Braxwor Steelheart III

King of Ghan'Thadarunn




Possesses a sister-item of the mithril chain mail +6 that the SoA owns. Both items were gifts from Kyvlelliasha LurĂ©’Llasalla when she still sat on the throne of Llelliava, at a time that was the high water mark of the relations between Ghan’Thadarunn and Llelliava. Kyv’s embrace of Alvordis was read as a deep betrayal by Ghan’Thadarunn, and especially the Steelheart clan.

Braxwor, Chosen of Thadar, works incessantly to burgeon the military might of his people in the face of the perpetual threats of Necros and the Drakdann. In his mind, his people are at war, and will be until Necros is eradicated and the Drakdann irreparably shattered.

Free time is for those content to be conquered.

Braxwor engineered and oversaw the construction of the Earthblood Gate. It is a huge channel of magma fed from two impossibly large oceanfront towers that each have a well so deep it is tapped into Earth’s lava. It severs the mainland that includes Ghan’Thadarunn from the isthmus that includes Necros, and served to completely stop the creeping death of the Black Fields and its vampiric vines in addition to being a significant deterrent to a land invasion by Necros. Earthblood Gate became the de facto border between Charnos and Necros, and secured Braxwor’s legacy as a hero in the lore of Charnos in addition to his own people. There are plenty in the mostly-human country of Charnos that would rather see Braxwor as their king than suffer the hot mess of warlords that country is governed by currently.

Braxwor is regent of Charnotria. The Fatherland includes Karaedtlere Isles. Ghan’Thadarunn military presence at those two locations are massive. Braxwor travels often between those two locations and court at his home.

Alt timeline 2: engineered the Treaty of Stron. Gave Fanggore’s Foecleaver to Valrin Hearthstone. Gave up the mithril and the time of some of his apprentices to help Valrin make Valrin’s Mithril Mail. He was gifted an oldschool scout ship from C, I, just in time for him to nuke Alvordis in Baloria, as well as a few Necros cities. He channeled Thadar like a boss to sever the isthmus from the Fatherland, an act that is rapidly costing him his physical life. He is orchestrating a masterplan to bring about his own death and hopefully galvanize “The Alliance” into an offensive war against Necros and Xoll. Valrin Hearthstone via Freyja via Pryme are clued into his plans. The campaign as such will be dictated by Valrin’s response to this information.

12/29/798: contracts the plague, which hastens him to his deathbed. He’ll linger on for 37 more days before he dies.

Braxwor Steelheart III

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