Belos Moranthos

Resident smith at Lez & P's manor.


Plate mail, shield, spear+4, dagger+2, light x-bow, chain+3, shield+4 (flamestrike 1x/day, 30’ range, 6d8), gauntlets of ogre power, dagger +2, spear x2, mace +1, small shield +1, 7 gems (1,050), 1,758 gp, 3,849 sp, flail +4, dagger +1, boots of the north.


His family, once great, is largely destitute and splintered these days. Belos has a chip on his shoulder about it, but does well to hide it. He’s a very serious man.

Lezarous hired him as the resident master smith for their newly acquired manor home late in 798. He’s a skilled weaponsmith, armorer, and blacksmith. He immediately set about training Prism’s two slaves in his trade.

He fairly quickly shifted to start adventuring with Lezarous, a decision Belos made promptly after Lezarous whipped his ass in a friendly duel.

Belos Moranthos

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