Envidin Whiteward

Let's get drunk and fight; Pugilist of Orides


Definitely the most imposing Whiteward at 6’3"; 260 lbs; shaved head; hazel eyes; 21 years old. Com: 15, square jaw, strong nose. Face made for violence and porn. Morning star, shield +1, plate mail, daggers, ring of fortitude.


Son of Drannis & Therri Whiteward. Like most other spawn of those two, Envidin is a disappointment to his father. He’s a very well known figure around town. Much of the poor love him, particularly among adolescents. He’s a bit of a folk hero among poor adolescents with their heads filled with dreams of great adventures and swordplay. Envidin has a wont to get drunk and get in fights, but not randomly. Usually will pick a fight with somebody he deems “has it coming.” Has a tendency to get in fights with watchmen that he perceives oversteps their bounds, treats the poor unfairly, or abuses their authority in other ways. He’s beat the shit right out of some of the landlords that work for his father collecting rent from the poor, much to his father’s annoyance. Best not beat a helpless woman or kid in Orides, or a sloppy drunk Envidin might make sure he tests your fisticuffs prowess. When not out to pick a fight, has a tendency to end up nude to flaunt his large manhood. One way or the other, cools his heels in the city jail many a night. If his last name was not Whiteward, he’d likely be locked up for life, dead, or exiled. Speaks Toth fluently. Will sometimes be seen wearing a Toth kilt. In his mind, the jail is effectively his home. Saves rent that way, more money for booze. Sometimes might be spotted in the early mornings sleeping one off in a gutter or in the park.

Alt timeline 2: 1-13-799: Will get the plague, and die of it 7 days later. His funeral will be an impressive display, fully revealing how beloved he was by the lower classes of Orides.

Envidin Whiteward

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