Daryv Forrusson

half elf ranger of Aura


6’0"; 220; bald, green eyes, dresses in black; 23 years old. Com: 10. Night owl. Antisocial. Likes the oft-errant Adree Cartwell. Long sword +1, shield, chain mail +3, cloak of the bat, long bow


Mother is an elf in Celthor, whom he loves dearly. Father was Torgan Forrusson, an ugly but noble knight who adventured w/ Giger Tolovich. Torgan died in the fight w/ the dragon that claimed Giger’s legs. Daryv never really got a chance to know his father, but is proud of his father’s legacy. Familiar with the lore of Deepmoon Haven and the Karthuin Ruins.

Original timeline: helped Valrin and Kinn purge the orcs from Karthuin Hills. He was with the group when they secured the obelisk, and it was his recommendation to seek out Giger to figure out what to do with said obelisk.

Alt timeline 1: Went w/ the group (Lezarous, Prism, Kullin, Solomon) to try to purge the Darkenbeasts, at his urging; feels a debt of gratitude over it, however unsuccessful that mission was.

Alt timeline 2: Gets plague on 1/19/799, dies from it in four days.

Daryv Forrusson

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