Bjorn Vorganskarr

Caretaker of the Cows in Darkenwood


6’6"; 330; 23 years old. Dirty blond hair, long & wavy; large beard; missing a few teeth. Com: 9. Nordic blood, speaks similarly to the Swede off of Hell on Wheels. Two-handed axe, long bow, ring mail +5.


Basically on a walkabout, spent some time as a caravan guard with Andril and befriended him. Bjorn works to keep Andril’s gambling and alcoholism in check. Entered Lord Phaerus’ employ along with Andril in the Fall of 798.

Honor is paramount to Bjorn.

Alt timeline 1: Was on Ghost Viper. Worked for Phaerus.

alt timeline 2: Cowboy who brought 10k steer to the Darkenlord on 10/1. Darkenlord hired him (10/2). 1k gold a month to keep the cows alive ’til they were eaten, then cowboy out 10k more from Dessendow next year. He starts crushing on Daiyu.

Contracts the plague 1/24. A rare mild case, he shrugged it off easily enough.

Bjorn Vorganskarr

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