Starship commander responsible for alt timeline 1


5’9" 155 lbs, blue-black hair, long, often worn up, and always so for battle. Light violet eyes (originally blue-green), pouty lips. Half Asian in appearance (half Luxaon). Quite muscular, washboard abs, littered with tattoos. Skilled with a quarterstaff. Fighter/mage/priestess.



Born in 798 from the original timeline.

Father was an Airian sea captain, mother was a whore (who used to be Lord Lo’s slave). Both parents dead, father of the plague, mother died birthing her. Father saved Prince Cas of Airia in battle once. Prince Cas made sure Aziza received the finest training and upbringing. She currently, publicly claims to follow Dusk. She is blunt and often snarky, and collects lovers like mad. She is a bit of a jack of all trades savant. She claims to be a part of Cathexes, Incorporated, and commands starship Ghost Viper.

Alt timeline 2: The day K’tulu appeared, Aziza got furious. But it was Aziza who killed Jon Kross and stopped A Mystery Character from killing Titus Wolfwalker which would have prevented Tarraldoth Allanthar hearing all that Titus knew. Ili Vorland lets her re-arm Ghost Viper. She happened to be with Freyja when Aura notified the bardess of the sitrep following the Eisrik Estate Adventure. She later attended Jerry’s dinner that resolved, more or less, the aftermath of all that nonsense.

Alt timeline 1: Her plan, as drafted early Fall, 798.

Prelude — Try to recruit Xyv, Zan, Vel to the cause. Inform Allovondrosus of the plan. None of it will work ‎without his approval. Same goes for Quellaxu. If Quellaxu desires alterations to my strategy, I will almost ‎assuredly defer to her. ‎

Primary mission: Keep the manna trees safe. ‎

‎- Inform the Fairy Queens, Guardians of the Trees, of the impending disaster. ‎

‎- Kill Drovozar of Mt. Drovius, very old, very wealthy red dragon, as a nice jump on financing the cause. ‎Back the new top dog of Kenston in the resulting power vacuum, which can lead to steady income in future ‎trade tariffs with Ne’Vu.‎

‎- Execute the leadership of the Grun’Chang, steal their siphoning crystals to free the Celestra manna tree ‎from their yolk. Help the Ne’Vun push the Grun’Chang out of their lands. ‎

‎- Convince Urstag to hold off on the warpath for now, encourage him to leave warriors in Ne’Vu, ‎orchestrate food deal for the Northmen from Ne’Vu.‎

‎- Drill into stubborn Sadatheen chief heads the import of our mission, urge them to peace and unity for the ‎short term. ‎

‎- Inform Klendezzinshynvyllsa of the cause, hopefully make her commit to the defense of Celestra’s tree. ‎

‎- Try to convince Synnvol to abandon his plan to bring Athalgard under his rule. Instead, muster his orc ‎army, and facilitate them to conquer/consolidate the sundry savage orc tribes west of Celestra. With ‎Synnvol on board, negotiations with Bloodhaven will be far easier. ‎

‎- Try to convince Alvordis to hold off on the plague. Consolidate Law. Prepare for Xoll coup. The key to ‎bringing him on board is convincing him that post alien invasion, unleashing the plague then could ‎eventually land him by far the most potent military force on the planet.

‎- Help Shaldor reunite Athalgard. Might have to rely on an awful lot of assassinations, and this will require ‎Synnvol’s blessing for this to work, and must keep the Seat of the Sun in Jusanne loyal to Athalgard. It ‎would be ideal if young Xadin (new teenaged king of Zolcan) could be persuaded to get on board with this ‎to preserve Zolcan’s not-crummy army through the unification of Athalgard. ‎

‎- Along the way, metals need to be hoarded to hasten out my robot army. I have a million and one ‎possible ways of doing this. Most notably for my current band of veteran potential soldiers of the cause ‎would be Ironforge. ‎

‎- If Synnvol can sway the Drakdann overall to the cause, encourage them to conquer Baloria (must seem ‎like this is their own initiative). ‎

‎- Ally Xoll & Athalgard to conquer Strongal. Make sure Alvordis ends up with the dead incorporated into his ‎army as a sign of good faith to keep him focused on the cause.‎
After Strongal falls, urge for the Emperor’s head on a pike and implement New Xoll, much as before, with ‎High Lord Allo the main player, as before, except that Flairra and Iccitha must be a part of it and be ‎appropriately glorified. Use the Darkenbeast diplomatic maneuver (hopefully through Sinderkee) to gain ‎Flairra’s favor as early as possible through all this. Depending on Flairra’s mood, helping her eliminate ‎Iccitha and her clergy might be worth considering. ‎

If all of this comes to pass, the western continent will be in a very strong position militarily and ‎diplomatically to work together against the invasion. I personally have a lot of sway in the political arena ‎of Luxao and Airia. West Vorland, Charnos, and Tothland are of no consequence. Valakis must be kept ‎away from war at all costs until the alien invasion, though history shows that they have little threat of ‎offensive maneuvers at this time. Their military, though small, is one of the finest and most disciplined in ‎the world. Which leads me to Urev, whose warfare prowess puts Valakis to shame. Urev is perpetually ‎defensive. One of the largest challenges will be placing their trust in the Drakdann not to invade so that ‎they can commit fully to the defense of the manna trees. If they commit much of their forces, perhaps a ‎few Eastern trees could be defended and saved. Llellieva, Seth-ra, Ghan’Thadarun, and Blingellum are ‎beyond conservative in their military maneuvering as a rule, with Necros and Xoll wracked by so much ‎change and their militaries on the offensive, they will likely sit tight to see how the dust settles. Once the ‎alien invasion occurs, the races of longevity will be willing allies. Through Luxao, the Old World will be ‎notified of the impending invasion, likely to no significant effect. I’m working under the assumption that it ‎will be impossible to save the East from initial devastation during the invasion of the bug people. ‎Zhandimar and Salimar are essentially irrelevant. Gadoobadu must be apprised of the cause at the ‎appropriate time, and bolstered if necessary post invasion (perhaps by Urev, also). With a supernova’s ‎amount of luck, a counteroffensive can be launched after the initial defense of the western continent to ‎drive the bug fucks off the eastern continent. If Alvordis is on board, then that should mean Lunacy gets ‎on board also, however cautiously, however pessimistically. ‎

The variable of demigods aside, and assuming victory against the bugs, ultimately Alvordis and his largely ‎subservient Nexus of Death will be the rooster left to crow on the dung heap, though not likely ever to be ‎in a position of complete planetary domination, given Quellaxu, Allo, and the demigods. ‎

Xynndarra: Undecided what to do about it presently. ‎


Xyv, Zan, Vel – clones of one another, bald elf, key players of the original timeline, master strategists and ‎diplomats. They were instrumental in orchestrating the God’s War in a manner favorable to Cathexes, Inc., ‎in the original timeline. ‎
Allovondrosus – mysterious immortal figure (but not technically one of the Ancients) that is the top of the ‎pyramid of the global slave trade. Was instrumental in the coup in Xoll in the original timeline. Almost ‎assuredly the wealthiest individual on the planet. Rumored to rival Dzarkhan in magical prowess, though ‎of the illusionist bent. ‎

Quellaxu – former fairy queen of Celestra, Chosen of CSAEA, turned vampiric by Vey’Ghul, almost assuredly ‎the most powerful being on this timeline, given the exit of the Ancients and (non demi-)gods. Will typically ‎defer to her in all matters as we implement the cause. ‎
Grun’Chang – offshoot of the Thadan clans of Seth-ra, renounced the gods (Thadar primarily), turned to a ‎type of dark druidic magic. Powerful anti-magic abilities. Leeching power from the Celestra manna tree, ‎currently in the process of conquering Ne’Vu (halfling motherland, with ass fully exposed with the ‎disappearance of Besuel, their patron creator god) fully, with a mind to conquer Celestra eventually, and ‎after that Seth-ra, and after that the world. Ambitious lot, them.‎

Urstag – demigod, patron god of the tribal Northmen, with a mind to immediately surge his overpopulated ‎peoples south, just as they do every few centuries, to loot, plunder, and die, before retreating back north ‎with a better balance with their food supplies. ‎

Sadathee – Nation of tribes, largely worship D’Khaz, though they know him as Ranax. Ridiculously adept at ‎combat, traditionally fight one another more than anyone else. They are the main reason Ne’Vu has ‎remained free of Xoll’s yolk through the years. ‎

Klendezzinshynvyllsa – Great wyrm gold dragon, certainly the most powerful dragon in the region. ‎Resides on the Golden Isles, situated east off the coast from the Icewood area, north of Seth-ra. ‎

Xoll – Once upon a time nearly all human lands were under the iron fist of Xoll’s purple dragon banner, but ‎its influence, though going through troughs and waves, has steadily declined over the years. Currently the ‎countries of Sekella, Apraia, and The River Kingdom are directly under Xoll’s imperial rule, as are many of ‎the city states south of Xoll, and Xoll has great influence over Baloria’s complex feudal web. ‎

Drakdann – refers to both the orcs and the lands across the broken isthmus (shattered long ago in the Age ‎of Chaos by Thadar to make invasion of the northern hemisphere more difficult) of Drakath’Thadarunn, the ‎southwest border of Urev. Why is Urev one of the most impressive militaries in the land (at least of the ‎human countries/nations)? For thousands of years, they were the tower shield the teeming horde of ‎Drakdann shattered themselves upon (oftentimes with the help of Ghan’Thadarunn, the Thadan ‎fatherland, but not always). But the threat of Drakdann waxes and wanes. Oftentimes the disparate ‎warlords are too busy battling one another, but every so often they unite with a mind to conquer northern ‎lands. When united, they can muster millions of warriors. ‎

Lord Travosk Synnvol – Favored if not Chosen of Xu’Dann, possesses a loyal orc army in Drakdann lands, ‎could potentially help unite Drakdann to a cause. Or the cause. He’s third in line for the throne of ‎Ravakka (his affiliation to Xu’Dann and his command of a fairly impressive army of orcs are secrets), ‎currently the lord of both Anthus and Sheldon. In the original timeline he made a hard and fast play for the ‎reunification and throne of Athalgard (comprised of the kingdoms of Ravakka, Saradynn, Luthgar, and ‎Zolcan), almost succeeded, except that he was technically betrayed by Xyv, and ultimately wound up one ‎of the key players of New Xoll, Lord of the Fifth Ward. Edit 10/10/798, corrections: Travosk is lord of Anthus, his younger brother is Lord of Shendon (not Sheldon), but Travosk is effectively policymaker for both cities.

Bloodhaven – powerful country of orcs, ogres, and giants primarily, though often welcoming of other ‎races in trading capacities, far more civilized than is the norm for those kinds. Bloodhaven was always ‎Goringall’s baby and bolstered by Xu’Dannian faithful, Goringall being the god of strength, creator of ‎giants. ‎

Necros – the seat of power of Vey’Ghul (creator of vampires, god of undead, black magic, and death) as ‎well as the Nexus of Death, the vast network of the faithful of Vey’Ghul, often wracked by internal disputes ‎and plagued by skullduggery and even assassinations, though always united militarily. Vast numbers of ‎vampires, a number of lich lords, a few dracoliches, and the world’s oldest shadow dragon call this country ‎home. Alvordis is the de facto head of the Nexus of Death, though he does not outright command it all, ‎and is the world’s most powerful necromancer. The Nexus of Death have quietly burgeoned their undead ‎army for over two thousand years. It’s likely approaching several hundred million strong of lesser undead. ‎Perhaps fortunately for the world, Necros is rather surrounded by very powerful countries, starting with ‎Law. Law, the country founded and perpetuated by the demigod John Law, son of Rhithain and a mortal ‎woman, has just been overrun, finally, by Necros, after Alvordis managed (somehow) an assassination of ‎John Law. Other countries that have traditionally kept in check the dark spread of Necros’ land holdings ‎include Bloodhaven (even sometimes an ally of Necros), Xoll, and especially Ghan’Thadarunn. ‎

Baloria – Key location, noteworthy land area, its political system is a complicated, hot mess, and solid ‎unification of it has long been a pipe dream. The current king is weak, and many of the lords have close ‎ties to the political system of Xoll. It’s very significant given its potential breadbasket nature. ‎

Luxao – Ancient culture closely linked to the Old World (eastern continent). During the Age of Magic and ‎Age of Chaos, the Old World was the cradle of civilization(s), but after the close of the Age of Chaos, the ‎West overtook the East in progress, tech, and culture. The Age of Chaos all but left the East in ruins ((as an ‎interesting aside, nobody in game in the current campaign has ever directly experienced the East, although ‎the ill-fated Method I game we flirted w/ briefly was set in the East)). Militarily Luxao is rather insignificant ‎and unlikely to commit anything outside of its borders, perpetually feeling threatened by the might of ‎Blingellum (gnomish fatherland, inventors of the nascent international banking system) and ‎Ghan’Thadarunn, but they are not to be ignored for certain key connections to Xoll and for trade. Luxao is ‎renowned for producing the best spies and assassins, and are generally acknowledged as the best ‎metalsmiths among the humans. ‎

Airia – The world’s finest navy. I am confident that I can get Airia to eat out of my hand in service of the ‎cause. ‎

Llellieva – elven motherland, traditionally isolationist, though desperate for food currently, and that ‎weakness can be exploited to field their military outside their borders. However, this may be undesirable ‎for the cause, as Llellieva warehouses a manna tree. ‎

Lunacy – colony on the moon, largely faithful of Aura. Then there are the moon dragons, and Yashytra is ‎traditionally popular in Lunacy and is the goddess of the dragons. ‎

Gadoobadu – one of two countries whose populations’ cultures can still easily be traced back to Earth ‎pre-First-Apocalypse (the other being Luxao). The only religion from that early era of humankind still ‎around, Islam, is still apparent there, though heavily evolved from its original form. They are the only ‎power worth noting on the western chunk of land that comprises The West. Isolationist and distrusting, ‎and outsiders are generally not welcome. Most of the world’s finest elemental mages live there. Not very ‎relevant to the cause, but they should at least be owed a warning. They warehouse a manna tree. ‎

Note: Ghan’Thadarunn and Blingellum are significantly in front of others in their technological advances at ‎this time. They are about to explode (yuk yuk) their reliance upon and mastery of gunpowder around this ‎time, though, assuming victory over the aliens, quite likely too little, too late to overcome the plague and ‎then the undead hordes. This era (starting around 800) disproportionately, across all the parallels, typical ‎really just belongs to the Nexus of Death. They patiently maneuvered themselves into the clear-cut victors ‎of the Great Game, at least for this period. Alvordis is by far the most important figure to get loyal to the ‎cause, and he is by far the one I feel least confident about securing as loyal to the cause. ‎


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