"Cherry" Sally

Mafia Boss in Xoll




Likes to put cigars out in people’s eyes who owe him money or those of his soldiers that screw up.

Honestly, not content w/ using T. Soprano as a model for Cherry. Overall bearing and mannerisms are fairly close, but not a great match (more insanity and flying off the handle with no warning). Appearance is not all that similar. Cherry looks closer to Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge (reddish hair, blue eyes), but with way huge muttonchops and no other facial hair, smoking a stogie, being all Tony Soprano like until something unexpected sends him into a “put my cigar out in one of your eyes” rage. Cherry.jpg

In all three timelines, alt 1 & 2 a bit earlier than original, Cherry Sally allied with Lord Lo and they drove out the other prominent gangs in the Lower East Side of Xoll and together they keep the 7th Ward under a heavy thumb. Lo and Sally have the nod from and give kickbacks to Cassyvo Lortrasennich, the Lord of the 7th Ward.

"Cherry" Sally

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