jusanne. Reece gives group tour of the Eisrik estate.
11/07 – Early A.M., shadowwalk to speed up Zhazran’s arrival.
11/08 – morning, PCs + the Eisrik brothers discuss plans.
11/09 – Raid on the Eisrik tower. Tamra Eisrik the lich defeated. Reece Eisrik slain by Lezarous, and his hired guard Galen Grillsbar was slain by both Prism and Lezarous. Zhazran, Valrin, Solaufein witnessed the murders. In the wake of the murders of Gabriel “Reece” Eisrik and Galen Grillsbar, while Zhazran and Solaufein travel to the Seat of the Sun, Sol reaches out to Aura and Dawn, sparking a complex chain reaction of events. Zhazran and Sol turn themselves in to the Seat of the Sun, who by divine compulsion were then mustering to go detain everyone at Eisrik Estate. Zhazran and Sol were placed in spartan, unused acolyte quarters within the temple. Aura sends SoA to detain Prism, Valrin, and Lezarous ahead of the Rhithain folk. Prism resisted, albeit futilely. SoA brings group to Seat of the Sun, they are placed in the dungeon, and asked to individually write their version of events, just as Zhazran and Sol did prior. Aura clues Jerry Luckspree and Freyja into what’s crackalackin. Zhazran tried to inform Xu’Dann of the state of things, and then does the same to J’Chyoora’Ukwa. J’C, unwilling to let his Chosen’s fate be determined by the Seat and willing enough to bring battle to Jusanne, shows up via dimensional fold with some elite Drakdann warrior-priests and start laying waste to everything in sight in the courtyard of the temple-fortress. SoA, some Randoths (including Yordan and Landon), and the rest of the Seat of the Sun call to battle and engage in the courtyard.

Luckspree shows off some of the vast tricks up his sleeve and prison-breaks the group while the battle goes down, ending with Freyja showing up with top-end killbots that promptly destroy all invaders including J’C, but not before Yordan Randoth (among many other unmentionables) met his end by J’C. The battle happened at app. midnight moving into 11/10. Jerry’s special magic shrooms are consumed, Alice in Wonderland fu, word of recalls with the tiny adventuring group in his pockets to his special extra-dimensional magic astral traveling space palace orbiting Earth. Some high drama b/w the PCs and Zhazran proceeded, followed by much-needed sleep. That evening Jerry orchestrates a dinner. Valrin, Prism, Lezarous, Solaufein, Aziza, Freyja, Zhazran, Jerry, combo. A very sour SoA returns gear, in addition to much of the magical loot attained from Eisrik Tower, informs Lezarous and Zhazran they are exiled from both Saradynn and Luna. SoA and Freyja combed through Eisrik Tower previously that day and found the hidden lich phylactery, and the estate itself with all accompanying remaining wealth entailed was handed over to the Seat of the Sun, with a small portion of the proceeds to go to the Grillsbar family. It is decided by the PCs + Zhazran that Tamra’s phylactery certainly needs to be destroyed, though Freyja devil-advocated that he may not have have been an “evil” lich in the first place. Aziza initiated an orgy b/w Jerry, Zhazran, Solaufein, Freyja, herself, just after Valrin turned in for the night and as Sol was attempting to do the same. A very disgusted, intoxicated Prism left before the orgy came to any real fruition. Much cumming came to fruition. So that happened.

11/14 – The previous days are hanging out at Luckspree’s. Prism has severely long talks with Zhazran and Freyja. Aziza leaves. Valrin pen pals Braxwor, is getting clued in on really key shit. Lezarous has a mind to walkabout and intends to do so asap. Items are cleansed about 16 hours a day by Zhazran and Sol. Items to be done and divvied by 11/17.

About here is where the FB and OP RP stuff happened ad nausea, followed by the many month hiatus.

11/17 – Lorrgrok reaches out to Lez, noonish. Lez, P, and Zhazran have Jerry take them away from his mansion. Then the trio meet up with Lorr, Vormaak, and Shavakka, the latter getting off to a rocky start with P. Lez picks up Xu’Dann again.
11/18 – early afternoon, they all assemble and meet with Synnvol. Zhazran stays in Xoll working for Synnvol. Rest of group kills Gorn and Horyk Noujin in Kenston in a pre-arranged deal that leaves Lorrgrok and Jakuma in charge, instead of Horyk and Jakuma, which were the last remainders of the Crimson Council there, the others killed or driven off in the post-Drovozar aftershocks. A party is thrown.
11/19 – Lez goes to Orides, then Vandorn. Annaverra arranged a sit-down b/w King Shaldor and Lezarous. Shaldor hates all the muckity muck. Offered Lez a seat on his small council, declined. Lez encouraged him to reach out to Synnvol personally. Zhazran starts working for Synnvol. Lorrgrok purchases The Silver Cherry in Kenston, a large inn/tavern located off of the town square, and makes that his northern HQ.
11/20 – Lez and P shift over to The Silver Cherry. Balen, the retained bouncer, chats it up with Lez and P. L, P, Vormaak, Shavakka dim. fold to Xoll. They arrange a large purchase from Cherry Sally, intoxicants and 3 slaves. P dominates Shavakka. Later, P & Vormaak hang out at The Crystal Palace. She meets Iymy.
11/21 – Xoll hang-out, component and magical item search.
11/22 – Afternoon, head back to Kenston. P and L meet their new slaves gifted to them by Lorrgrok, the Gallagher twins.
11/23 – Big meeting arranged by Lorrgrok. Early in the day, Magdon’s crew arrives. Later, Krovak, his wife, Zumuki, and Balgruusk arrive. Then Iymy, Synnvol arrive with some of his guards, along with Tramus Newcastle. Synnvol absolves Lez of the task of conquering Saradynn and floats some possible rewards if he is successful in uniting/delivering the Vrakdann. Iymy is tasked to help them in this, primarily by taking them to the Jaqmoori. Synnvol gifts Lez an ivory scrollcase with some slick maps of the north and a 70 year old book (also containing a slick map of the Vrakdanni lands) detailing the western savage orcs. After the meeting, group goes to Orides. Lez sets the Gallaghers up in an Orides apartment, paid through the year, and gives them some coin. He tasks them to gather all the info they can on the political scene in Orides. Iymy spends like a holy terror in the Bliss, all 250g Lez paid her for her magical item hunting efforts. Lez and P get clued in to Heath being kidnapped by demons.
11/25 – group (Lez, P, Vormaak, Shavakka, Iymy) returns to Kenston. They fold to Celestra. Iymy leaves to inform the Queen. Group is traveling north along the western border of Celestra.
11/27 – Werewolf attack. Lez avoided contracting lycanthropy with a fate point.
11/28 – early morning, the gnolls are fleeing the wyverns. Lez’ fire elemental sets the forest ablaze.
11/30 – night – orc raiding party.
11/31 – Feast of the Moon. P catches sight of a unicorn.
12/1 – Early in the day they reach Twilight Pass, where 12 hill giants are mucking about. Handled readily enough with P’s firepower making it cakewalk. Later that day, 6 wyverns attack. At night, 9 treants, out for blood for the “invaders” that caused the forest fire, who in turn animate 18 more large trees into treants. What almost assuredly should have been a defeat for the group, as P was mostly spell drained, is turned into a epic fight as Lez managed to summoned a fire efreeti. Circled up blade barrier + circled up wall of fire save the day. 6 treants downed, ten of their beefy animated trees downed before Iymy finally arrives and in distress makes peace. Very hardcore fight. 96k xp off the treant encounter alone, the third random encounter on the day.
12/2 – Rest up, spell up, camped out on the east side of the Twilight Pass. Iymy leaves to notify the Jaqmoori of their impending company.
12/3 – Traveling through the pass to the Jaqmoori, 6 more wyverns downed. That night Iymy returns. Shavakka’s domination by P ends. Session end.
12/4 – wild dogs trail them for a while, nothing comes of it.
12/5 – At night, snowstorm. Synnvol summons Lez. Loans him the Punisher. Lez takes a glance at his potential future house.
12/6 – Iymy returns in the late afternoon.
12/8 – Brown bear. Gets missiled, but it gets away. Vormaak unhappy. Fresh meat, not to be.
12/9 – reach the centaur rendezvous point.
12/10 – 12/13 – Jaqquwa guides them south. Lez starts training Jaqquwa in R/W Zarran after they have a chat about his manual.
12/14 – around 3:00 P.M., they reach the troll lair, crushed them. Sh. & Vor realize what Lez is wielding (Vor fled in terror).
12/15 – They proceed south.
12/16 – 5 wyverns, 4 slain.
12/19 – reach the coast. They proceed to raise hell and keep a bonfire going to attract wyverns at the centaurs’ behest. 5 more wyverns, 4 killed. Then 2 more, 2 killed.
12/20 – 5 trolls, later 3 wyverns.
12/21 – 11 A.M. – Iyxylaava, a young (age cat 3, 22 years old) mist dragon flies overhead, being chased down by wyverns. She nearly is slain, but the group (Lez, Prism, Vormaak, Shavakka, Jaquwwa, Iymy) saves her. She is grateful, promises to come back with a reward. By that evening, she does indeed return. Gives them 400 gp, a rod of rulership (11 charges), and a green spinel (400gp).
12/22 – Group goes back to Kenston @ The Silver Cherry. Infested with orcs. Lez goes to get armor and shield. Happy day. Lez returns to group, gives Vormaak the plate +2, Shavakka the +3 sword as well as 2 masterwork long swords. Session end.
12/23 – Fold back to Twilight Pass, group traveling exclusively by fly spells, going north to Amber’s abode. P teleports to Jusanne for a meeting with Zhazran. He informs her that Synnvol plans on making him Chancellor of Saradynn in the future.
12/24 – More flight north.
12/25 – Vex attacks group, it’s a draw. Lash contacts P and invites her to the 9th Ward in the middle of the fight w/ a sending spell from his brother. Shortly after, P separates from group a ways to try to commune with Feyzura, Vex ambushes her, downs her, word of recalls away with her under heavy missile fire from Iymy. Vex turns P vampiric, tells her she’ll want to know immediately about any contact with gods or Ancients (Dzarkhan’s family specifically), that Feyzura will want them to use the orc army otherwise than just handing it over to Synnvol.
12/26 – Big day in Xoll. Lezarous accepts the manor home from Synnvol as pre-payment on his Vrakdanni efforts. P purchases 2 slaves to feed on. Lez hires an accomplished smith, who will also be training the slaves in his trades. Forge addition construction commissioned. P & L go to the 9th Ward, meetLash, Brishan Lovel, and Aravella. L & P brought Aravella back for a short visit in their manor. Aravella was pleasant and weird as always. Informed them that b/c P was a V’G baby’s momma, he has an interest in her general well being, and that he tapped Aravella to look into it.
12/27 – early morning, Jaqquwa arrested after getting in a bar fight. Lez bailed him out. They go back to the wilds and continue north via flight. Finally arrive at Amber “West”‘s place. Met Furdukai, learn that the Weeping Tree is ill. Lazy Amber taps the group to investigate. The Tree is bringing in angry, hostile huge water elementals. Jaqquwa & Iymy stay with Amber and get high as kites. Rest of them spelunk, kill 3 elementals and 8 large hook horrors. Session ended after hook horror fight, group still in caves.
12/28 – Early A.M.s they run into the G’C expedition including Tuaza. They beat the dog piss out of them. Tuaza got away with the consumption crystal, Yurah and Gladgan got away on foot. They were the only three survivors of the G’C out of the 27. Then group goes back to Xoll. Belos joins Lezarous as henchman. Sundown, P accidentally kills Abdu the weirdo while feeding on him. They meet Kryssivé (Kryssy) Eversong. Iymy and P have a little tiff, Iymy leaves all pissy. Kryssy encounter didn’t go well either. Group heads back to Amber’s.
12/29 – Z and P sort of break it off, as P won’t turn Z. Remaining water elementals finished off @ Amber’s. Iymy talks P into making her a vampire, but goes back on it at the last second. It was just a test. Iymy considers P a very dear friend now.
12/30 – Amber takes group to meet Grumsk.
1/1/799 – Back to Celestran Hills. Change of plans (flying > land travel), back to Xoll.
1/2 – Lez reflecting pooled on the mist dragon a 2nd time, who detected it this time, but he didn’t get a good sense of anything other than that it was still alive (this in light of Synnvol’s offer of 30,000 gp if he could deliver the dragon alive). Lez, P, V, Sh, Belos, Amber, Iymy conquer Glory Throne (Lez defeated Huudthuul in epicly close fight in a challenge for the High Warlord spot). Vormaak shows some promise as Lez’ herald. Gromvorr, younger brother of Huudthuul, who fell victim to the Punisher’s magic, helped Lez out in securing short term obedience/loyalty from Glory Throne. Lez gets word out that laws and properties will remain as before, for now.
1/3 – Xoll again (they’re going back and forth every day via DF). Scout out Mindshatter capitol for DF.
1/4 – in Xoll, meet Kryssy again, who was lurking around on their property. She’s having a hard time being vampiric. Turbak buys another slave for P, the murderer of slaves. Back to Vrakdann — they subjugate Mindshatter (Huudthuul slew Igzpoz, Lezarous bested a warlord), not according to plan but effective. Huudthuul stays to keep Mindshatter under the boot (he requested and was granted First Warlord position by Lezarous in the wake of his ending Igspoz), Iymy and P go to Xoll, Lez scouts out the Foereaver capitol.
1/5 – Just after sunup Lez reaches Foereaver capitol then DF’s back to group. They all go back and challenge Rakduun. They are welcomed as guests. Lez is poisoned. They accuse Larath, who immediately battles Lez. Pretty epic fight, but Larath concedes, and Rakduun submits to Lezarous if he agrees to drop the accusation against his sister. Lez commands them move their army out and goes back to Mindshatter capitol. P and Iymy back in Xoll. Session end.
1/5 – Lorrgrok & co. seek out P, get her to turn the dying Zumuki for 100k gp. New session. Start right when Lez gets back to Mindshatter and Huudthuul, and he learns that the plague has already hit.
1/6 – PCs still split up. Lez is @ Glory Throne capitol, being wrecked by plague. Huudthuul tries to quarantine. They left Vormaak in charge of Mindshatter. Lez ends up back in Xoll and leaves Belos there. Then talks to P, then has a talk with Synnvol. Lez heads to Foereaver capitol, sees that it’s flying Blood Dawn colors. Lez slays a few bitch warlords, regains Foereaver, leaves a nobody soldier in charge, tries to track down the fled Rakduun, fails to find him over the next few days.
1/9 – Dawn, Lez DFs to Mindshatter capitol. Big ol’ battle. No fun. Dregu, Jukraas both killed, respective high warlords that rebelled against Lez. Two additional warlords from both FR and MS slain by Lez. Despite things rather going poorly for Lez as far as fast consolidation of orcs, he’s fast become a living legend among the Vrakdaani in his fighting abilities.
1/10 – still dark, Lez folds to Kenston, doesn’t run into anyone key. Leaves note for Lorrgrok. Lez back to Glory Throne. Gromvorr has GT, Huudthuul goes back to MS, Lez goes to Foereaver. The choad he left in charge has been killed, but they are still loyal to Lez. Rakduun spied on, still heading north along the coast.

1/5: P was paid to turn Zumuki.

1/6: Heads to 9th Ward. Meets Jura the street smart. Seeks out Lash. Finds hims, talks a bit, discovers Kryssy has attached herself to him and is acting like his lover. After, she teleports to Lenrow/The Raining Rainbow. Phaerus not there, learns he is in the capitol. Learns that Zhazran has been appointed Chancellor in the wake of the queen’s death. Returns to Xoll. Flies over to The Crystal Palace. Not much is going on there. Rather dead. Sherlyxia is there. Long, long talk. Learns a lot of metashit.

1/7: Sending to Lez. Talks w/ the grumpy Belos. Goes to Crystal Palace again. Meets Tyden the barkeep. Intelligent, witty, charismatic/friendly/charming, good looking, mid 20s, half black, fairly muscular, human. P gets to know him a bit, spends most of the night (another slow night at the Palace — blamed on the plague) chatting with him.

1/8: Just shy of midnight, Iymy teleports to the manor, frantic and out of breath. Slavers! miniquest goes down.

1/12 – Lez commissions big chest to be made. Identifies gear. Sells gear.
1/13 – Synnvol back in town. He’s distressed and in a brown study, but holding up well (for now). He offers Lez recusation of the Vrakdanni mission, which Lez accepts. Then they promptly assassinate Huudthuul (P, Lez, Belos). Return to Xoll.
1/14 – Lhane shows up around midnight rolling into … Lez reaches out to Annaverra.
1/15 – Mucking about.
1/16 – Inevitably, more mucking. Vex drops in for a visit.
1/17 – Lezarous leaves on his unfantastic voyage (IRL he’s working out of state). P visits Ravenwing in Jusanne. He is beyond aloof and suspicious. Asks her to return tomorrow at a ritzy tavern he likes, in public.
1/18 lez left. Shaldor, Annaverra, Voz, Daoma got clued in via Lez on the invasion.
1/19 – Seth-ra. Deal made for girdle. Lez gained some notoriety as Drovozar slayer in Seth-ra, and became guest of Silvereye clan. Said clan plans w/ Lezarous to roll out to slay the hill giant king.
1/20 – Lez is guest of the Silvereyes.
1/21 – Lez + Seth-ra hardasses leave for giant slaying expedition.
2/1 – Lez + 36 Seth-ra + Red Thadan kill the giant king. 1 thadan died.
2/4 – Seth-ra thadan + Lez in Xoll for identifying. Lez learns from library headmaster a bit about Ratlen’s story + Blade of Charnotria. Lez meets Venla and then Ratlen. Lez folds up in on Daiyu that night, seeking a way to get hands on blade. They wind up fucking. Daiyu conceives.
2/5 – Lez goes to Seth-ra and orders another belt made for Daiyu. That evening Lez gets back home. He runs into Vex right as he arrives at the manor.

1/18 – P returns to chat it up with Ravenwing at length. Then contacts Phaerus via sending, arranges to meet him the next day.
1/19 – P talks to Phaerus at length in Lenrow. Discovers once again he is Lord of Lenrow on this timeline.
1/20 – Shy of midnight, Jyrula, Irene, with an orc escort including Ghorzia, bust in on P. Ghorzia leaves with P saying she’ll soon reach out w/ a sending spell for their chat. Her E.S.P. let her know that Ghorzia knows that she turned the Scion. Jyrula proposes to P to burgle the Ebernus estate.
1/21 – Midnightish, P and Jy case the Ebernus estate. Plans coalesce.
1/22 – Burgling. Went well. Stuff sold. 12k profit a piece. Jy told P of Iymy’s plot.
1/23 – Iymy arrives at Prism’s house, seriously looking like a corpse, bitemarks riddling her body, requesting a heal. She conveys to Prism her plan to be her Whip. Meetup scheduled for the 25th.
1/24 – P meets with Ghorzia for a talk. It goes well. Sending to Muki, then P teleports to Kenston to chat it up with Muki.
1/25 – Entourage meetup at manor.
1/26 – Entourage pt. II w/ drugs.
1/27 – Iymy goes cray cray on Liandras. Zhazran and Ellarie arrive, Z poofs away.
1/28 – P through entourage buys pony & clothes for her daughter. Ellarie gets the upper hand in manipulating P and being her own boss.
1/29 – Early A.M., Kyumi & co. arrive.
1/30 – Ghorzia comes over, spends time with Ellarie. Prism hires her. 75g/month.

Allo unveils the city’s new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It’s distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year’s end, at the city’s expense. Xoll is instituting free kitchens to serve the public. The Fanes will be closed all year due to concerns with the plague. Lady Venla is offering a gold piece for any corpse delivered to them that is fresh, five silver for a mostly whole corpse, a silver piece for partial remains. Testing for the plague is available at all of the churches, at the city’s expense. People found guilty of inciting riot will be tortured for a year then handed over to Venla, and all of their children sold into slavery, and all of their property forfeit to the city. Finally, any newly founded, registered church can ignore property taxes for a decade. It goes on to talk about the recent riots, names the ringleaders and states their sentences, aforementioned. It contains an editorial about the perseverance of humanity, and mentions many other troubled times, such as the Age of Chaos and the collapse of the Zarran Empire, and notes how much good came out of so much bad ultimately. A very inspiring, well-written piece.

1/31 – Party at the Crystal Palace. P and Jevyké do their thing, he offers her something interesting. Liandras has issues with homosexuality @ the party.

1/30 – Allo unveils the city’s new bi-monthly newspaper, Worldwatcher. It’s distributed all over the city. In the first edition it is announced that Xoll will be upgrading the entire city with plumbing and even heated water by year’s end, at the city’s expense. Xoll is instituting free kitchens to serve the public. The Fanes will be closed all year due to concerns with the plague. Lady Venla is offering a gold piece for any corpse delivered to them that is fresh, five silver for a mostly whole corpse, a silver piece for partial remains. Testing for the plague is available at all of the churches, at the city’s expense. People found guilty of inciting riot will be tortured for a year then handed over to Venla, and all of their children sold into slavery, and all of their property forfeit to the city. Finally, any newly founded, registered church can ignore property taxes for a decade.

1/31 – Deadwinter Day, big party at the Crystal Palace. Kyumi will want to let P have her elf and she keeps Wolf. She’ll ask for Iymy for the night (for the River Queen), and Wolf for all of Alturiak, in exchange for buying Alys from Ovwic for P.

2/1 – Alys shows up, now “belonging to Prism.” Belos comes around, looking for Lez — will let P know that he’s interested in trying to train some 9th Warders on the forge, including his own replacement as permanent smith resident. He’d like to build his own apartment on their property. If they allow him to do so, he’ll make sure 4 competent guards are stationed at all times on the property, and let them know that ultimately he will want his own place, and once he’s ready to move on whatever he adds to it can be theirs in lieu of rent payment also.

2/5 – Around noon an invitation to court arrives for P from King Holkan. Vex is there as Lez rolls on home, fresh off a bloody kill and in good spirits. She gives warning that soon their souls will be needed for linking the parallels. Inquires as to what’s up w/ P. Tells her that the gods will be needing her and her time traveling soul for something important. Chats it up with Ellarie. P informs Ghorzia a bit about the whole Vex nonsense.

2/6 – P, Iymy, Irene, Alys port out to Jusanne. They meet with Holen. Holen has P write a letter, an account of the hooplah that resulted in the exile of Lez and Zhaz. Alys really hits it off w/ the king, she and Iymy stay behind to get freaky w/ the king. While malingering in the grand hall, chatting w/ the ambassador from Nayonia, Zhazran (after plowing across the hallway not noticing anything), notices Prism and the ambassador. He sends out the ambassador, then asked Prism her business. When shown the invitation, he tossed it, and left. Irene and P port back to Xoll. Previous, Ghorzia had a little chat w/ Lez, they met finally. P and Lez finally hash it out and catch up a bit.

2/7 – Iymy is waiting on P when she wakes up, has some juicy info about Saradynn. Tells her about Zhazran, Avyrla, and that she thinks Holen loves her. Tells her Justinary is close to rebellion. Seat of the Sun not pleased w/ Holen’s rule, and not pleased that Avyrla has become close to Zhazran, the former exile and perceived puppet of Synnvol.

2/8 – 10. A.M. Phaerus realizes he has the plague. He hauls off by carriage to Jusanne immediately, and pays a buttload to have Ravenwing use a sending spell to Prism: “I need to speak with you immediately. In Jusanne, in carriage at the corner of Sunswept and South East. Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.” It arrives to P @ 1 A.M. on…

2/9. Phaerus has a handful of cloaked soldiers guarding the carriage. He will then try to get P to turn him. P will notice a raven (har har) chilling in a tree nearby as all this goes down. P turns Phaerus. Phaerus feasts on Iymy, in more ways than one. A raven saw it all go down, and P noted the raven before returning to Xoll.

2/10 – Belos comes back to try to talk to Lez. Lez agrees to let Belos bring the extra 12 from the 9th Ward to build a barracks, serve as guards, and work in the forge. The identification is done for Lez — > /helmet. Prior to Belos talk, Lez brings thadan back to Seth-ra, has a meal w/ the Silvereye clan. He confesses his faith to him, which was accepted as well as could be expected, but did create a bit of frostiness. Nevertheless, they gifted Lez a platinum gilded iron, ruby-bejeweled flagon in appreciation for his anti-hill giant efforts.

2/11 – P ports to Lenrow. Long talk w/ Phaerus. They agree to go back to Holen’s court tomorrow.

2/12 – Phaerus, Lez, and P go to Holen’s court in Jusanne. They get in as a grand feast is going down. Phaerus has a chat w/ the king. Avyrla is seen being a bit cold to Zhazran. Randoth gets a message, then has a quick council w/ the king. Afterward, Holen announces war against Justinary, which is officially in open rebellion.

2/13 – Gods are back in business as of 8 A.M. 5 P.M. — Sealed letter from Lysaia arrives for Lezarous. “Daiyu killed Shaldor. She is staying at Fortress Firestorm indefinitely in case of war or assassination attempts.” At 8 P.M. Synnvol will collect P and L and bring them to the Hall of the Gods. Does his ritual. System shocks. Then the Destroyers x 24 roll in w/ the wee one with a greater anti-magic shell and cut loose on the gods. P fills Ghorzia in on the metastory.

2/14 – Lez distributes his map given by, he thinks, Aura, to Daiyu, Synnvol, Silvereyes (Seth-ra).

2/15 - Aliens land. The pink crystal will go off.

2/17 – Necros unleashes hell on the isthmus on a dark and rainy night, unseasonably warm, including Xoll. Necros conquers Narith, Tiavin, Oligoth, N. Neuros, S. Neuros, Counton, Leinerkov, Deverynn, Itha, Jeverdynn, Riccarton, Dockgate, Gathis, Hacertoll, Arles, Koshia, and Tothany. Xoll is invaded, but Venla pulled a Lu Bu, and the invasion fizzled. A few large swaths of Xoll burn, mostly stretches in the 7th and 8th Wards.

2/18 – Lez and P focus on getting spells back.

2/19 – Lez checks in on Seth-ra. Army still out. P checks in w/ Phaerus and Iymy via sending.

2/20 – Lez scries on Silvereye (marching w/ Seth-ra south), scries on Daiyu (sees Jezraelle, Daiyu, Darkenlord, 3 Synnvol orcs conferencing it up). L leaves word to P that he left to join Seth-ra’s army. Then folds on up in Castle Vandorn’s courtyard. Lez then folds to join Seth-ra army.

2/21 – Xoll’s armies return. P learns L’G was possessed by aliens from Lhane, learns which gods are on timeline 2. P clues Lez in. P goes to Crystal Palace. Kyumi not there. Left Kyumi a message, “I would like to speak w/ you. I have some information on the aliens.”

2/22 – Seth-ra reaches aliens. This is the start of the one-night solo session of Prism. Lezarous is marching w/ Seth-ra’s armies to meet the alien force that landed south of the Gravas.

3/1 – P owes her employees…

1/8 – *
1/16 – ****
1/19 – ******
2/13 – * (all bets are off, speaking of the gods)
2/15 – *
2/26- *
****(yashytra)—→(Lezarous: 2 on luck check)

Time is running out………..

See also: Adventure log of Solomon.

Journal of Valrin Hearthstone
Early good campaign

Journal of Valrin Hearthstone

798 A.Z. Date unknown
Ironforge is in dreadful trouble. My king, Craildoth Ironforge, and his council have agreed that we must seek aid from outside our halls. Orcs and foul necromantic creations that dig like demons have begun invading our mines and ambushing our warriors. As our strength declines, that of the orcs seems to grow and they have a powerful leader behind them. They have entrusted me, Valrin Hearthstone, priest and warrior of Thadar to go to the human kingdom of Ravikka and try to convince the reigning king, Shaldar, to aid us. This is no easy task, as Ironforge is more or less located in Stronghal territory, but our pleas towards that kingdom fell on deaf ears though they’ve readily taken our tax monies. Even as I write this, I’m sailing down river with a few of my kin on a barge bound for Van Dorn. I have a scroll and a chest full of gold and gems to present to this human king, in hopes it will sway him to action.

During my travels down the river, we encountered a human by the river who was heading towards Ravikka and seemed to be starving. I invited him onboard, so I could get the news of the land and a feel for what was going on in the nearby human kingdoms. Bradavere is a warrior and was willing to accompany us to Van Dorn, as long as we could provide him with a little food. He keeps to himself and knows more about rafting on a river than any of my Thadan brethren.

Myritul 15th
After a few days on the river, the currents brought us to a town that Bradavere says is Van Dorn, Capitol of Ravikka. After finding an inn that was run by Thadan called the Rotten Apple, I made my way to the castle and began trying to arrange an audience with the king. Eventually, I was led into an anteroom where I met several young men, and an elf that were about to go before the king.

Shortly after they had left, I was called before King Shaldar. Presenting him with the scroll and the chest, he dismissed his court and told me that he would have to consider this before he could act. I told him of our desperate situation and that much delay might find that all of my kin would be dead. He promised to act in haste, and told me that that in a few nights he was holding a small festival. The leaders of the other countries that composed Athelgard proper would be there and he would discuss with them the risks of aiding my race, as well as the possibility of war with the nation of Stronghal, ruled by King Orgden and Queen Peridu.

As I left his royal presence, I felt as though my mission would be a success. While leaving the keep, I was accosted by a man, Trathinas of Cocus, looking for stout warriors to aid his beleagured town of Cocus from orc attacks. Since I was in town and acting as an ambassador for my people, I felt it might be best if I helped him. It seems as if the young men and elf that was waiting in the antechamber will aid him as well. We introduced ourselves: Keniron is a human warrior-priest of D’Khaz, Ezekiel is another fighting man, Niun is a mage and noble, and the elf is Timinon, a woodsman and warrior. I told Trathinas that I might have someone who would be willing to tag along and he welcomed all the help he good get. After bidding them a goodbye till the morrow, I returned to the Rotten Apple and explained what was going on to my kin, lead by Zadreas and Dagar Crackbeard. They’re going to remain in Van Dorn until we can take word to Ironforge. Bradavere seems interested in helping the town of Cocus so he’ll join us.

Myritul 16th
We travelled to Cocus, which is a small town with a wooden wall for defense. There are few guards as it seems they’re suffering from a disease that weakens and disables men. We manned the walls and waited. Around midnight, we noticed a storm approaching and the wind began to pick up. Soon afterwards, we started to hear drums and wild calls; the orcs were upon us! We fought like madmen as the orcs tried to scale our walls and thought the town was finished when a lightning bolt came down from a cloud and blew the gates to smithereens. A few orcs made it through and into the town, but we got our second wind and somehow managed to kill off their leader and the remainder of their force. After a short rest, we ran into town to see what mischief the remaining orcs were about and set upon them before they could get away. The town was saved with only a few of the townfold killed and a small portion of the town burned by the orcs.

We rested the rest of the day (17th) and then headed back to Van Dorn, since the festival is to commence tomorrow.

Myritul 18th
I’ve been invited to sit at the king’s table during the festival, to participate in the conversation dealing with my kin. Using what funds I had available and those that we got off of the orc invaders of Cocus, I was able to purchase a very fine set of clothing to wear to the ball.

That evening I drunk and ate with the lords and ladies of Athelgard. Of particular interest is King Xadin, who is a young man that has ambition to spare and walks with the air of a dangerous man. Later still, King Shaldar, King Xadin and myself held a conversation with the Queen of Saradynn concerning Ironforge’s plight. Shaldar and Xadin both seem to want war with Stronghal and are massing troops and weapons for open war in the spring of next year. The other nations of Athelgard are less optimistic, but are willing to go along with Shaldar and Xadin. Thus, it was decided that if Ironforge would supply Ravikka with a small amount of gold every year, they would secretly send a force of men to garrison our mine and help us drive off the orc invaders. True to his word, Shaldar began making preparations that very evening and by morning of the 20th of Myritul, we would be on our way to Ironforge.

Also at the ball, I met a young woman of beauty who seemed bored with the ball. We got to talking and I found out she was the daughter of the Queen of Saradynn and a paladin of Rhithain. She had a radiant spirit, but seemed unhappy to have to endure time in the atmosphere of a noble festival.

Myritul 20th
All preparations have been made and the men are assembled. I’ve invited my companions from Cocus to join us at Ironforge and they have all accepted my offer. Thus, with my Thadan brethren, we head back to my home. Heath Kenerdon is leading the hundred men-at-arms and his second in command is Norvis Thunderbird. A couple priests of D’Khaz have also come along, by the names of Kelvis and Derru. I just hope we can make it there in time to save my people.

We’re going to follow the river as much as possible and try to skirt any Stronghal towns along the way to keep from alerting them.

Myritul 22nd
River trolls attacked our large force…by the gods how can anything so stupid and ugly survive. Still the creatures did manage to mangle about six of our men-at-arms before they were hacked into bits and thrown upon the fires. That same day, a number of ogres tried to shake down our force but discovered that crossbow bolts are very poor payment when you’re on the receiving end.

Myritul 30th
We’ve arrived at Ironforge and there are still Thadan defending the halls, though decidedly not as many as when I left. After being received by some Thadan on the surface, we were led through the iron gates and defensive structures of the surface into the underground tunnels that are home to me. As we past the Wall of Deeds, a runic history of Ironforge since its founding, I noticed several new runes that indicated that King Craildoth had been killed in a recent battle and that his son Derdoth had succeeded him. Saddened by the loss of our king, who I new personally, we went to the throne room and I presented my companions and Heath Kenerdon to the king of Ironforge. After the introductions and telling my tale to the king, he met privately with Heath and they settled whatever business was necessary establishing our debt to Ravikka. We rested and got the men in some barracks.

In a few short days time, King Derdoth and his advisors decided to use the men that had garrisoned with us to launch a surprise strike at the heart of the Orc problem. One of our sentries has recently saw the leader of the orcs, a foul half-orc necromancer priest, in the lower halls and through stealth was able to find out where he was encamped. We decided on a three prong attack: One frontal assault, a flank assault through an adjoining tunnel, and an assassination team to travel through secret tunnels and attack the leaders encampment. These attacks would have to occur simultaneously for our plan to work. After pleading with the King, I was granted the honor of leading the assassin team composed of the two Crackbeard brothers, 5 Thadan warriors, 2 Thadan tunnel-scouts, Adree, Keniron, Bradavere, Timinon and Khodon, a fellow priest of Thadar and second to the high priest.

Thadar was with us that day as we entered the secret passage and made our way down the tunnels. Just as we approached the position, the other forces made their attacks distracting the orc leader’s guards. We fell upon the outer portion of his encampment and began battling towards the center, where the leader was casting foul spells upon us. Brave Timinon was affected by a spell and ran off in fear of the orc. It was a tough battle and every second we felt as though we could all die. Eventually, we managed to hack through his minions and before he could turn and run, I cut him down with my axe. After that, the battle turned into a rout and many orcs were killed or taken prisoner as we sent them running back to the hellpits that spawned them. A great celebration was held after the battle and our deeds were added to the Wall of Deeds. King Derdoth rewarded everyone on the assassination team with an Ironforge ruby each: Mined, cut and polished in Ironforge itself by our master miners and craftsmen.

After the battle, I spent the next few days visiting with family, friends and receiving instructions from the higher ranking priests of Thadar. I found out that Heath Kenerdon was returning to Ravikka and leaving Norvis Thunderbird to run the garrison of men remaining at Ironforge. My companions were also returning to Ravikka. I supposed that I would not journey with them, since my place is Ironforge, but King Derdoth summoned me to his chambers with the highest ranking priest of my order. There we discussed the need to have a set of Thadan eyes and ears in the lands of Ravikka, since everyone could feel that war was coming soon. I volunteered to go to Ravikka and act again as an ambassador for my people, serving the interests of King Shaldar while in Ravikka. I was given knowledge of a special spell that would allow me to communicate with Ironforge once every 10 days, though only up to 10 words might pass. Bidding my family and clan goodbye, I left Ironforge hoping that through our efforts we had secured peace for my home in the near future.

Date unknown Our travels back to Van Dorn were relatively uneventful, besides for a few wandering creatures that got taught a hard lesson from our combined might.

After reaching Van Dorn, I spoke again with King Shaldar and he told me that he’d find me some use for my services while in his kingdom, for which I was glad since Thadan hate to be idle. A few days of sitting at the Rotten Apple and I received a letter to head to Orides and aid Lord Drannis Whiteward however he wished. My companions happened to be heading to Orides, so we took off to the city. Ken filled my ear with tales of his home and the fine inn known as the Indigo Bliss.

Unfortunately, our travels were not so pleasant as before. Coming to a crossroads, Timinon and Ezekial saw a faint bit of smoke ahead and surmised that bandits had attacked. They ran off leaving me and the others trailing behind, but their courage did not avail them as they were set upon by a bunch of orc warriors. Brave Timinon died in the battle, but we avenged his death by slaying all of the orcs. We buried the elf under a large oak tree at the crossroads a little north of the town of Riverside. After finishing with last rites and saying our goodbyes, we headed on to Orides.

Orides is a trading town well situated on both the North Sea and the Northrock River. Several roads of good engineering quality lead from the town making it a likely place for merchants to frequent. Approximately 10,000 men live in this city, which recently has seemed to have a troubled past. Most of the men in the north are large, but the men of Ravikka border on being called trees. They seem hard working and unafraid of challenges.

Date unknown After settling in at the Indigo Bliss, I went to the administration building and reported to Lord Whiteward, offering him a letter from King Shaldar explaining the situation. It seems the Lord Whiteward wants me to translate a tome that he has in his possession, evidently a sort of diary or journal from one of my kind who helped build a series of secret passageways and catacombs underneath the city. Supplied with a scribe to turn my translation into the common tongue (which I don’t know how to write), I immediately began work on the effort. I estimate it will take at least a couple of weeks to make the translation.

Date unknown While staying at the Bliss this morning, a large northman suddenly went crazy and attacked us. We noticed he was foaming at the mouth, and though we tried to disarm him, we had to eventually put him down to keep him from injuring someone else.

A little investigation into the situation revealed that he had friends who didn’t take kindly to our killing him, though in self defense. Seems there is an illegal drug being sold heavily in Orides called “snow” that can take someone into a berserk, murderous, rage if too much is imbibed.

Date unknown I’m about halfway finished with the journal and I’ve been making quite a few mental notes as I translate, just in case I might have use for this information in the future. Lord Drannis swore me to secrecy concerning the passages, and I’ll keep my word to him.

Our party met several interesting fellows today: Cade wears grey-robes and is tall and bald, Kamer is a big man even for northmen, with blond hair and a well-used longsword, while Durvall is a smaller man with black, oily hair and a pencil mustache armed with twin scimitars. We met them in the Bliss and Cade seems interested in our abilities; though we’re not sure for what Cade stands. My companion Niun has returned to Van Dorn as has Ezekial to spend more time with his noble family.

Date unknown We met a young man, Larrion, with a two-handed sword today, who’s looking for adventure at the bottom of a bottle. Though his behavior sickens Keniron, I like his spunk when he’s not completely intoxicated and have allowed him to join if he wants. It seems there are several sides interested in gaining our services and we don’t know who the Lord supports or not. Some seem connected with the drug trade, which makes me loathe to join with them. Though we don’t trust him, we’ve decided to aid Cade in taking out a smuggling ring near the docks. Our battle plan was flawless, but luck was not with us and several of our party almost perished. My companion, Bradavere, fell in the battle never to rise again. The last thing I remember as I fell unconscious was a crazed farmboy yelling at the top of his lungs and getting the better of the few men left standing.

I came out of unconsciousness to find us victorious as several of the town guards were aiding us to our feet. It seems the farmboy, John William, had saved us but was under arrest since it appeared that he had murdered almost everyone in the room. I vouched for the lad, saying that without his aid, I would have surely perished.

John William met with us and decided to keep company with us. Evidently, the smugglers had killed his father and what we had seen was desperate revenge on his part.

Date unknown The translation is completed. Lord Drannis has told me that his brother, Peldor Whiteward, is leading a company of men down to Brell Cove as an orc army rising in the Karthuin hills is threatening that town. I told him he could count on our group to go, since I’ve never turned down the opportunity to kill an orc.

The next day we were travelling south towards Brell Cove when Peldor received a message at Notchrock from the Lord of Foss looking for help with a series of undead attacks. Peldor told us to go to Foss and take care of the undead, while he and his men advanced to Brell Cove.

Travelling the small dirt roads leading to Foss through the bustling mecha that is Dundoth, I see what they mean about rural farming villages. The one noble in these towns is the only one with a proper house. After reaching Foss, we spoke with the Lord of the village, who treated us as beggars instead of his town’s saviours. We left with a foul taste in our mouths from dealing with such a stuck-up, incompetent natterling, but went about our business anyway. It seems that zombies or some such evil has been attacking farm families outside of town. We went to one such farm and holed up for the night, hoping to draw the undead to us. We had no luck that night, so in the morning we began looking for tracks . Sure enough, we located a trail that led off into the dark forest.

Following along, we found ourselves first ambushed by forest trolls and then by living corpses with hatred in there yellowed eyes. Continuing along the path, we came to a mansion built in the woods, though it was slightly in disrepair. Before we got two steps in the front door, we were attacked by a horde of undead being led by a grinning, female corpse that spoke in eerie tones as it cast necromantic magicks at us. We battled inside and outside the mansion until most of my companions were unconscious or dead. Drawing on Thadar’s might, I made myself invisible to the undead creatures and attacked their foul leader, who I cut down. In spite, the rest of the undead turned on me and I knew that it was likely my time. As I began uttering my families funerary chant, a peculiar creature must have heard my roaring words, as in walked a woman that seemed to be made completely of ice. With her help, I was able to put the undead back to rest and aid my companions. Her name is Quillothra and she doesn’t know where she came from, but she wants to return to the North where ice is always present. We owe her a debt of honor and I swore then and there that I would take her to the North.

We spent the next few days looting the mansion and loading up our wagon. Seems this was the place of Blake and Helen Ramsey, both dabblers in the magical arts. According to a journal we found, Helen had begun messing with the Black Arts and fell in love with Vey’Ghul. As madness consumed her, she killed her husband and child and began animating all manner of creatures to serve her. It seems at some point, she died but such was Vey’Ghul’s power that she rose as some lord of zombies. Our wagon was quite full of loot, including several grimoires of necromantic affiliation such as “Revelations of the Prince of Twilight.” Keniron read several pages of the black book to me, but that was all that I could stomach of such filth.

Date unknown Headed back to Brell Cove with our wagon of loot. Seems the orcs have formed an army and something seems to be drawing them to the Karthuin Hills like a magnet. At Brell Cove, we met the mayor, Renae Stalgo, grand-daughter in-law of Brell Stalgo, the famous gladiator who founded Brell Cove and defeated the ancient green dragon in the hills. We were told that Brell and a companion returned after killing the dragon, gathered several mule teams and wagons and headed back into the hills but were never heard from again. Quillothra wants us to take her north right now, but Ken and I explained that our duty required us to report to Peldor and aid him right now. She convinced Larrion and the farmboy to take her North by themselves, so our party split up and headed down different paths.

Other notable people in Brell Cove: Deref Forason is woodsman and priest of Csaea who roams the Karthuin hills, Dort McCullan is the elder of clan McCullan, Wessen is the local priest of D’Khaz, and Ellith is a bandanna-wearing elf warrior of local fame.

As we sat in the inn waiting to be off, I met a strange Thadan named Chagg. He doesn’t seem very intelligent, but he can whittle a fine toothpick. He caries a huge two-handed mace and wears a suit of beat up chain mail. Not much of a conversationalist, though.

Peldor and men have been through Brell Cove and made their headquarters at Cedar Point. We pushed on after meeting the above personages and reached Cedar Point.

Date unknown Peldor wants us to lead a raiding party on an orc encampment nearby. He’s hoping that our attack will make the orcs think about defense, which would help to limit their numbers. Our attack was successful and we surprised the camp and killed all of the orc warriors present. As we returned towards Cedar Point, we heard yelling from a mile away and horns signifying battle from the town. We ran that last mile as fast as we could to find the gates of Cedar Point demolished by several giants and the guards fighting like mad to be able to retreat from the lost cause. We attacked the rear of the orc, ogre and giant force making a hole for the rest of the men-at-arms to squeeze through. Keniron single-handedly cut one giant down with a vicious blow that nearly split the creature in twain. After this display of swordsmanship, the orcs gave us space and soon we were acting as rearguard as our force retreated back to Thur with 40 of 250 men.

Eleasias 20th Peldor has found a half-orc named Krasz who wants to aid us. Krasz was raised by the halflings at Lakewood. He says he’s feeling an irresistible pull on his body and mind; like he’s being drawn to a source of power. I recommended we let him lead us to the power and destroy it.

We travelled back to Brell Cove to resupply and get to the other side of the river. Several of the menfolk of Brell Cove are coming along on this adventure including Deref, Ellith, Chagg, and a couple of the McCullan clan men.

Followed Deref & Krasz into the Karthuin Hills to a gorge south of the Karthuin Ruins. From our position above the gorge, we could see several cave entrances below us. Down we went into the cavernous tunnels, sloping passages, and confusing array of choices to follow. Luckily, Krasz led us with certainty and eventually we came to a passage that had seen lots of travel, where we slew some trolls, before continuing on deeper into the earth.

Eleasias 21st A little farther we entered a small room in which Krasz started holding his head and declaring that “It was very close.” A little further along the single passage, we entered a cavernous chamber with a crystalline obelisk standing vertical from the floor, pulsing with a pale red light. Three powerful orcs were about the obelisk and they turned on us to defend this crystal of Xu’Dann. One was the same as we had battled before in Cedar Point, being under the affects of a Mirror Image and Blur effect. Another had spider eyes and the ability to throw webs, and the last had priestly magicks that he used to hold some of our party. It was a brutal fight, in which some of the men from Brell Cove perished as well as Krasz, but we eventually overcame the evil trio.

After trying to destroy the crystal obelisk with mortal weapons and failing to scratch its surface, we surmised that we needed help. Deref told us of a mage nearby these parts that might help. Deref took off to get Geiger, the mage. After several hours of waiting, Deref and Geiger, who is a legless man that seems to float about, entered the barricaded chamber. Geiger used mighty spells to remove its magical protections and we used a variety of mining and stonemasonry techniques to topple and destroy the crystal. In exchange for his services, Ken and I agreed to owe him a future favor…though I dislike owing anyone favors, particularly wizards.

Eleasias 22st After marching most of the night, we returned to Thur and relayed our success to Peldor. Peldor told us the orcs in Cedar Point are in-fighting and that instability natural to orcs seems to be back in affect now that the crystal obelisk has been destroyed. Peldor is going to hold at Thur for a while and has released us to our other obligations, which means we’ll try to catch up with Larrion and Quillothra after we finish whatever mischief Geiger has for us.

Deref and the others returned with us to Brell Cove where we buried those who fought valiantly but perished. Deref led us to a small cottage in a secluded part of the woods where Geiger makes his home. Ken was wearing a dragonseye medallion that we had recovered from one of the orc leaders. It must have caught Geiger’s eye, because he offered to free us from the favor we owe him in exchange for the medallion. We bargained a little and he agreed to identify several of our magical items, also. We left some items with him and started off to Lakewood so we could tell the halflings of Krasz brave sacrifice to save Thur and possibly Brell Cove.

Eleasias 23rd As we were heading to Lakewood, we met a young fellow named Gabriel Twomoons. It seems that Gabriel and Ken are past acquaintances from Orides. He’s heading to Goldfork to return some horses and invited us along. Since we had no immediate need to go to Lakewood, we headed back to the Bent Shoe in Brell Cove and had lunch on our way to Goldfork. Ellith, the bandanna wearing elf warrior, came in during lunch and we learned he is the owner of the Brell Cove stablery.

After lunch, we headed to the stables to see if we could find some horses to ride. During the time, Gabriel told us of the increasing problem with the drug known as “snow.” He and a companion were attacked by two drug-users in Goldfork. Gabriel barely survived that encounter and only by good fortune. It seems the drug problem has spread beyond Orides.

Leaving Brell Cove’s gates a few miles behind, we saw an armed group of men-at-arms approaching carrying a banner with an armored gauntlet and a longsword behind the gauntlet. Ken recognized the heraldry and told me it was the battle banner of the Kenden family, a noble family in the service of Ravikka. Sir Darinius, a knight of Ravikka and priest of D’Khaz, and his son, Darikar, (as we came to find out) led the company.

As they began to near our position on the road, a dark cloud appeared on the horizon, rapidly moving in our direction. In moments, we could tell it wasn’t a cloud but a formation of small (5’ long), black, dragon-like creatures which flew over our heads and back towards Brell Cove. We doubled back hurriedly to Brell Cove, where the guards were quite freaked out though they hadn’t saw anything matching the little dragons description. As we got near the inn and began conversing with Sir Darinius about what we had saw, the wizard Geiger bustled by screaming that the things were coming back.

Almost instantly, the sky darkened and a swarm of the miniature flying dragons attacked us. We retreated into the inn to keep their numbers from overpowering us. As the inn erupted into a whirling melee and a cacaphony of weapons, screeches and wing buffets, Geiger unleashed spell after spell at the creatures. Finally, we killed them off and drove the others away after barricading the windows and doorways. Geiger told us that the creatures are after him and he thinks it’s because he aided us by destroying Xu’Dann’s obelisk of power in the Karthuin Hills. He told us the creatures are definitely the handiwork of a high priest of Xu’Dann. Ken and I told him we would stand by him since we had brought this wrath upon him. Darinius and son agreed that they would see this threat gone as well since their mission of bringing reinforcements to Brell Cove was complete.

We headed to Orides that afternoon for new orders, travelling with Geiger. Geiger is a bit disturbing since he has no legs, but just sort of floats wherever he wants, but I guess wizards are all strange in their own ways.

Evidently we were walking straight towards the priest of Xu’Dann because after a few miles we came upon a group of ogres, giants, mini-dragons and their half-orc leader. A mighty battle commenced with Geiger flying off a bit being pursued by the dragon creatures, where we could see him repeatedly fireballing the area around him as he was protected from fire. Meanwhile, we were dealing with the giants and ogres, while the half-orc, dressed in black field plate, began casting magicks of a foul nature. Young Darikar was affected by one of the priests spells that caused him to be paralyzed and he toppled to the ground, only to watch his father be cut down by the half-orc’s blade. The fight was definitely going against us with most of our group unconscious or dead, when I finished with the last giant and stepped up to face the priest of Xu’Dann. We parried and circled, though he was a bit better warrior than myself. Geiger struck him with some magical missles, allowing me enough time to execute a spinning maneuver that got through his defenses and landed my axe deep in his side. Looking as though he couldn’t believe the battle was over, the half-orc tumbled to the ground, blood flowing freely from the fatal wound. To make sure, I stepped over and decapitated the beast with a single stroke. What remained of his party of ogres and giants fled after seeing their leader dead. I began checking the rest of my companions and found that they still lived, with the exception of Sir Darinius. Geiger flew back nearby and told us he believed the threat to his life was now over. He told us that our bargain still held and promptly teleported to his home.

Upon searching the bodies of the evil priest’s forces, we found an unconscious Larrion and Quillothra bound in one of the giant’s bag. Laughing at their predicament, we freed the pair and asked where their companion John William was, but was told that he had ran off when the giants attacked them. Almost without skipping a beat, Quillothra demanded we settle our debt of honor to her by taking her to her home in the north. We found quite a bit of loot from the evil creatures, particularly the magical field plate and sword that the half-orc had been wearing.

After cleaning up in the nearby river, we continued to Goldfork. Darikar asked that he could continue with us to Orides to receive new orders and sent his father via ship to Van Dorn to receive burial at his families estates. We stayed the night at the small inn at Goldfork, though I’m sure Darikar got no sleep after his recent loss.

Eleasias 24th Around noon, we arrived at Orides and reported our news to Lord Drannis Whiteward. After retelling the story of our recent battles and adventures, he explained that there is a pirate problem cutting off the sea trade to Orides and the Belleville Bandits are cutting off the trade route to Anthus in the east. Also, the city cemetary was recently animated and undead were running rampant. A vampire and necromancer were seen in the cemetary as the undead began appearing. And to top it all off, the drug problem is growing rapidly. By the gods, Orides certainly has its fair share of problems, but it’s good to be back to enjoy the comforts of the Indigo Bliss.

After washing off the road dirt and enjoying a tankard of brew and a smoke, I headed out about town. I wandered into a jewelers shop, run by Pete. He told me business was bad and he was thinking of moving to Van Dorn to live. He’s willing to take a few of the precious stones and gems that we found recently and try to sell them for us on commission. He told us that I was lucky to have stopped into his shop, since he considers his rival, Torinson, a crook. When I inquired why he thought poorly of his competition, he explained that Torinson’s business hasn’t been hurt nearly as bad by the pirate and bandit activity. Pete thinks that Torinson may be a fence for the bandits or pirates. Probably just professional rivalry, but I’ll keep an eye out, nontheless.

Lord Whiteward told Darikar to stick with us. It looks like a new companion has joined the party has joined our merry band, and an old companion has been refound. We began inquiries into a ship to take us north and generally just enjoyed some down time while Lord Drannis figured out what we needed to tackle next.

Eleasias 26th That evening I was enjoying a nice draught of Thadan ale and a fine cigar at the Bliss when Durvall came into the inn and spoke with the night bartender. Shortly thereafter, Jazz, the gnome manager of the Indigo Bliss and business tycoon, came by my table and told me Durvall was asking questions about my business. I thanked Jazz for the information and we spoke about various things in a friendly manner for a time.

Much later in the night (and quite a few pints too…as I remember), Cade and Kamer showed up at the Bliss. They spotted me (likely downing another tankard or blowing smoke rings) and headed to the third floor of the Bliss, which is where the sleeping rooms begin. Around midnight, I called it an evening and went to bed with a slightly spinning head. Nothing occurred that evening…though it wouldn’t have mattered much if it did since I’m sure I could have slept soundly through just about anything.

Eleasias 27th Got up with a hill giant-size hangover, but went to train with the D’Khaz priests just to show them that Thadan can endure anything, whether it be combat or liquor. At the temple, we heard news from the acolytes and headmaster that Lord Sinvall of Anthus had come to Orides to speak with Lord Whiteward concerning the Belleville Bandits destruction. After we were cooling off from our training, Cade and Kamer showed up. We talked with Cade and he told us that he is working for Drannis. He told us that the priest who raised the undead in the graveyard is actually a follower of Xu’Dann who has managed to acquire a powerful ring, an artifact holy to Vey’Ghul, the bonelord. Supposedly the ring has the ability to control vampires and lesser undead. To try to take out this powerful evil, he wants us to take a letter from Lord Whiteward to a Selena of Highhedge, a reputed follower of Vey’Ghul. Cade thinks that her knowledge of the artifact and abilities may allow us to overcome the priest of Xu’Dan. We told him we could leave within the hour.

I spent the better part of the hour running from armorer shop to shop looking for a Thadan-size suit of chain mail. Luckily, I found a suit that would fit without too much discomfort. Then, I stopped by Pete’s fine jewelry and converted some of my coin into jewelry and gems for easier travel. I also commisioned Pete to make me a platinum septum ring with my Ironforge ruby inset and an inscription in Thadan runes for the words faith, family, and forge. Pete does good work, for a human, but I wish I could get one of the old jewelers at Ironforge to make it.

While out and about hunting for some armor, I could have swore that I saw V’Naius exiting an armor shop up the street. He was fully cloaked and hopped off the porch when he saw me. I hurried up to try and catch up, but he had already disappeared around the corner and down an alley. I thought he was dead…how strange.

Meeting back at the Bliss, Cade came by and gave us two scrolls: One to Selena and one to me from Drannis. My scroll said little except that he thought this mission prudent and approved of me trying to find Selena. We spoke briefly with Jazz about storing some items at the Bliss, which he agreed to since we were serving the Lord of the town. We left my damaged scale armor and a set of magical half-plate armor at the Bliss. After buying a few cigars for the road, we headed out of town.

By the early evening, we had made it to One Tree where we found a tavern full of the local peasantry. Ken, Darikar and the rest were tired and headed off to bed, but I decided to regale the locals with a few of my best stories. Soon, they were hanging on my every word and we made so much of a ruckus that Ken and Darikar went off to find another inn for some peace and quiet. Those boys need to learn a little endurance, but it gave me a good chuckle. The people here seem goodly and hard working, at least the lower classes.

Eleasias 28th Travelled the day and reached Hedgehope in the afternoon. Guards challenged our party at the gates and told us to talk to Jason Tillmore at the Hedgehope Inn after we mentioned our business. They seemed to choke up and became much less talkative when we mentioned Seleva…was it fear on their faces?

Jason Tillmore is the town leader and described Seleva as a witch and blight upon Hedgehope. He seems to harbor deep resentment towards her, though she seems to just want her privacy. He was a little upset that the Lord didn’t send us here to kill her and was surprised to hear that the Lord of Orides might traffick with a witch. After telling him of the undead at Orides and how Seleva might be the only one who can help, we were able to convince him to aid us. Jason agreed to send his nephew, Jarod, with us to guide us to her tower.

A little later in the evening, Jarod took us upstairs where he told us that two women (one dressed in chain mail and sword, and the other dressed in black robes) had headed to Seleva’s tower recently to visit and haven’t came back through Hedgehope since.

Eleasias 29th Early in the morning (hell, it was still dark) we headed to Seleva’s tower. After knocking, we were greeted by the two women: Aravela (the warrior) and Sinn (a necromancer/priest of Vey’Ghul). It seems they are the daughters of Seleva and have taken over the tower as their birthright. Aravela considers herself a patriot of Ravikka and agreed to aid us by returning to Orides with her half-sister. Sinn seemed to be more interested in the our skulls than the conversation, until we mentioned a vampire was in Orides. This is dark business allying ourselves with such creatures of the dark. I loathe every moment in their company though they are both quite beautiful by human standards.

As we began travelling back to Orides, Aravela informed us that the ring in the possesion of the priest of Xu’Dann was a powerful artifact known as the Ring of Necromancy, which was made by their great grandmother. They feel that it shoul be returned to their family…or at least a follower of Vey’Ghul. I definitely don’t like the idea of that ring being anywhere except in a lead coffer buried under a few tons of rock.

By pushing our horses, we were able to return to Orides late in the evening. We left word at the administrative building about the success of our mission and headed off to the Bliss to clean up. There are quite a few new wanted posters hanging up now…mostly for Logran the pirate and Thadreus, the Belleville Bandit.

While having a drink at the Bliss, a young man named Tavvis came by our table inquiring if we had some magical items that protected one from fire that he might be able to purchase. He told us that Thadreus is rumored to have a flaming sword that can shoot balls of flame and he intends to take him out. We told him that we didn’t have such items and he went off to other tables.

Later, Ken came into the Bliss with a pale complexion. Seems he had saw the vampire in an alley speaking with a robed figure. Cade, Kamer and a tall woman who introduced herself as Bellva, a wizard by her looks. They had met with Aravela and Sinn and seemed pleased in the half-sisters abilities.

Eleasias 30th We got up and went to the temple to train. Afterwards, I went by the wizard’s tower and left a few items with his half-orc butler so we could find out what they do, getting a scroll in receipt from the shifty-eyed minion. Spent some time at Zeke’s armor shop, who I had paid to allow me the use of his forge and supplies to repair Ken’s armor while he sized my chain. Cade showed up at the Bliss in the evening and told us that the raid on the priest of Xu’Dann would probably occur sometime in the next few nights time.

Eliant 1st That morning we trained at the temple of D’Khaz, then went by the local wizards and picked up the magical longsword. I returned to Zeke’s armor shop and continued repairs on Ken’s armor. I received a message from Cade to go to the Silver Jester after sunset. After a good half day of labor, I went by the Jester to check it out, then returned to the Indigo Bliss.

On the way to the Bliss, I met Captain Vozz and Annavera Whiteward, eldest daughter of Drannis and wizardress. After saying hellos and such, I continued on to the Bliss.

That evening, we went to the Silver Jester, but heard noises from a nearby alley before entering. Investigating, we found two corpses and V’Naius, who had just finished the two men. At length, he told us he was leaving town because he no longer wanted to serve the side he was allied with. He told us to “Trust No One.” Since I had his father’s mace, he asked a personal favor to have it back, which I agreed too. He acknowledged that if I needed his aid, he would be willing to help and said he was headed to Van Dorn.

Afterwards, we headed to the Silver Jester to meet Cade. Instead, we found Durvall in the tavern, who told us nothing was going on tonight because the plans had been ratted out. Lord Drannis had issued orders for Cade’s immediate arrest, but he had escaped after being declared a traitor. Durvall said Lord Whiteward is a manipulator but he cares about his politics. Glendar, his son, is ambitious, unscrupulous, and untrustworthy, probably behind quite a bit of the evil that this city experiences. He told us the lords should not be trusted, either, since when Lord Sinval came to town, Lord Whiteward’s whole demeanor concerning Cade reversed. Looks like all of our planning to take out the undead in this city is a loss.

We returned to the Bliss, but couldn’t locate Ken. We looked in his room, which looked normal. After checking at the temple, we were told by one of Jonnathan Cross’s acolytes that Ken was asked by Lord Whiteward to deliver a message to Lord Greenstar of Chussin. Returning to the Bliss, I had a note that said Aravela and Sinn were leaving since Cade was gone. Also in the note, Sinn said that her information sources had saw Yardain, the wicked priest of Xu’Dann rumored to be controlling the vampire, meeting with Lord Sinvall. Evidently, the priest and vampire have left peaceably and Cade has been falsely implicated as a traitor and made to flee. I understand little of these actions, save that V’Naius’s words seem to ring truer everyday. I’ll trust no one except my companions and my axe’s keen blade.

Eliant 2nd I arranged a meeting with Lord Drannis in the morning. Due to the recent actions of himself and Lord Sinvall, their has been a change in plans. He wants us to deal with the bandit problem to the east and then we can take Quillothra to her home in the north. His lordship allowed us to borrow some horses so we could make it to Brell Cove to pick up some items that we had left with the recluse wizard, Geiger.

On the return trip from Brell Cove, we encountered some ogres and an intelligent ogre that cast spells and used magicks. We defeated them in combat, with Gabriel distinguishing himself by uppercutting an ogre and knocking the creature unconscious. Of course, he wouldn’t have been using his fists if he could keep a hold of his battle-axe, with which he nearly decapitated me. Up the road a bit, we found four mutilated peasants. Building a pyre, we burned their bodies while Ken and Darikar said some last rites. We returned to Brell Cove and told them of the peasants.

Eliant 3rd Arrived in Orides around noon. Talked to Captain Vozz about the Belleville Bandits. He told us their leader is Thadreus, who is armed with a flaming sword. We began scheming together a plan to fake a merchant caravan to draw out the bandits.

After making a few inquiries about caravan guards, we were approached by a tall, thick bald man who introduced himself as Inviden, wayward son of Drannis. Since rumors have it that he’s a capable warrior, we hired him and left him to find us a few more good men to act as guards.

Eliant 4th We trained at the temple of D’Khaz, like we do almost everyday. That night, a man named Tavvis joined us for a drink and told us we were fools for hiring the drunkard, Inviden. We’re thinking about getting Tavvis and friends to go on the caravan instead of Inviden. We had a long discussion about how the bandits may be a revolutionary faction gathering funds via banditry. I think this Tavvis knows a little more than he’s letting on and I don’t trust him. What Thadan ever believed in revolution? Only humans would need revolution, since their governments don’t seem to represent the people anyway.

We heard that Inviden had killed a man in a duel that night.

Eliant 5th During training, Inviden showed up and wanted to prove that he was the right man to take with us on our little caravan ruse. We through down and battled it out…whipping ass and getting whipped in return. Darikar and Ken think he’s the better man and I agree since I don’t trust Tavvis. At least Inviden doesn’t seem the type to have hidden agendas. Afterwards, I got out of there and headed off to make sure our caravan was ready. Went by the Bliss where a man called Noth was speaking with Gabriel about joining our little caravan. He wants to come along with his friend Barritt. This caravan is starting to look more like an armed patrol.

We got on our way around mid-morning and passed through Belleville heading to Anthus. No attacks or anything odd sighted. After getting to Anthus, I went about looking for some cargo that needed to be escorted to Orides. I found a produce merchant, Tarrin, who knew a fish merchant who needed some Sword Trout hauled to Orides and Van Dorn. Sure enough, I was able to broker our services to Ereforth, the fish merchant, for 150 gp.

Eliant 6th We returned to Orides with the fish, and still no sight of the bandits. Got our items back from the local wizard and Pete of Pete’s Fine Jewelry decided to tagalong as we headed to Van Dorn. Some of the trout are to go to the temple of D’Khaz for the meals of the high priest, Teraldis Alanthar.

Eliant 8th Got to Van Dorn and stopped by the temple of D’Khaz. I was able to trade some spare magic armor for a fine suit of Thadan Plate armor that they happened to have in their treasury. We got a tour of Darikar’s noble house and visited his family while in town.

Eliant 10th Left early in the morning to Orides after picking my armor up from the armorers guild where they were repairing and shining it up. I’m quite pleased to be in such nice armor…the workmanship of a Thadan is a fine thing to wear and this armor feels as light as my scale armor but is much better quality.

Eliant 11h Arrived in Orides late in the evening. We’ll head back to Anthus tomorrow, hoping to draw the bandits out.

Eliant 12th We found a few boxes typically used to carry art works and spread some rumors that we were hauling a gift of art from Van Dorn to Lord Sinvall of Anthus.

Around noon, we past through Belleville towards Anthus. Shortly thereafter, the bandits ambushed us and in a hail of arrows Gabriel perished. After a hard fight, we triumphed though their were many casualties. The survivors of the fight were me, Ken, Darikar, Inviden, a female bandit archer who ran away, and Thadreus, whom we captured after he tried to blow us all up in a suicidal fireball.

Speaking with Thadreus, we found that Tavvis’s story was true. Thadreus fancies himself a revolutionary trying to fulfill a vendetta against Lord Sinvall who he says killed his father unlawfully. He told us Sinvall was an evil man and a priest of Xu’Dann. Not knowing what was truth and being somewhat convinced by the earnestness of the man, we agreed to let him go if he promised not to continue his banditry and fomentation of revolution. Inviden convinced us that hanging him would serve little purpose besides adding to Sinvall’s enjoyment. Thadreus led us to a storehouse and we took the loot that he had got via banditry on our wagons, but left all the arms and armor that he had secured in an abandoned barn close to Belleville. Afterwards, we let Thadreus go with his flaming sword, since it was an heirloom from his father.

Outside of Orides a good way, we halted and made sure that our story was straight. We had several badly charred corpses with us from Thadreus’s fireball, so we decided to say that we thought one of the corpses was him, but couldn’t be sure since we were blinded a little by the explosive blast.

We returned to Orides in the early evening. As we solemnly made our way through the streets bearing Gabriel’s body, the townsfolk made way for our procession. After dropping him off at the temple of D’Khaz and explaining the circumstances of his loss, we were told that they would hold funeral services tonight. I stopped by the administration building to meet with Lord Drannis, but an assistant told us to come back in an hour, as the lord was busy.

In an hour, we retired from the Bliss and went to the administrative building. Lord Whiteward heard our story concerning the Belleville Bandits and how Thadreus, the chief bandit, seemed to die in a fireball, though we couldn’t be sure (as we lied concerning how we had released Thadreus after capturing him). The lord assumed that Thadreus might still be alive, but acknowledged that the threat of the Bellevile Bandits was ended.

In the meanwhile, Drannis explained that he had found a ship to take us into the north. The ship is called the Black Ice and captained by Dajee Racewater, a personal friend of Glendar Whiteward. He has a full crew of battle-hardened sailors onboard and they are hauling a valuable cargo of Ice Crab to the North, hoping to tempt the pirate Logron into attacking. By the gods, I have to go onto the water and these humans want to make our ship bait. The Black Ice sets sail in two days time.

Drannis also said that Xolkan had sent an emissary to join us on our quest to take Quillothra to her homeland. The emissary will meet us at the Bliss. He is a half-elf priest of Aura, named Erith Tellakura. Went back to the Bliss and everyone introduced themselves and had a drink together. Ken and Darikar told us a story of how they had interrupted a hold-up at a small store a few blocks away and had captured the would be thieves.

Eliant 13th While waiting for the ship to leave, we divided our treasure and went to get our magic items from the local mage and his scruffy half-orc butler. Since I was there, and don’t relish making anymore visits than required, I dropped off some potions to be identified, as well.

Afterwards, I strolled through Orides and stopped by Pete’s Fine Jewelry to find my platinum and ruby septum ring was finally ready. After picking up a nice looking emerald, I went down to the docks and found someone to pierce my septum. The local armorer allowed me to restock my armorers kit, while his apprentices buffed and polished my plate mail. Found some warm clothes.

I went to bed early that night, figuring that I might not sleep well when not on solid ground. Shortly after I got to sleep, I was rudely awoken by Ken beating on my door. Seems that he had been ambushed and burned by some kids in an alley. We got on our armor and headed out into the night. After a bit of persuasion, we found out that a lame boy called Nylo was probably behind the attack, running much of the youth gangs out of his home. Evidently, Nylo is the younger brother of one of the ruffians that Ken and Darikar brought to justice yesterday and holds a grudge. We broke into his home and told him his present course would bring him to ruin, which he laughed at and told us to look at his present condition. Feeling pity for the boy, Inviden said he would deal with it and more or less adopted the family. I can’t understand humans…a Thadan community would have adopted the boy and made sure he didn’t turn to a life of crime. If he had, he wouldn’t live long enough to plague the community that’s for damn sure.

Eliant 14th Near dawn, we went to the docks and boarded the Black Ice. Captain Dajee is a well-groomed man with intense eyes and a commanding nature. While loitering on the docks, we met a young bard of D’Khaz, Rinoso De Montoya, whom having heard of our exploits and quest wanted to join us so he could immortalize our adventures in song and story. Maybe I can learn some more storytelling skills from this human, though it’s not bloody likely. Ken and Darikar are game, but Larrion and Erith seemed a bit put off. Quillothra, as usual, is apathetic unless it concerns getting her to her home in the ice of the north.

It wasn’t too bad on the sea for the first couple of hours since it was very calm as we left. However, the sea got a little rougher around noon and I retired to my cabin feeling the swaying motion would be the end of me. I got out my bag of rocks and pebbles and scattered them all on the floor and made myself lie down upon them. Just being in contact with rocks and stones makes me feel a little more stable while on this tossing ship.

That evening we dined with Captain Dajee and his officers. Rovin is the 1st mate, a lithe half-elf. Harev is the ship’s wizard, recently hired to provide support in case Logran attacks since he’s rumored to use wizards in his piracy. Balou is a pale-skinned young lass who acts as the 2nd mate. Our meal was good and we swapped stories, while Rinoso played us a few songs.

Eliant 15th The others spent the day adjusting to the sea. When it was relatively calm, I would make my way to the upper decks and have a look about me. The war machines on the Black Ice are interesting and I spent a few hours watching as the crew practiced their use.

Eliant 16th I was working on my letters with Darikar during mid-morning when we heard a cry of alarm. Getting our armor on we rushed to the top deck, where we were told a ship was spotted on a course for a strafing run. The Black Ice ran up a “pirate” flag and the other ship decided to relent. They came nearby and Dajee spoke with them before they headed off to the south.

About mid-afternoon, battlestations were again declared. This time it was Logran and his pirate ship. While in preparations to combat the wicked pirate, our mage Harev betrayed us and after a few balls of flame our cause was lost. Dajee took to the skies, flying about and I think he slew Harev in aerial combat, but couldn’t be sure. Preferring to fight on a larger ship instead of getting to a lifeboat, I tried to persuade the others to fight on but it was no use. Quillothra used some of her ice magicks to recover our retreat, as we secured a lifeboat and began rowing away from the burning Black Ice. The pirates didn’t seem interested in us and we were able to get away. This little boat is crowded with us and near to the point of taking on water. I detest the sea and just hope I’ll be able to make it back to land.

We managed to row away from the combat between the vessels and headed south with the currents. We saw another lifeboat of sailors and Balou was with them. Trying to stick together so we could use her sailing skills to aid us. That evening, clouds covered the stars and a storm began to pelt us with rain and high winds. Only fervent prayer and a lot of bailing got us through the next few days.

Eliant 18th After rowing in the storm, we finally sighted land and made haste in our rowboat. By the gods, I hate ocean travel but would much rather be on a big ship than a small little boat. After landing our boat on a beach, I immediately found some rocks and did some solemn praying to Thadar and Or’Dukall for getting me back to solid land.

After the others had dried off and such, we headed along the beach to the east. Arith scouted a farmhouse nearby and we spoke with some locals who told us we were a little west of Tilsor in Ravikka. After thanking the farmers for directions, we headed into Tilsor, where Ken has evidently had a few adventures before he met up with me. Something to do with the lord of the town being worthless and not serving the populance as a man of D’Khaz should…whatever. I’d say most of the human lords I’ve encountered fall into that same category, though Shaldar seems to have his act together.

After getting a room at a small inn, we sent a letter to Lord Drannis Whiteward of Orides explaining how pirates and our ship’s mage had attacked us, but had escaped nevertheless with Quillothra. While in the inn, we also heard rumors of trolls attacking the fishermen of Tilsor and how the lord was not really doing anything to curtail these attacks. We spoke to the Lord Crothus intent on offering our aid, but sparks flew immediately between the lord and Ken such that we just left without much being said to prevent someone from being killed. Still the people pleaded that we do something to restore their livelihood, and being men (and Thadan) of good we acquiesed. Going to where several attacks had occurred in the recent past, we camped with a roaring fire hoping to attract the stupid buggers and draw them out.

Sure enough, the trolls attacked later that evening, but were a little surprised to find armed men who could fight back. In a few moments, three were cut to bloody ribbons, while a fourth ran for its pathetic life into the blackness of the North Sea. We left Erith to burn the troll corpses in the fire and chased after the fourth. Using a spell that allowed us to breathe underwater, we tracked the troll back to its lair, which was a small cave near the top of a deep chasm. We went back to dry land, dried ourselves off, and slept the sleep of the righteous.

Eliant 20th After waking up and praying to Thadar for aid in our mission to irradicate the trollish nuisance, we went into Tilsor to get some rope from the good townsmen. Returning to our camp, we again used our spells to allow us to enter the murky depths and with the rope entered the caverns. The troll defended its lair, but was no match for such a group of accomplished warriors. After summoning some magical fire to send the troll to the hell all of them so richly deserve, we proceeded to loot the lair. We found quite a bit of coin and such, but the most interesting thing we found was a necklace with a starburst bloodstone that radiated magic and had writing on it in a strange language. After recovering what loot we could, we exited and informed the citizens of Tilsor that they could return to their fishing areas without fear.

By the afternoon, we arrived at Orides and met briefly with Lord Whiteward who is setting up passage to the North for us again. Afterwards, we stopped by the wizard’s tower and picked up some items that we were having identified. By the gods, I’d like to split that half-orcs skull everytime I see him, but I suppose I shouldn’t let my preconceptions drive me. After all, it was only a month or so ago that I saw how valiant a half-orc could be as he fought for his own sanity against the pull of Xu’Dann’s accursed crystal monolith. Ruminating on these thoughts, I went to the Bliss for a bath, a tankard of Thadan ale, and a nice cigar.

Eliant 21st Seems our old companion Larrion is back in town. After speaking with him for some time, he wants to try and redeem himself by seeing Quillothra to the northlands. He told us that he’d had an epiphany and is trying to turn his life around by belief in the tenants of D’Khaz. Ken and Darikar seem pretty skeptical, but I think the young man deserves another chance. Perhaps my influence and teachings will grant him some patience and much needed resolve. Also, maybe we can moderate his drinking a bit.

While waiting for our ship to arrive in port, we spent time training, selling our latest loot from the trolls and getting the wizard to look over the necklace that we had found.

Eliant 23rd Went by the wizard’s tower and got the necklace back. Seems that the inscription on the necklace is Latin and says “To the Queen of Northern Ice, always with love.” The necklace has a magical effect such that it’s protected from the ravages of time. Quillothra didn’t think the necklace belonged to her, so we’re still puzzled about who the Queen of Northern Ice could be. Oh well, we’re heading to the North tomorrow so I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Eliant 24th Early in the morning, we boarded the ship known as the Red Sprite, captained by Johnathan Jaskans. Seems seaworthy enough and no wizards aboard. Once again, I spent most of my time in my cabin lying on some rocks and pebbles that I had brought onboard. Sitting up or standing up when the seas are anything but calm makes my stomach flip-flop like a fish out of water. I’ve been slipping a few prayers to Or’Dukall between those to Thadar…anything to make this voyage shorter.

Eliant 28th The Red Sprite arrived at Elkpoint on the Badger Isles in the morning. Captain and several sea dogs went onshore to discuss business and returned a little put out, it seemed. We left shortly thereafter and followed the coast towards the northern port of Mortgar.

Marpenoth 1st Received the “alls well” from Ironforge via divine sending spells. I’m so far away from my people, and a bit lonely. However, the mountains that I can see in the distance to the north-west of Mortgar are much larger than any that I’ve seen before and I’m told are rich beyond measure.

We arrived in Mortgar late in the afternoon. I think I was the first one off of the Red Sprite and I remember stumbling to get past the docks and onto some stone or earth. Mortgar is a dock city, independent in it’s own right and has about 10,000 souls within it’s stout borders. As we made our way to an inn, many ladies of the night offered their services to me (some for free) and frequently spoke of a Red Thadan.

As we travelled the city, we met a large man who we saw as a kindred spirit. His name is Azrael Windspeare, a red-haired man larger than Darikar who hunts/traps in the north and a follows the faith of Csaea, the mother. Azrael took us to the Red Thadan Inn and over the course of the evening gave us much useful information:

Sherikk Kisvoth is the wealthiest man about these parts, and was the first human to set up a mining operation in the nearby Grava-Ghorgall Mountains. He has a number of Thadan working for him according to Azrael.
The legend of the Red Thadan is interesting. The Red Thadan was once a king of a great hall and Thadan realm in the Grava-Ghorgall Mountains. An army of giants killed his people while he was away. Returning to find his people dead, he tracked down the army of giants and slew them all single-handedly until he was stained with their blood. Renouncing any ties to civilization, the Red Thadan now wanders the mountains slaying giant kin with his beard shaven, evidently waiting for the proper time to reform his kingdom.

Impressed by Azrael and his knowledge of the area, he offered to accompany us north to Unvar, which we readily accepted. So far, I like the men-folk of this area. They are hardy, and not afraid to carve their own destiny out of mountains, forests, or frontier. I’d like to speak with some of the Thadan in this area, but none were about the inn and we’re leaving in the morning.

Marpenoth 2nd After buying some mules and several weeks of food for each member of our party, we took off towards Unvar in the north. Past Unvar, civilization rapidly fades and we’ll be into the territory of the barbarous northmen.

Marpenoth 6th Arrived in Unvar in the late afternoon. Found a small inn called the Gold Stop Rest and managed to find some more food and supplies, including a nice large tent. We said our goodbyes to Azrael and parted company. Quillothra is pleasant to be around as long as we’re making progress towards the north. It’s freezing up here, but luckily the weather has decided to cooperate.

Marpenoth 10th We’re continuing to travel north by northwest. As we were bedding down that night, several white wolves that breathed a cone of icy cold attacked our party. After a hard fight, we survived and the winter wolves were beaten off, but not before they froze our mules solid. The north is dangerous and we’ve only started to penetrate the most dangerous territories. Several of us are using the wolf pelts as defense against the cold.

Marpenoth 15th A white dragon attacked us out of nowhere today. All we knew was that suddenly a draconic hand tried to scoop up Ken and fly off. Quillothra, whose power seems to grow each day as we progress into the north, used her powers to summon a wall of ice in front of the dragon such that it crashed and let go of Ken. As the dragon tried to recover it’s wits, the party attacked it and quickly ended its life. We found that Ken was alive though badly hurt due to the fall. Darikar and my curative magicks brought him back to health and we continued into the north.

Marpenoth 21st We’ve been encountering some dragon-like creatures over the last few days, though they don’t have breath weapons. We’re conserving our remaining rations and I’ve been creating food and water thanks to the grace and blessings of Thadar. It will do my companions well to eat some gruel and stonebread. Late in the morning, we entered the frozen forest known as the Icewood. It’s quite beautiful when the sun is out as the crystalling reflections dispel all shadows and you’re walking in pathways of light on the white snow.

Marpenoth 25th We met with some barbarians today. During the course of trying to communicate with the northmen, Darikar accidently traded his family’s war banner for a well crafted drinking horn carved out of ivory. Since you can’t go back on a trade, according to barbarian custom, he’s been sulking lately and very dissonant.

Marpenoth 27th We’re continuing to the north. Quillothra says she is feeling a definite pull and is guiding us towards whatever she is feeling. We entered another wooded area and found a river flowing from the south south-west to the north north-east. We’re following along the river’s bank, hoping for a bridge, downed tree or a shallow fjord. We’ve also been blessed by a light snowfall.

Encountered some more barbarians today. I’ve been trading a few gold rings for a huge tiger’s paw (complete with claws). I hope I never meet up with a tiger corresponding to the size of this paw. I’ve been wearing it on my helmet, since it is definitely distinctive with it’s white and striped pattern.

Marpenoth 30th Quillothra says she feels more powerful now and has used her new powers to allow us to walk atop the snow layer and to better endure the cold. By the gods, why couldn’t she have done this a month ago when we were first setting out. I’ve been nearly frozen for a month. This land is an icy plain in which you could walk for days and never see a landmark. I just hope she isn’t leading us to our doom. Heh…no since in worrying about that since we won’t see it coming, not with this blizzard that we’re travelling through for the past few days.

Uktar 2nd Blizzard has finally stopped and we can actually see beyond our noses. We’ve been using ropes to make sure no one gets lost as we walked in the blinding snow. My beard looks as though I were several hundred years older. After travelling most of the day, we came to a series of interconnected structures with smoke rising out of chimneys. Where there is smoke, there is fire…and I’ve been cold for several weeks. We headed to the structures in hopes of getting a hot meal and warming ourselves by the fire.

Inside we encountered hundreds of the northmen barbarians and met with their leader, a huge barbarian claiming to be Urstag, demigod of the North and patron of the northern barbarians. After speaking with Urstag, we were welcomed into his hall and allowed to sit and drink by the roaring fire. During our brief stay, we also met Sonja, wife of Urstag. After some discussions with her, we realized that the necklace that we had found in the troll lair near Tilsor might be referring to Sonja. We gave her the necklace in the spirit of good will and appreciation for allowing us to warm our bones at her lordship’s hearth. Sonja told us that the necklace was made for her by her father (though she didn’t mention who that was).

After getting a belly-full of ale and warm foods, we headed back into the cold anxious to complete this long quest.

Uktar 11th Thinking that we were easy prey, a group of five frost giants attacked us. The combat was ferocious with everyone squaring off against the powerful giants and Quillothra using magic to summon walls of ice and jagged shards from the ground. At one point, I was combatting three giants by myself. Needless to say, several of the party nearly went on to what lies beyond, especially Darikar, who took several blows that no human could reasonably survive. Thinking the worst, I went to check him for any signs of life even though I had little hope…and found the slightest bit of fight still in him though it was diminishing. Praying to Thadar for guidance, I begin to work spells that would both cure his wounds and guide his spirit. It was a relief when that ugly face opened its eyes and recovered enough to look back at me.

Uktar 20th Erith and Ken have went hunting using some magic that allows them to walk in the air. While they were gone, we continued to the North over some rickety looking ice formations. Moments after I had commented on how faulty this looked, a small tremor causes a collapse and we found ourselves in some kind of ice caverns fifty feet below the surface. Exploring about a bit, we found a tunnel leading down from our present predicament. Since we didn’t have anyway to scale the walls of the chasm, we went down. I was being lowered down when we heard hissing and a kind of clicking echoing off of the walls. Next thing I knew, I was being attacked by several draconic ice lizards with 4” claws and long, nasty teeth. After a protracted battle, in which the creatures mauled my armor with their rending attacks, we managed to secure the room and settled in for a rest…and to catch our breath. Evidently, the lizards didn’t understand and we had to beat off several more waves. During one of these battles, Larrion suffered a vicious wound in which most of his mouth was obliterated. He won’t be asking any ladies out until he gets that fixed (‘cause he can’t talk and he’s not pretty…)! About the time that we thought another wave of the creatures would spell our doom, Ken and Erith found us and got us to the surface.

After resting the night and regaining the blessings of our respective deities, we went back to the caverns to exterminate these creatures that had nearly ended our quest. However, we found that the tunnels were empty and the lizards had evidently fled.

Everyone’s armor took a tremendous beating between the giants and the ice lizards. Using Thadar’s orizon of mending and the judicious use of the supplies in my armorer kit, I was able to field repair our armor so that it still did its job. However, my precious Thadan plate mail was so badly damaged by the ice lizards that its enchantment was lost. It’s still the best armor, cause it was made by Thadan, of course, but the loss of enchantment is vexing. If I had a forge, I might have been able to prevent this with proper care, but in this winter wasteland a forge is probable a thousand miles away. Curse those ice lizards and giants to a smouldering, volcanic hell!

Uktar 23rd Trudging through the snow. I’ve seen enough snow for forty lifetimes, but I’ll be damned before I quit. Quillothra will make it to her home, by Thadar’s beard. Her powers are growing the further North we go and now she’s made it where we walk on top of the snow…most of the time.

Uktar 27th Late in the day, Quillothra just stopped and said, “This is far enough.” Sounds good to me though it don’t look any different from the wintery wastelands that we’ve been tromping through for the last month. At camp, she explained that a great white dragon lives nearby and that we must defeat it if she is to live safely here. Actually, she wants to defeat the dragon in honorable combat so that it must serve her for several years as she gets “acclimated” to her new surroundings. We agreed to help her…the chance to endure a dragons attacks is worthy of a priest of Thadar and the D’Khaz twins (Ken and Darikar) just want to make war on anything. Quillothra told us she would favor us greatly if we could succeed at this last request. Did she say last request?

Uktar 30th We’re travelling near an icy mountain where Quillothra is sure that the wyrm lairs. Due to Larrion’s sharp eyesight, we saw the dragon gliding down to attack us. In preparation, Larrion and Darikar used some magical potions to make them faster in the upcoming combat, while I drew on Thadar’s blessing to enhance my health and strength. The dragon breathed upon us with its powerful breath and then we came to blows. I felt the dragon’s claws and powerful jaws as it attempted to bite me in twain, but was able to drive it back with pure Thadan axework. Meanwhile, Larrion and Darikar attacked its flanks and soon the beast was brought to heel. After using a few curatives to insure our survival and the beast, Quillothra spoke to the great white wyrm in some hissing, draconic tongue and some agreement was reached. Larrion, Darikar and Keniron were so spun up about the battle that they trained with weapons for the remainder of the day. I worked on my armor, attempting to patch up the damage done by those gods-forsaken ice lizards.

Feast of the Moon After awaking and eating some of Thadar’s bounty, Quillothra told us that we had helped her immensely and that she felt well enough to make it in the North without our help, now that she had the dragon as a pet. She bent over and kissed me on the mouth (how improper), and as she did breathed into my lungs a freezing cold wind. I thought for a moment that my whole body would just freeze solid right then and there, but soon a feeling of warmth spread from my chest to my entire body. Turns out that I can’t feel cold anymore…normal or magical it seems…complete immunity. She did the same to the rest of my companions. After bestowing upon us this favor, she looked a bit tired, but still had enough power to summon gigantic birds made completely of ice for our journey back to civilization. As we ascended into the air on the backs of the ice falcons, we saw Quillothra mount the white dragon and fly off as well.

We drove some pitons into these ice creatures for support before we flew off, which was a damn good idea. I’ve been hanging onto mine for dear life since going into the air. I’ve been too many places that Thadan should leave to others: the air and the ocean. Our place is on the ground or under it…but Thadar teaches we should endure. As such, I’ll endure this experience, grow stronger from it, and just hope I never have to repeat it.

Nightal 2nd Great…we found out that these birds don’t land or let us have any breaks. This is a straight flight back to civilization, but we have to marinate in our own filth during the whole time. Well..things could be worse. At least I have food since Thadar is granting me the ability to make it…the others are having to eat rations that have been frozen for a month!

Nightal 5/6th The birds made of pure ice that have flown us from the winter wasteland of the North finally set us down a little ways from Unvar. We immediately stripped down and jumped into the nearby frozen waters trying to wash away the accumulated filth from the past six days of flight.

Nightal 6th Went to a little tavern in Unvar in the morning. Met a traveler heading North by the name of Mack armed with a beautiful scimitar. Just a little later, Mack was called out by a gang of assassins from Xorgar. He charged out the door and we followed to see the fight. We were held and generally dealt with by the bounty hunters and their wizardress companion, before Azrael Windspear (F/P of Csaea) and his companion Javin (a priest of Iccitha) chased them off. A man by the name of Tronnick came to investigate the noise and found his brother was killed by the assassins in the melee.

Mack then told us he was an ex-assassin of Xorgar and that they were sent to put an end to him. Tronnick thirsted for revenge and Mack (who seems to have a death wish) insisted we go deal with the assassins or else they might come back for anyone who interfered. After following a blood trail outside of Unvar, we came upon the assassin’s camp and killed them all except for the sorceress. Mack died in the fight, but fought bravely till the last.

Nightal 7th Went back to Unvar and healed our wounds. The woman mage came back and asked for some of the items of her companions and Mack or she said she would return to Xorgar and send them after us next. Deciding that we had already had enough of Xorgar and its assassins, we relinquished several of the items in question.

Azrael and men were gathering plants in the mountains and then heading to Mortgar. Tronnick decided to come with us, since he was raised in those mountains but had no living relatives there. After a little coaxing, he told us he was raised by hill giants until one day the Red Thadan descended on his tribe and wiped them all out in a matter of seconds. We decided we would accompany Azrael on his journeys and then check to see if a boat was available in Mortgar.

Nightal 13th Arrived in Vandin after trekking about the lower mountains for a while. Shortly out of town we encountered several giants, which our party made destroyed in short order. No one was slain, including the men-at-arms, from our side. Later that day, several ominous dragon-like creatures flew over us. Azrael seemed to think they were bronze dragons.

Nightal 14th Arrived at Mortgar in the afternoon and went to the Red Thadan inn. After asking the patrons concerning a sea-worthy vessel, we were put in contact with a big man with a holy symbol of Or’Dukal displayed prominently on his chest. He introduced himself as Captain Zaimer Tiderius of the ship Maelstrom. He’s looking for some adventurous types to help in clearing a sunken building and is willing to give us free transport to Orides and shares of the booty, if we aid him.

Nightal 15th Talked more with Zaimer aboard the Maelstrom. Seems that the building he wants to visit is a sunken temple of Quivos that he’ll turn into a shrine to Or’dukall. He also spoke about trying to find and purchase the Crimson Velvet, which was evidently the pirate Logran’s flagship. We left that day to find the temple.

Nightal 19th We located the temple and are making our first forays into the depths. We encountered many sea-trolls and huge octopi, but found much treasure. Decided to rest and go at it again tomorrow.

Nightal 20th Went back to the underwater temple. I strongly dislike all of this traipsing about underwater, but luckily Thadar granted me the spells necessary to go into such a terrible environment. Inside the temple we fought water elementals within a tower until we eventually defeated them. Zaimer touched a crystal ball sitting on a pedestal in the room and electricity shot through all of us. Zaimer bid us to leave and get back to the surface so he could attempt something. After we got to the surface, we noticed dark clouds rolling in and soon a huge peal of thunder announced a column of lightning striking through the ocean. As this immense bolt of lightning continued the whole underwater temple began to lift out of the ocean, such that the tower was sticking up out of the ocean. After a minor earthquake and a final display of lightning’s power, the tempestuous clouds broke up. Zaimer returned very happy and told us the temple’s name was the Ocean Spire and he’ll be the headmaster.

We hopped into our small lifeboat and began rowing back to the Maelstrom, but when we arrived the ship was gone. All of our booty from the previous day had evidently enticed the crew to mutiny and they took off with the ship. We swore that they would be found and punished appropriately for their leaving us in the middle of the ocean. Zaimer told us the closest port was Folix and we began heading that way. Thanks again to Thadar as he nourished our bodies throughout the ordeal on the waves.

Nightal 22nd Rowed for days and finally reached the coast.

Nightal 23rd Travelling south through the snow. Tronnick looks a bit cold, but the rest of us are quite comfortable.

Nightal 28th That evening we found a river, which Zaimer says its only a little way till Folix (probably a day away).

Nightal 29th Arrived in Folix. The locals are excellent horsemen that worship mostly D’Khaz (OOC: Kind of a cross between the Native Americans and Mongols). Folix has stone walls and gates, however, it’s a town of several thousand.

We headed to the inn (Sally’s) and got some rooms. The armorer allowed us to use his forge to make some repairs on our equipment. The townspeople are a little snooty and smart mouthed for my taste. Yz Drav is the priest of Quivos who has built a temple in the town, much to the displeasure of the locals. Dundrow Redhawk, leader of the town, told us of a destroyed temple to Quivos a little to the north of Folix.

Walked through the streets to the newly constructed temple of Quivos, since Zaimer wanted to speak with Yz. Tried to get an appointment and was rebuffed by his Yz’s underling who had the audacity to call me a “Dwarf”. They slammed the door in my face before I could grab him and beat some sense into him.

We’re looking for a ship to come into Folix so we can get out of this godforsaken hole, but our luck is sour. Zaimer has taken off in a small boat to try to find the deserters aboard the Maelstrom.

Hammer 1st We celebrated the new year by holding a mini-tournament of arms to please Thadar and D’Khaz. Larrion seems to be buying into the D’Khaz faith. I’m happy that he’s found something other than the bottle to console his troubled soul.

Hammer 2nd Met the insulting acolyte and had a duel in the streets. I was blasted by a powerful lightning/cold blast (Quivos’s fury?) and eventually fell unconscious after trading blows with the little man. Darikar and Ken found me and brought me back to fighting conditions. Soon afterwards, Yz Drav and his cronies showed up and we had ourselves a little standoff. Seeing that we were outnumbered and that a huge storm had seemed to just whip itself up at Yz’s call, I had to swallow my thirst for vengeance and diffuse the situation, even enduring the insulting comments of the acolyte (“Bitch Dwarf” indeed). Yz actually spoke with us afterwards concerning the sacred animals outside of Folix (Blackhorns), the Undead to the north and the Ocean Spire. He’s getting a ship next spring, for what purpose I couldn’t tell, though with Quivos its probably not anything good.

The acolyte will die by my hand, but we Thadan have patience. Several years from now, he’ll be my bitch, if Thadar grants me the pleasure.

Hammer 4th After practicing my human letters so long, I’ve finally learned the intricacies of the tongue.

Ken and I have been running as practice. On one of our daily runs, we encountered some giants that were fleeing from some enraged Blackhorns. We dealt with most of the giants, but one fled as a huge Blackhorn came running past. The Blackhorn impaled the giant and then proceeded to electrocute him. Quivos and her cows can go to hell.

Hammer 18th Still waiting for a ship to come into Folix. We’re growing restless and want to be back to the lands we know. We’ve taken to patrolling outside of Folix, just hoping for some action. Much to our chagrin, we encountered a huge snow burrowing wyrm who had superhot fins. Eventually, we made the wyrm flee our might and after a day of tracking it, we lost the trail. We headed back to Folix the next day.

Hammer 19th Got back to Folix, but still no ship. We decided to make the journey by land and took off that day to the south.

Hammer 20th Sent a message to Ironforge, but got no message in return. What’s going on there? Has the war started between Athelgard and Stronghal?

Alturiak 1st We have made progress and are starting to come around the southern tip of the North Sea. We entered a wooded area late in the afternoon and encountered a large group of trolls outside of their den. We decided to clear the den (a small cave) and looted the treasure within the cave. After gathering it up, we emerged and were immediately attacked by a group of goblinoids (bugbears) who used hit-and-run tactics to get us into the forest. Tronnick was separated from the party and presumed dead. We stopped following the bugbears who were just leading us to firing positions, and ran back to the presumed safety of the cave. We arrived just in time, as a large green dragon swooped down and breathed its poisonous breath weapon upon us. Running for the back of the cave and choking on the nasty vapors, we survived though not by much.

Evidently the dragon is leading the group of goblinoids, because shortly afterwards the bugbears began trying to assault our position with missle weapons. After a staunch defense they left us alone, only for us to find out that they had built a fire and were trying to smoke us out of the cave.
After a bit of prayer and preparation, we charged out of the cave ready to go to our respective gods in glorious battle. Ken sacrificed himself as he played the target for the initial onslaught of the dragon’s fury. We emerged shortly after the breath weapon and slew the dragon and drove off its werebat allies, though Darikar and Larrion took grievous wounds from the lycanthropes. Some centaurs who aided us during the battle, led us to a deep cavern (the dragon’s lair) after we had finished burying Ken.

Alturiak 4th Looting the dragon’s lair. We have found much treasure and items, though getting it to the surface may be a problem.

Alturiak 5th That night we were attacked by more of the bat creatures. They took our rope that we had used to descend into the cavern, and thus we are trapped until Thadar grants me the spells to begin blasting our way to the surface.

Alturiak 10th Working our way to the surface, very slowly. Larrion turned into a bat creature that evening and flew away before I could stop him.

Alturiak 15th Darikar turned into a bat creature that evening, but I incapacitated him before he could flee. After the night was over, he returned to his normal form. I told him he actually looked better as a bat, but he didn’t find it that amusing.

Alturiak 19th We finally broke through to the surface. I’ve been using rockburst and stoneshape spells for the last several days to get us out of the cavern. Praise to Thadar for granting me such tools to use in his service.

Alturiak 20th As we headed towards Stronghal lands (assuming the worst about Larrion), we encountered a female druid who I talked into guiding us to the nearest town of size. Come to find out that the nearest town if in the River Kingdoms to the southeast. Mentioning the fate of my Larrion, she communicated (?) with the animals and managed to locate him wandering in the woods. After a day or so, we met up with the dazed Larrion and I kept them tied up at night so they wouldn’t try to escape again.

Alturiak 25th We entered the River Kingdoms, where all cities are built on the rivers. Theirs a law that says no roads can be built, so all trade occurs on the large and plentiful rivers. We exited the forest and began walking through farmlands towards the city of Yuldei.

Alturiak 28th Arrived in Yuldei (OOC: Very much like Venice). The whole city is built basically in the middle of a lake with river flowing in and out. All travel between areas is done by ferry, so we hired a ferry guide to take us throughout the city. The city is large (~50k population) and congested with boats of all sizes.

First, we headed to the temple of D’Khaz to see if they could heal the lycanthropy afflicting Darikar and Larrion, but had no luck. They directed us to the temple of Csaea, where we procured a cure from Wilsha, high priestess, for a reasonable price.

Afterwards, we headed to a nice inn and got a bath, smoke, and several bottles of whiskey.

Alturiak 29th We spent the day shopping, selling jewels from the dragon’s lair, and identifying the mysterious items that we had gathered in our travels. The bejeweled amulet that we got out of the Ocean Spire has sea elf writing on it that says “Enlividellas”, which was a sea elf prince who was questing to save his people. The amulet has divination spells making it extremely easy to locate.

Speaking with various people allowed us to find out about the gladiator pits of Xol and how the Red Swath is the current champion. The pits are called the Fane of Blood. The doubles champions are two women slaves (one is an elf) who’ve worked their way to the top in the games. Why would anyone fight in such an environment? It seems that some humans relish killing as much as Thadan relish gold.

Chess 2nd We got our items back from the wizards and armorer’s guild in Yuldei. Speaking with the court mage, we hired him to transport us to Van Dorn for 4000 gp.

Chess 4th Teleported to Van Dorn. Went to Darikar’s family home and found out that the army had shipped out a couple of weeks ago to attack Stronghal.

Chess 5th Bought some warhorses and traveled to Fort Thair. Stayed the night and went on to an army camp. There we found Darikar’s grandfather commanding the camp and were told of the latest news. I found out that Ironforge had been betrayed to Stronghal forces by the Lt. Norvis Thunderbird. Thinking that all of my kinsmen were dead, I stumbled out of the tent, questioning myself and how Thadar could allow such actions. Sleep would not come so I drunk myself into a stupor so I could no longer think on the matter. During the night, I received a vision from Thadar of two earth elementals strolling up to me standing outside of Ironforge. They told me my kin were coming to me and to wait for them. Praises to Thadar for answering his servants questions and reassuring my faith in him.

Chess 10th Late in the evening, two Thadan came into the camp: Onis Rocklam and Zadreas Crackbeard. They told us of the treacherous Norvis who attacked the sleeping Thadan in their barracks and opened the outer gates to the Stronghal forces at the same time. A few warriors survived the massacre and raised the alarm, such that about 40 adolescents and 20 women managed to get to safety in the mines. Hiding and fighting from the mines, they Thadan managed to escape the pursuing Stronghal forces and made their way to Van Dorn where they are staying at the Rotten Apple Inn. I asked whether my sister, Gilta, survived the battle but Onis just shook his head. That night we approached Darikar’s grandfather with a plan to sack Ironforge and he told us he would ask for volunteers to accompany us. We left with 50 volunteers the next morning.

Chess 13th We took 50 brave volunteers to attack Ironforge, but we had to cross the river. Coming upon a town overlooking a bridge over the river, we attempted to parley such that we could cross peacefully and not threaten their village. They gave us their word that they wouldn’t attack and treacherously fired at our column as we were marching to the bridge. After crossing the bridge and losing more men to their arrows, they thought they would sally out of their gates and destroy us upon the historic corpse fields. Much to their chagrin, they found the fighting worth of angry Thadan and resolute warriors of D’Khaz are worth more than ten men-at-arms as we devastated their forces, who fled like whipped dogs back to their village. Enraged at another bit of human treachery, Zadreas recommended we sack the town and our remaining men-at-arms agreed that revenge should be made against the lying village. Chopping down a few trees to use as battering rams, we shattered the gates and quickly dispatched the remaining guards. Marching to the town square, we were charged by the town commander and the townsfolk, who broke like waves upon our invincible island of deadly steel. Eventually, the commander was killed and the townspeople decided to flee instead of throwing their lives away in a futile attempt to drag down warriors of our stature and toughness.

The remaining men-at-arms numbered nine from 50 and desired to go into the town and loot. We gave the leave to do so with orders to return at an appointed time. Darikar wandered into town when the men didn’t show, only to find them drunken and disorderly, raping and murdering peasants while looting. He slew the rapist in his disgust for their very unreligious efforts, since they all purported that they followed D’Khaz teachings. The men came to me that night seeking protection from Darikar’s flail, and disgusted at the actions of the group, I sent them back to the army camp with their loot.

Chess 14th Waking into the morning, we decided to brave Ironforge without the men-at-arms. Shortly after entering the foothills, we encountered a brownish, dragon-like thing with multiple legs that spat acid on Onis and Zadreas. Onis’s family armor was destroyed, while Zadreas suddenly turned to stone before our eyes! The stunned group quickly recovered and slew the monstrous creature, but the damage was already done. With heavy hearts, we turned from vengeance to return to the army camp, disappointed and missing another dear friend.

Chess 16th We were attacked by some Stronghal horsemen scouting the area, but in the end they donated their horses to the Ravikka army. After reaching camp, Onis and I spoke about relocating our kinsmen to the Karthuin hills. Maybe, Shaldar will grant me a small boon for the little services with which I have aided his kingdom. Going to Darikar’s grandfather, we learned that Shaldar had been kidnapped by a group of evil priests and mages, right out of his command tent at the front. Even though the shock of the news was great, Darikar’s grandfather produced a letter asking that those in charge of Van Dorn offer my clansmen all the aid that they could spare.

Chess 18th We left for Van Dorn, by way of Fort Thair.

Chess 21st Arrived in Van Dorn in the evening. We went directly to the Rotten Apple Inn and commiserated with our remaining clan, though the news of Zadreas was a blow to them all. The Rotten Apple is owned and operated by good Thadan people and I’m glad my people have had a reasonable place to stay in these dark times.

While in Van Dorn, we heard that the evil priests had attacked the barracks and advising council had been assassinated. Descriptions of these evil-doers are posted everywhere and a 1000 gp reward exists for information leading to their capture or death. 10,000 if the whole group is brought in or slain.

Chess 22nd We went to meet Killian, a priest of D’Khaz, who is serving as the acting regent until an official regent is chosen by the council of lords. Basically, he doesn’t have the official authority to grant land or make deals of this magnitude. Since a regent is to be chosen very soon, we decided to go prospecting in the Karthuin hills looking for a good mining camp. Rumor is that the lord of East Haven, Dralmath, is likely to be chosen as regent since he’s second in line to the throne.

Headed to Orides on our horses and stayed the night. While there, Jazz filled us in on all the local goings on. We found out that the lord of East Haven had been assassinated by the same group of evil priests/mages and now it was likely Sinvall would be regent. Disturbing news since its rumored that he’s a priest of Xu’Dann. Might be some truth to that rumor, since we found that the captain of the guard was none other than Thadreus (Bellville Bandit) who wanted nothing more than to kill Sinvall when last we spoke. Jazz spoke like a civil war may break out between Shaldar’s son and Sinvall’s side. Onis dislikes the whole business of being anywhere close to human contact and wants to go to the North and into the great, giant-infested mountains.

Chess 23rd Went by Brell Cove and visited with the folk there that I know from the Orc invasion. Afterwards, I went to Geiger’s home and asked if he could help me retrieve Zadrus. It cost me close to 2000 gold coins after bargaining with the wizard, but having Zadrus alive is worth a lot more than that to me.

Chess 24th Went back to Geiger’s house in the morning and Zadrus was awaiting me on the front porch.
We returned to Van Dorn.

Chess 25th After writing a letter asking for regent Sinvall’s aid in going to the North, I gave up waiting for a response and headed to Orides to try and find a ship capable of taking my clan north. While there, I began to have second thoughts about taking the young into such a harsh environment, particularly when some of them have not been sufficiently trained in their crafts. Onis and I will discuss this and see if we can’t hammer out a plan for our people to follow.


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