Annaverra Whiteward

Lord Admiral of Ravakka


5’9"; 172, short black hair, brown eyes, very solidly built, 25 years old (798), Com: 17. Dual wields short swords. Her left arm is entirely covered w/ a tattoo sleeve — lines of fire. There are others in Orides who have a very similar tattoo. Looks rather like Keira Knightley, if Keira was 5’9" with a 16 Str & Con.


Eldest child of Drannis Whiteward and Therri Synnvol (younger sister of Travosk). A bit of a peasant hero type, and spent much of her adolescence and adult life at odds with Glendar and Drannis. Popular with the “common” folk of Orides, rather unpopular both at court in Vandorn and among the wealthy of Orides. King Shaldor likes her well enough, but the fact that she’s a wizard and linked to Yaro makes him not fully trust her (hence him offering Orides first to Peldor Whiteward in alt timeline 1).

She is the pupil of Daoma of Yaro. She knows an ocean of key meta-knowledge via Lezarous. See the Voz character for a bit of further info on her, namely from the original timeline.

Alt timeline 1: named Lord of Orides after she killed Glendar in response to him killing his father.

Alt timeline 2: Lez promptly lets her do the mind reading thing again. She’s got crazy metaknowledge in both alternative timelines. Shaldor names her Lord Admiral of Ravakka. He’s no fool, and sees Drannis Whiteward being really cozy with Mr. Orc Millions Travosk Synnvol, and sets about bringing Drannis’ oldest children into the heart of Shaldor’s army. This will make Annaverra less a pest about moral needs vis a vis the metaknowledge or any thoughts of what to do about Prism.

Annaverra Whiteward

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