Chaos Totem; one of Xu'Dann's Chaos Hounds


Resembles a very old, somewhat gimped up wolf/greyhound/pit bull/hyena mix, with very powerful forelegs and huge shoulders. Mottled, yellow-orange fur with dull, black spots. Stands about 5’ tall at the withers. One of his eyes are milked over. Front, left leg is mangled from an old wound too severe to allow its natural regeneration to repair, forcing the beast to limp. When entering the general vicinity of the beast, a cacophony of unharmonious, penetrating screeching sounds assault the ears. All non followers of Xu’Dann make a save versus spell @ -4 in the first round, again in following rounds @ a cumulative -1 penalty. If the save is failed, the sounds are overwhelming, leaving victims unable to act or do much of anything other than writhe around clutching head and wait for death. Once save is failed, system shock must be made to not die, with a cumulative 1% extra chance per round. Priests and other unholy of Xu’Dann find the sounds oddly soothing, and even outright empowering.


alt timeline 2: wound up with one of the scouts.

Original timeline:

Lez reached out to Xu’Dann for more power (!), and this Chaos Totem made an appearance to the “evil” group, gave them a bad experience by his mere presence.

“I am J’Chyoora’Ukwa. Kneel before me, chaos whelp. Impudent fool! You dare ask the Chaos Lord for more power, as if what great boons he gives you is not enough?! You have the audacity to ask your master for more, undeserving wretch! For this you must be punished.”

The Chaos Hound then struck Lezarous’ eye from his face, leaving half of his face rather badly mangled otherwise as well.

“Never forget my mark, whelp, and realize that you have gotten off lightly. The Chaos Lord has put you in my charge now. Though I should probably rip you asunder here where you stand, I approve of your boldness and desire for power. I will give you a second chance. You have a year’s time to prove to me that you’re worthy of my time. If you do, I will give you the honor of serving me, and I will allow myself to be your Chaos Totem.”

Lezarous rose to the occasion. He ultimately orchestrated J’Chyoora’Ukwa landing the Chaos Stone, which led to an epic battle between gods, one that ultimately placed the Stone into Estarra Myst’s hands by the victorious deific party. D’Khaz showed off quite a bit in that battle. J’Chyoora’Ukwa, if I recall correctly, was slain.

I’d like to recall that battle, and would like some feedback from players if they have anything to add or change.

As my memory has it: Cro showed up to stop the Chaos Totem, the beast in possession of the Stone, grasping it in his huge pit bullesque jaw. They exchange a round or two of magical back and forth, when Vey’Ghul and Feyzura pop in. Vey’Ghul, already having transformed into a vampire savant/Kyrdin Vampire and consumed a few other deity’s powers, sinks his fangs into Cro’s neck as Feyzura, wielding Godsbane, lops off Cro’s right arm at about the elbow, the one holding his staff, and then plunges the blade into the god of magic’s torso. Cro dematerializes. The Chaos Totem, with millions of Drakdann orcs in tow, ripped off some godly magic and siphoned the life force from a majority of his orc army to do a powerup. He funneled that power through the stone in a blast of chaos that hit Vey’Ghul in the face, burning away his eyes and leaving his face a wasteland. But on the Bone Lord’s side was also Qivos, Goringall, Flairra, Iccitha [edit: no, Iccitha died in that huge Xoll battle prior, the same one in which Rhithain met his end], and the Chaos Hound met his end. D’Khaz showed up and started beating the dog piss out of the rest of the gods, making the demigods his utter bitches and engaged in a pretty epic back and forth with Goringall. But then some of the other “good” gods made an appearance, and those still alive on the opposing sides left in haste. The Stone was handed to Estarra Myst. That scene was the climax of the Godswar, especially as far as the PCs who witnessed the throwdown, but that conflict was far from over.

Hopefully somewhere I have notes on that scene. I’d like to spell it out in greater, better detail.

Well, found my timeline notes that pertained to that fight. Took awful notes in the aftermath, and hell if I know if I wrote any of that down as prep before the session or just pulled it out of my butt. Probably the latter.

12/05/799: Lez begins to summon J’Chyoora’Ukwa.
12/06/799: Summoning complete. Chaos Hound dies. Feyzura was fucked. Vey’Ghul was fucked, Chaos Blast to eyes — he’s blind now. Flairra got her left arm lopped off by D’Khaz. Goringall and Qivos got handled by D’Khaz, healed up, then got handled by Yashytra & Lazurgraz [I had forgotten those two were even there].

So yeah, awful notes. So much was going on so fast. For example, that exact day, 12/06/799: The Nexus conquers Deepwater, Youldai, Strongal, Athalgard, and Baloria. D’Khaz sets up shop in Sadathee. Magdon & Gordon move to Baloron. Synnvol appointed governor of Athalgard, based out of Drendon. Peradu named governor of Strongal, out of Stron still. Cyn takes over Wylnn. Her sister takes Lathesia. News of Xynndarra returning to Earth spreads like wildfire. And I started another sentence, but never finished it. Busy damn day.

Eventually I’ll clean all this up and get it sorted.
It was 12/6/799:


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