Braxwor's Queen


She’s very young looking, deceptively so. Has two children, Kiki Steelheart and Braxanna Gretta Steelheart



Don’t mention the slight elven heritage, for your own good. Long story anyway.

She is cherished in Ghan’Thadarunn, a reputation that was very long in the making. Braxwor’s choice of her for his mate long before he had the throne was universally condemned at the time, and he defiantly eloped with her. Her lineage, and her relative atheism, and her youth (she was “officially” well underage at the time of marriage) were the opposite of acceptable for the heir apparent’s mate.

Her lineage is in fact linked to the Llelliavan throne. She is an extremely loving, gentle, spiritually strong mother and wife. She has infinite patience for family. She may be the only soul in the Fatherland that has not engaged in heated argument with Ghandron Steelheart at one point or another. Gretta (only Anx calls her youngest daughter “Braxanna”) tries to argue with her constantly, an endless source of amusement for Braxwor.

Anx and Braxwor had a wicked hard time conceiving. For a few centuries they fucked like rabbits trying to breed eventually out of disciplined habit. They joke about the shaft that declared war on the pit, “the longest war on Earth” they call it.

She has a very, very tight bond with Kiki. Kiki thinks of her as her best friend.

She does in fact have that shotgun that is always within reach, always loaded. A gift some years ago from one Heath Cannerdon. She swatted off many a bearded thadan the last several years who bargained with her fiercely to disassemble it and attempt a reverse-engineer, but that stopped recently…


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