Zamza Klauss

2nd of Alvordis, Commander of the Firestorm Demons


Unique multiclass fighter/priest/priest/priest; fighter/Firewalker/Stormfury/Deathshaper (Flairra/Qivos/Vey’Ghul). Favored of Qivos. He is “cheating” on his classes b/c he has been hardcore engineered/experimented on by Vey’Ghul and Alvordis, a significant source of what has made him so twisted up and evil.

A truly sinister, CE son of a bitch. Commands the Firestorm Demons (those unique ultra-powerful yugoloths technically called Rylshavorloths).

In the wake of Alvordis’ death, he sent (sacrificed ultimately via radiation poisoning) one of his demons into Kyv (Baloran) and found Alvordis’ lewt. Included in that was The Glove of Alvordis, a powerful artifact that allows control of unlimited undead.

Alvordis and co made 35 Rylshavorloths, as Alvordis was level 35 necromancer at the time and that is how many he could control. Alvordis allowed Zamza to command them in battle.

Upon Alvordis’ death, Zamza, not level 35 necromancer by a long shot, no longer controlled all the demons.

End of 798: Morguestorm betrayed him and handed him over to Ratlen. Ratlen tortured him a while, then executed him.

Zamza Klauss

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