Sheriff of Renton


6’2"; 200, very broad shoulders, cleft chin, brown eyes, curly dark brown hair. 26 years old; Com: 13. Wears a silver necklace of two six sided dice. Long sword, plate mail +1, shield.


Spent most of his adult life as a caravan guard/draft animal handler. Fall of 798, entered the employ of Phaerus Mousalle along with his friend Bjorn Vorganskarr. Gambling addict and a bit of an alcoholic, both to Bjorn’s disapproving scowl.

Both Andril and Bjorn spent some time on the Ghost Viper on alt timeline 1.

Original timeline: died fighting the Lord of Kilverton with Prism and Sorvus Tyrglen. Tyrglen wound up with The Purifier.

Alt timeline 2: Andril cowboys 20k steer from ranchers around Dessendow in a day like a boss, gives 10k to Bjorn Vorganskarr. Bjorn brings 10k to Darkenbeasts, who promptly hire him for a lot of money as caretaker of the cows. Andril brings 10k head to Anthus. Lord Synnvol promptly hires him as sheriff of Renton. Renton explodes with the humans expelled from North Ravakka.

1/20/799: Will catch the plague, but survive. Scars him a bit, but he’ll eventually be otherwise fine.


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