Princess of Saradynn; Heir Apparent


5’9", 170 lbs, shoulder length curly blond hair; blue-green eyes. Born 9/23/776.


Oldest known offspring of Queen Sharcella and assumed heir of Saradynn. Sharcella never married. Avyrla joined the Seat of the Sun as an adolescent, mostly to infuriate her mother. The ways of the paladin really spoke to her heart, and she has excelled in the church. The poor of Saradynn adore her, but she’s a mixed bag vis a vis the nobility. Basically those linked w/ the Seat of the Sun are in good with her, those that aren’t, aren’t.

alt timeline 2: She was in Jusanne when her mother died of the plague, but didn’t get to see her sick. She is a bit suspicious of certain circumstances around her death, but doesn’t suspect Holen of foul play. She met Zhazran early in 799, and had the chance to speak to him at length after he was named Chancellor. They hit it off really, really well (Zhazran crushed his cha roll, rolled a 2).


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