Titus Wolfwalker

He wishes to make babies with Valerris..


6’7" tall, short blonde hair, green eyes.. 15 Com..

Extremely muscular, but at the same time very agile and quick on his feet..


Alt timeline 2: Tells Tarraldoth Allanthar his life story. Is reknighted by the new Lord of Esserrok. Training military for 350 gp/mo. Tax collector of Esserrok. 10% take.

Titus grew up in the small village of Copperton.. His father was a devout Priest of DiKhaz with much sword skill as well.. Titus was brought up in the strict military manner in which D’Khazians live their lives.. From the time he could hold a sword he trained with it.. His father was very strict in his training, but was not a tyrant. Alongside weapon skills his father also taught loyalty to those alongside you, for if you couldn’t trust the man to your left than you were already dead.. This was his upbringing.. And because of this D’Khaz showed favor as well, granting him priestly powers just like his father..

Upon reaching manhood he struck out to visit a main temple of D’Khaz and on his travels he met what was to become his adventuring group.. And adventure they did, but thats another story..

A few years later they returned to Copperton to visit and found the place destroyed, his father dead and made into the undead.. The copper dragons the lived nearby were also slain.. After giving chase they met the villain responsible, a vile bitch by the name of Azrea..

The rest of the story is too long to tell.. Lets just say he has devoted himself to destroying that bitch and has died in the process, became a spirit warrior and favored of D’Khaz.. Brought back to life in a strange occurrence he spent many years in Azaroth, battling all sorts of creatures and gaining many friends along the way.. After all this he has returned to earth, to once again begin a new journey, hopefully one that will end with her severed head in his hands..

Alt timeline 2: rolled a 100 (best possible roll) on chance to get plague. No thank you, plague.

Castle Grindface was being built within sight of Esserrok. The orcs badly outnumbered Ravakkan forces. Upon demanding that Shaldor II be surrendered in response to the sacking of Fortress Firestorm, Esserrok just unloaded their artillery as their answer. So war broke out then and there. The orcs went ahead and launched an assault on Esserrok. Titus would have been mucking about on the walls getting furious at flying fire dropping Flairra folk until they finally battered down the main front gate w/ a siege weapon. Titus fought on the front lines @ that door side by side elder Allanthar (headmaster of D’Khaz, Glendar Whiteward, and others). Orcs piled high at the front gates, and the line could have held damn near indefinitely, were it not for the damn spellflingers from the air (primarily Daiyu and Jezraell√©, but there were some orc spellflingers from the sky also). Defense fell back to the inner castle (and keep in mind Esserrok was just a skeleton — it wasn’t even half-way complete yet), held there even longer, but were ultimately overrun. Allanthar, Whiteward, Titus, and a few others got out from inside the castle, used a secret passage/tunnel to get outside in the plains to the south, and escaped to Orides (the countryside was crawling with orcs, and it was the only real open path, the group Titus was with was cut off from Vandorn). And indeed, thousands of orcs were also force marching to Orides right behind them. By the time the survivors got to Orides, it was being overrun by gnomish military, and a couple of the empire’s zeppelins were darkening the sky. Orides, spearheaded by Jass Felmar, declared independence, announced itself a city-state republic, and put an exclamation on it by being backed by legions of gnomes. The orcs held off and recognized Orides as a separate entity. Meanwhile Annaverra (currently Lord Admiral of Ravakka) has the core of her fleet docked in Orides, and was off ruling the seas against North Ravakka (their only real port was Shenton or whatever that small city was). Allanthar, Titus, and other survivors of Esserrok got on reinforcement shifts pouring in from the west, from Seapoint and the like, and rolled out to join Annaverra’s fleet, but just as they joined it, the war was over, Vandorn fell, Shaldor II’s head was on a pike (as was Angus Allanthar’s), Synnvol assumed the throne, the western cities all fell in line. Disgusted, Annaverra and elder Allanthar for the time being are stewing in the Republic of Orides, plotting revenge, and that’s where Titus will be come early Ches (3rd month).

In the short run Annaverra and Tarraldoth appeal to Luthgar, Zolcan, and Nayonia to join up with the Ravakkan navy under Annaverra to drive the orcs and Flairrites from the lands. But they know it’s a fool’s errand. 1) plague is crushing right now, 2) aliens, 3) general intimidation factor @ the neverending sea of Synnvol orcs, 4) Flairra has been seen in Vandorn, one of the few gods mucking around Earth at the moment, and thanks to Xoll’s paper, it’s common knowledge come early Ches that it’s down to Rhithain, Thadar (both fixated on making Necros pay), Yashytra, Flairra, Urstag on this Earth. Allanthar then gets (now keep in mind this is a bit in the future of where Lezarous and Prism are running atm) word that the temple of D’Khaz in Xoll is going on the offensive against Necros, and Allanthar and some of his loyalists decide to join in on that war. They ask Titus if he wants to join them.

Titus Wolfwalker

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