Drannis Whiteward

Lord of Orides




Lord Drannis Whiteward governs Orides. 46 years old. 6’1", solidly built, steely visage, very stiff and proper in comportment. Together with his wife, Therri (Synnvol, Travosk’s younger sister), they have six children, in order from oldest to youngest: Annaverra (25), Glendar (24), Envidin (21), Stavayar (18), Arethia (14), Ellecia (10).

The Whiteward family owns and rents out a significant chunk of the land within the city gates, has quite a number of what are basically apartment buildings in the city that Drannis landlords, and owns a majority of the farmland surrounding the city, allowing tenant farmers to work the land. They also own a large fleet of fishing ships, which they also rent out to fishermen. They officially own the shipyard as well, which spans the south part of the docks area. The shipyard is a new development, having just recently been completed.

Drannis Whiteward

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