Bria Dralmoth

Princess of Zolcan




Bria Dralmoth is the daughter of Huldor III. She is very close with her brother Xadin. She has spent the last several years as a guest at Llelliavan court. She is technically the Zolcan ambassador to Llelliava. Xadin and Bria together have secured favor with Queen Lywellivé Luré’Llasalla and have procured an informal alliance with Llelliava.

Alt timeline 2: 10/7: She leaves for Kyv. Didn’t get there by the time it was nuked. She’ll linger in Eastern Baloria and get entangled there, and become horrified at the results of nukes.

1/19/799: Will contract the plague. She immediately tried to seek Selenré out to turn her vampiric, fails to find him, tries Venla next to get a recommendation for a vampire. Venla will turn her vampiric.

Bria Dralmoth

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