Borov Redfield VII

Leader of The Red Claw; Lord of North Bloodhaven


Borov Redfield the First was the founder of The Red Claw mercenary band. He was a former general of Xoll that scalped some of the most elite units away from the Purple Dragon banner to join him in mercenary efforts. They are the most infamous mercenary outfit in the north. Command of the company has stayed with the Redfield family for generations. See also History of Athalgard 598-725. The Redfield family is basically stateless royalty — sickeningly wealthy. The Red Claw is renowned for their ability to turn the tide of wars in the region.

Alt timeline 2: He is now Lord of North Bloodhaven, formerly Strongal territory in the Northrocks.

Will contract the plague 3/3/799, long after he was certain he was out of the woods on that score. He won’t get too bad off, and is left with minor scars.

Borov Redfield VII

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