Izemgar Inkbeard

Minister of Information


For a very long time, he has worshiped Tru. Never said boo about it, and everyone assumed it was Thadar. He was so established as the master of figuring shit out for king and country by the time it finally surfaced, the most it got was shrugs.

He acts more vulcan than thadan, frankly.

He slowly evolved into the sounding board for Braxwor Steelheart III on nearly all matters. The king stomps in preemptively frustrated and thrusts a document or schematics out at Inkbeard, and demands: “What’s wrong with this?” Inkbeard always finds something. Braxwor always leaves saying the same thing: “Damn cruel of you to spill out of your mother’s fleshpit so late in my life.”

Braxwor tried to give Inkbeard most of the credit for some of the engineering feats that he designed late in his life (ahem, like the huge underground railway being built), but nothing really stuck. Braxwor put most of the time in, but Inkbeard made sure they functioned properly.

Braxwor got the idea for the steam engine from Heath Cannerdon, he designed one, and Inkbeard smoothed the kinks out. For once, Ghan’Thadarunn is making Bling come to the Fatherland to beg for tech.

Inkbeard is also the sounding board for Braxwor’s political policy, though Braxwor now and then ignores Inkbeard’s advice on that score, usually to his regret later.

Many of the government positions posted on various thadans, including Inkbeard’s, are only just recently officially codified into law, or even spoken of for that matter. Previously everything was very ad hoc at the discretion and pleasure of the king.

Izemgar Inkbeard

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