Estarra Myst

Youngest known spawn of Dzarkhan




Daughter of Dzarkhan and the union of Mystra and a simple, poor farmer’s daughter, the latter a native of Xynndarra. At age 14 she met the time travelers Daine Brightblade and Jourandis Calindis. At age 19 she helped those two, along with Corvin Drakunis, acquire and assemble the Chaos Stone from the Guardians of the Stone, five great wyrm dragons. The party of four acquired three of the five pieces of the Stone by slaying three dragon guardians, attained the fourth by fighting the shadow dragon guardian to a stalemate and negotiating for it, and convinced the last piece away from the silver dragon guardian. And so it began.

Creator and wielder of The Myststaff. Commander of Blaze.

alt timeline 2: Brought Xynndarra back.

Estarra Myst

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