Amber "West"

Jump, Grasshopper.


All too familiar with the Vrakdanni. Her territory is west of Celestra. She lives at the Weeping Tree (Hydronyssa), which is the source of the Westflow, a river that runs away from Celestra and through The Vrakdanni lands.

Amber lives with Furdukai the magical cat. There are also 13 giant ravens that live in the trees nearby Amber’s treehouse, which she has mostly trained, and are sort of her pets. A weird orc exile that fancies himself quite the ranger type lurks around her home often as well, living off the wild. Amber calls him Woody.

Her house is littered with plants (especially marijuana, fruits, and vegetables) and throw pillows. It is littered as well with insects, especially crickets and grasshoppers (Amber loves them, Furdukai loves tormenting them).



Amber "West"

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