Ratlen Precsley

Oops, I now control 150,000,000 undead.


By an extremely weird twist of fate, he wound up with The Glove of Alvordis which allows him to control Alvordis’ personal undead army that was stationed in Baloria. He’s hanging out like a hair in a biscuit with his army clueless as what to do in the Balorian Mountains, but he knows he wants vengeance for the death of his wife, Sasha. He loved Sasha (not vamp) with all his heart, thought he didn’t deserve her, was baffled by her love for him, but grateful for it. He made her laugh, and is a smart, passionate man. Sasha in life was moody, prone to depression, thought she was failing her duty by not trying to reclaim Charnos for her bloodline somehow. Before her death, he was self-deprecating, generally chipper, a major bookworm.

Alvordis made him vamp strictly to preserve the warehouse of information in his head to be tapped as Alvordis pleased. Ratlen feared Alvordis, but was always treated well by him, one of the few who could claim such.

By the end of 798, with Venla’s help, convinced Morguestorm to betray Zamza and he got his revenge. He and his army then joined Venla’s Nexus in Xoll.

Ratlen Precsley

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