His fault.


6’0". Long black hair. Brown eyes. Creator and wielder of Lamadris. Com: 16.


A creator of The Chaos Stone. While time traveling, Daine & Jourandis helped Dzarkhan travel to the meteorite in the jungle valley riddled with gargantuan silverbacks and dinosaurs. The meteorite radiated massive anti-magic, effectively making the whole valley a dead magic zone. Daine died, I think it was from huge monkey doom. Dzarkhan resurrected him just by opening up his forearm, opening up Daine’s forearm, holding the wounds against each other, and focusing for a while.

The trio ultimately reached the meteorite and Dzarkhan extracted ore from it, which he then used to forge Lamadris.

Alt timeline 2: Teamed with Quellaxu to imprison K’tulu.


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